Dancing with My Devils

Chapter 2: Home, Sweet, Ugghh!

As I stare out the window; watching the rain pour, I noticed the black limo pulling into the driveway of The Iyazawa Mansion. I grabbed my suitcase and motioned for my Butler to get the rest. As I walked down the stairs I could hear my dad on the phone with one of his assistants. ”I don care where hes at or what hes doing tell him to get his ass there now!!! ” ”Yes Mr. Iyazawa, as you wish ”, she stated with a sound of defeat in her voice. As I came into view, he closed his phone and smiled. ”Aeiko, Are you all set to go? ”, he asked. ”Yes Father ”, I responded as I bowed my head with tears in my eyes. ”Hey now, don cry, I will be back in six months. I have arranged for you to stay with one of my colleagues. You will be more than fine ”,he said. ”Yes Father ”, I said as I wiped the tears from my eyes. ” I love you and I hope you have a safe departure and return. ” We exchanged hugs and kisses, then parted our separate ways. As I got in the car and closed the door, I took one last look at the place I knew as home. ”Drive! ”, I yelled as tears ran from my eyes. As the limo pulled out the drive way, the house became like a picture fading away. ” Are you ok , Miss Iyazawa? ”, The Driver asked. ”Oh Daozi, its just so unfair. Father always leave so quickly and return so slowly. I hate it when he does that! ”, I cried. ”Im sorry Miss Iyazawa, ” he comforted. ”We have known each other for 18 years, we played together; call me Aeiko for Petes sake ” I said rolling my eyes. He nodded. I laid my head on the seat, closed my eyes, and started reminiscing on how everything used to be. I was deepened by my thoughts and memories that I didn hear Daozi call my name. ”Im sorry Daozi, but did you say something? ” I asked. ”Yes Miss Aeiko. I was informing you that we will be at the Talehari Airport at approximately 3:15pm. But if you need anything to make you relax and get your mind of things please don hesitate to ask, ” he said with a sly smile. ”Thank you for that, ” I replied as I tilted my head to be held up by the window. Counting the rain drops hitting the glass; I dozed into a deep slumber.

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