At these words, Cyan pursed his lips.
Finally, he said, “…He might have said that, but he also didn’t say that we weren’t allowed to fight.
So if I end up meeting with a certain someone, then I’m going to fight them.”

“Do you think you’ll win?”

“I lost back then because I got cocky.
If we fight again, then I will definitely win!”


“F-for sure!”

Although that was what he said, Cyan couldn’t be certain of his victory.
He remembered how much it had hurt when Eugene had struck him, as well as the cold look in his eyes.
His body almost started trembling uncontrollably.
It might have been because of the earlier talk of ghosts alread yputting him on edge, but he needed to focus even more to keep himself from trembling.

“Don’t say anything unnecessary, Ciel,” Cyan spat out as he turned to look at Ciel.

Ciel stuck out her tongue at him and just smiled.

With one final look at his sister, Cyan turned towards the front and said, “I need to focu—Aaaaargh!”

Just as they rounded a corner, a woman covered in bloodstains suddenly appeared out of a side-tunnel! Cyan’s eyes widened, and his pupils shrank as he cut off his words in a scream.

“Kyaaah!” came a returning cry.

From inside the side-tunnel, Dezra had been listening to the sound of approaching conversation.
She had realized that it was Cyan and Ciel! Two of her competitors in the Bloodline Continuation Ceremony.
She was thinking of surprising them with an ambush if they had negligently let their guards down, but… Dezra was the one who ended up startled by Cyan’s loud cry, and she had let loose with her own scream in return.



As their two cries mixed with each other, Ciel grabbed her stomach and burst out laughing at this sight.
After screaming like this for some time, Cyan finally returned to his senses and instead drew his sword.

“Dezra! You dare attempt to startle me?!” Cyan demanded.

“I-I’m the one who was startled!” Dezra defended herself.

Dezra was younger than Cyan.
On top of that, since she came from a collateral line, she just couldn’t feel confident speaking with Cyan.
So instead, she jumped slightly and took a few steps back.
Her ambush was a total failure.

“Why would I startle you! And you, what’s with your look? You’re dressed like that because you wanted to jump out and scare me!” Cyan said angrily.

“This is because I got hurt!”

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“Don’t lie to me!”

Dezra felt like she was about to burst something from the injustice of his accusation.
She had to get past all kinds of traps, monsters, and a giant troll just to get this far.
No matter how precocious Dezra was for her age, slight wounds were unavoidable.
The reason for her bloodstained face was that she had grazed her forehead on the way here.

“I can’t forgive you…! You dare to startle me?! You, did you really think I wouldn’t know what you were planning? You were planning on ambushing us after you surprised us, right!” Cyan barked.

“No, I wasn’t!”

He had actually hit upon the truth, but Dezra hadn’t even gotten a chance to attempt her plan before it was already ruined.
Dezra groaned in frustration and turned around.
Then she started running away at full speed.

“Brother, she’s running away!”

“She dares!”

Cyan was genuinely angry.
He had been made to scream in an unsightly manner in front of his younger sister! Dezra was truly mean-spirited to have leaped out at him while pretending to be a ghost.
It was even more hateful than Eugene’s surprise attack.
That was why he definitely couldn’t forgive her.

Cyan started chasing after Dezra.
Ciel also followed behind Cyan, still giggling.
No matter how long and agile Dezra’s limbs were, she couldn’t be faster than the twins, who had already started training their mana.
The distance between them gradually narrowed.

Dezra desperately wondered, ‘Where’s that son of a bitch, Gargith, gone to?’

“Gargith!” Dezra screeched loudly.

However, at that moment, Gargith was in the middle of roaring out his victory on top of the downed troll, so he couldn’t hear Dezra’s call.

“Don’t run away!” Cyan demanded.

“I haven’t done anything wrong!” Dezra protested.

“Then why are you running away?!”

“Because you want to bully me!”

“You’re right.
I do!” Cyan exclaimed.

At this reply, Dezra squeezed out even more strength.
Could she have tried fighting back instead? If Cyan was on his own, that might have been a possibility, but he had Ciel with him as well.
Besides, with her body covered in wounds, she definitely couldn’t win.

‘But Eugene might be able to,’ Dezra recalled.

But where was that bastard? While running headlong, Dezra accidentally stepped on the trigger to a trap.


The floor ahead completely collapsed downwards.
With a scream of surprise, Dezra leaped off the ground.

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Dezra just barely managed to jump over the hole and landed on her ass on the other side.
While holding onto her sore tailbone, Dezra sobbed in pain.

“That’s why I told you not to run!” Cyan immediately halted in front of the sudden trap and shouted across to her.

Dezra panted, as she tried to catch her breath, before eventually taking off running once more.

“Brother!” Ciel cried as she caught up.

Cyan looked down into the trap for a moment.
It was so deep that he couldn’t even see the bottom.
On top of that, the other side of the trap was really far away.
Cyan dithered for a moment out of hesitation.
Should he go back and find another path instead?

Just as he was about to turn back, he saw the look of expectation in his sister’s eyes.
Cyan bit down on his lip firmly.
He could no longer show her such an embarrassing side of himself.

“Iyaaaah!” Cyan vaulted over the trap with a scream.

The mana flowing through his body easily allowed him to leap over that great distance.

“Ciel! You should jump too! I’ll catch you!”


With reassuring eyes, Cyan spread his arms wide.
However, Ciel simply leaped over the trap and landed beside him on the other side without needing Cyan’s help at all.
The twins had had the same lessons ever since they were young.
If Cyan could do it, then of course, Ciel was able to do it as well.

“…As expected from my little sister.”

After awkwardly lowering his outstretched arms, Cyan resumed his pursuit of the escaping Dezra.
But the twins were stopped before they got too far.

Ahead of them, Dezra had stopped as well.

“…It’s the boss monster,” one of them whispered.

At the conclusion of their fierce race, the three had actually managed to reach the center of the labyrinth.
At the end of their path lay a huge underground cave with walls on all sides.
In the center of the cave sat a monster, which was even larger than a troll.

“Why are the three of you together?” Sitting with his back against the wall, Eugene tilted his head to the side and asked the new arrivals.

“…What are you doing here?” Cyan asked, snapping out of his astonishment.

“What am I doing? Can’t you see that I’m just sitting?”

“But why here?”

“I was interested to see who’d be arriving first,” Eugene laughed as he gave this reply.

His round, wide eyes were overflowing with mischievous playfulness.

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