A duel to be king! (1)

5-year-old Akeal was sitting in fascination as he listened to his grandfather tell stories of that dreadful war and their heroic ancestor who put an end to it. He was astonished at the many accomplishments of his ancestor. It was his dream to become so revered and respected that books would be written about him, just as he was.

Akeal then said to Ozar, his grandfather, with prideful eyes, ”I want to be as magnificent of a monarch as the ancient one ”.

Now, Akeal was an intelligent kid. Despite only being two years old, he was already reading books. He was also capable of doing high-level calculations at age four. Recently, however, he preferred lying around in the royal library and reading books rather than holding a sword.

Ozar, amused by the idea, entertained it. ”HAHAHA, it takes a significant amount of effort to become a monarch worthy of respect. It will take more than just reading books, said Ozar teasingly. ”Are you willing to go through such hardships? ”

Akeal pouted for a moment

He then exclaimed, ”Yes, I will become a great king ”. This brief talk with his grandfather motivated Akeal to start taking his training more seriously. During the day, he would swing the sword until he passed out before going to sleep.

One night, while Ozar was visiting Akeal in his chambers, Akeal was already fast asleep. It seemed the stories of the war were stuck in his mind as he was dreaming of the events that transpired. Akeal was frightened by seeing those vivid images of the war. At this moment, Ozar saw something spectacular.

The sleeping Akeal was lighting up; a light blue ray of fire shot into the sky. ”Was that a 7-class dragon force? ” Ozar asked. ”How could that power come from a 5-year-old child? I must be mistaken ”.

Little did he know that this event shocked many powerful figures nearby. It wasn every day that someone would appear who could manifest such force.

Akeal wasn even close to being a 7-class dragon, but at that moment, his bloodline made him appear to have the same power as one. As a result of these events, Ozar thought, ”perhaps Akeal can obtain a power similar to that of Nadoir, the Ancient One. ”

A few months have passed since these events took place. Many of those influential figures have given up on finding the cause of that bizarre phenomenon. Ozar was the only one to have seen Akeals true potential.

In these few months, Akeal has been diligently practicing his swordsmanship. But it seemed like no matter how much he practiced, he wasn improving. Akeal, who had always effortlessly accomplished the impossible, thought to himself, ”Is there any point in me practicing the sword when Im not even able to get better? I should just stick to reading books. ”

He was in the middle of his training when one of his attendants ran to him in a panic. ”Akeal!, something bad has happened to Ozar, ” said his attendant urgently.

Akeal froze.

The problem was already apparent to him. Ozar, who was a peak 7th-class dragon, had a life expectancy of approximately 2000+ years old. Nevertheless, due to a wound he had received in his youth, his life expectancy was reduced to 1200 years. His death was approaching…

Akeal rushed to where Ozar was staying. He was the last to arrive. ”Cough, cough, Akeal you finally came, ” said Ozar. Akeal couldn help but cry when he saw his grandfathers weak expression.

”I know you are upset, Akeal, but there is no need to cry. ” Noticing this didn stop the tears coming from his grandsons eyes, Ozar further says, ”You know Akeal, someday you will become king of these remarkable people. While going through the toughest times, you will need to learn not to cry. A charismatic king leads the people. He himself cannot show weakness. ”

”Akeal, promise me you will accomplish what you swore that day in the royal library. ” Akeal was finally able to pull himself together and shouted, ”Yes grandfather, I will become an excellent monarch, One who leads the people and unites the dragon race, an emperor like the ancient one. ”

After hearing Akeal promise to become king and unite the dragon race, Ozar closed his eyes and died peacefully…

Many people respected and admired Ozar. He was not just a king, but a warrior unlike any other. He who won countless victories that inspired the people and brought glory to his nation was a king worthy of respect. Many people were grieving after hearing about his death.

Now more than ever, Akeal was inspired to become stronger and truly become a monarch that unites the dragon race.

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