Dai Dann Doe!

Dai Dann Doe! 3

#2 Thats my toilet!

”Thank you for my new toilet boys! ”

”Yeah you
e welcome, now we
e just broke! ” Louie said while punching a hole in the wall. Dann left the scene to go admire his new real toilet.

”Finally a toilet, I haven sat on one of these in forever! ” Dann said. Dann was enjoying himself a little too much on the toilet. Donie walked over to the door and knocked lightly, Dann didn hear it. Louie started walking toward the door, Dann could sense an angry Louie from a mile away and quickly opened the door.

”Yes my Students? ”

”When are you gonna teach us? ” Donie asked. Dann had forgotten all about that, so he made up some random exercises to get their moneys worth.

”Yes here is your workout regiment ”.

”20 push ups, 50 sit ups and 5 jumping jacks, You just made this didn you? ” Louie said glaring at Dann.

”Damn I really want to help these guys especially the short one, Louie is huge what is he like 63? Little Donie 59 perfect height ” Dann thought.

”Well thats merely a warm up, the real training starts later after a proper meal! ” Dann yells.

Suddenly a man popped out of Danns toilet, everyone stopped what they were doing and just stared. The mans feet popped out of the bottom of the toilet, he ran away with himself inside and busted a hole in the wall.

”Hey! Thats my toilet! ” Dann yelled while shaking his fist and running after the man.

”He didn flush did he ”

”No he didn Donie, no he didn . ” Louie said while shaking his head. Donie and Louie run after Dann to help him get the toilet they paid for. The man in the toilet looks back behind to Dann sprinting with intensity and sweating a River. The people saw this and started recording with their phones. The toilet man speeds up, but is stopped by a stop sign that was thrown at him. Toilet man sees all the eyes on them and decides to lore them in an alleyway, hidden from the people watching them.

”Why do you want his shit filled toilet? ”

”Wait did I forget to flush?! ” Dann threw up from the thought of a man being in his shit filled toilet.

”Its not about the shit, its about the power! This is the most powerful toilet that Ive stolen yet! ”

”Who are you? ”

”I am the ToiletMancer, I do justice to toilets around the world. Who said they wanted number two or three why can they just be free? ” The ToiletMancer said while transforming into a 7 foot tall toilet man hybrid. ToiletMancer launched a punch at Dann, but Louie blocks it and punches him in the balls. ToiletMancer screamed in pain, this upset him and round house kicked Louie. Louie caught his kick and threw him into the building in front of them.

”Ah finally, I got my brown Austin Healey 3000, shes so beautiful ” A man with brown shoes said while caressing his car. ToiletMancer flew into his brand new car 2 seconds later. Louie and the other two walk through the hole Louie made.

”Cmon toilet man is that you got? I thought youd be powerful, I guess size doesn matter ” Louie said with a smug grin. The ToiletMancer transformed back to toilet form and ran, Louie appeared right in front of him and grabbed the top of his head. Louie used brute force to pull the man out, he was naked. The man covered himself with a plunger and ran away crying. ”Woah sensei that was so cool how you kept up with him, he was so fast but you didn stop. Now you
e a sweaty mess! ” Donie grinned and put his hands on his hips

”Finally I got my toilet back, and its still in good condition ” Dann hugged the toilet

”The money you owe us better be in good condition too ”

”Oh yes we could also use this same money to fix the toilet….. ”

e never gonna get our money back are we? ” Louie said while carrying the toilet. Dann looks over at Louie and says

”Never say never haha…. ”

”Sensei Dann you
e so funny ” Donie grinned

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