Damien: The child from hell

13 Premonition of people\'s deaths

Already closer to his home estate, Robert got a call from the only maid at home that Katherine has been taken to the hospital. He was even shocked that what had happened was no minor accident but that she had fallen high atop the railing at the third floor to the ground. Robert quickly turned his car to go see his wife.

While at the hospitals, reporters asked questions while photographers took pictures. They had gotten the news that the Ambassadors wife had had a serious accident. They filed their questions one by one all together at the hospitals lobby, but Robert answered none. He looked rather worried, both for his wife and the unborn child. He ache to know how they are doing. He prayed inwardly that the worse hasn happened. He mange to get past the crowds with the help of the security.

The doctor responsible for the treatment had gone on to tell Robert her fall has caused severe damages, most especially to her pregnancy. Though she survived but the fall had lead to her miscarriage. He lead the way to where Katherine is being attended to. Robert found his wife hospital bed by the window. Her arm which has been bandage is supported by an adjustable hospital stand.

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