troll that she had barely managed to escape from earlier.
Its most distinctive characteristic was its ‘head.’ The boss monster was a giant humanoid with the head of a bull.

In other words, a minotaur.
It was a monster that almost always appeared in the many stories involving labyrinths.
However, seeing the minotaur in reality, it didn’t appear anywhere near as ridiculous as it sounded in fairy tales.
Dezra gulped as she stared at the minotaur’s twin pair of gigantic horns.

‘…Why hasn’t Gargith, that son of a bitch, arrived yet?’

The original plan was to join forces with Gargith to fight the boss monster.
However, Gargith seemed to have gotten stuck somewhere as he showed no signs of arriving any time soon.
Just in case, Dezra shot Eugene a look.

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“I’m only going to fight after you all have had your chances,” Eugene insisted.

“…You really are crazy, aren’t you?” Dezra hissed.

Cyan was so perplexed that, for a few moments, he had just kept listening as they talked.
However, he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Do you really think that you’ll get a turn?” Cyan demanded.

“Yeah, I think I will,” Eugene replied confidently.

“Don’t bullshit me! Do you really believe that I won't be able to defeat a single cow-headed bastard?!”

“If you do defeat it, I’ll acknowledge you as my big brother for the rest of my life.”

At these words, Cyan hesitated for a moment.
He imagined being able to hear this cheeky bastard call him ‘older brother’ for the rest of his life.
The childish Cyan found this proposal extremely attractive.

“…Don’t go back on your words later.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

After hearing Eugene’s confirmation, Cyan dropped down on the spot.
Then, as he slowly breathed in and out, he began absorbing mana into his body.
Since he had used up a lot of strength just getting here, he needed to quickly restore his mana through this method.

‘If it’s a minotaur….’

Truthfully, this was also Cyan’s first time seeing one in real life.
However, he had read many stories about minotaurs in the books he had been perusing at random for the past few days.
It was a monster without any particular weaknesses, but it also didn’t have any specific strengths.

It had its strength and its tough skin, but these were natural features for a medium-to-large monster of that size.
It didn’t have the strong regenerative capabilities of a troll, nor did it have the unspeakable strength and fury of an ogre.
It was of moderate strength and intelligence.
The minotaur, as seen through Cyan’s eyes, was a monster that could be beaten without much difficulty.

However, Dezra got a completely different feeling from it.
Calming her shaking heart, she hesitantly made her way out into the central cave.
Both her spear and the hands holding it were shaking.
Although she had hunted many monsters around the same level as orcs, she had yet to hunt a monster as large as the minotaur.

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‘…They say that minotaurs are higher up on the food chain than trolls, but….’

This wasn’t always necessarily the case, but, for now, she would accept the fact that minotaurs were of similar or greater strength to trolls.
Dezra, who had slipped past her troll without having been able to defeat it, found it impossible to imagine how she might be able to achieve victory.


That said, she couldn’t just turn back after having come this far.
Dezra shouted a battle cry to still her fear.
Then she tightened her grip on her spear and charged at the minotaur.

Before Dezra could close the distance, the minotaur got to its feet.
It showed an unbelievable speed of reaction for such a heavy creature.
Even trolls weren’t that fast, and its figure, as it got up onto its feet, was far larger than the average troll.
The minotaur turned its head towards Dezra.
The cattle eyes that Dezra was familiar with were normally bright and cute, but the minotaur’s eyes were full of eerie light.

The minotaur swung its hand and, with a cry, Dezra thrust her spear.


The minotaur’s large hand shattered her spear into pieces without any apparent difficulty.

‘But they said that it wouldn’t break!’

Dezra’s face twisted in betrayal.
The minotaur quickly raised its hand once more and slammed it down on top of Dezra’s head, but this was still within the limits of Dezra’s ability to react.
She leaped to the side, dodging the attack, and then swung the end of her broken spear at the minotaur’s exposed flank.


Although the blow landed, the attack made using such unstable footing didn’t prove very effective.
Without making even a single grunt of pain, the minotaur caught up to Dezra.


Its large fingers completely wrapped around her body.
Dezra screamed fearfully as she tried desperately to escape.
Her intuition was honestly telling her that she was about to die! Could this all really be an illusion? No, it was impossible! Dezra closed her eyes tightly in the face of her impending doom.


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