Dancing with My Devils

Chapter 4: Meeting The Family

”Daozi! ”, I screamed as I was awakened by a loud noise. Before I could say his name again, Daozi was kneeling by my side. ”Yes Miss Aeiko are you alright? ”, he asked. ”Whats going on? ”, I asked. ”Im scared ”. ”Its alright Aeiko, Im here. It was just a rough turbulance ”, he soothed. ”Oh Daozi please don leave me here alone anymore ”, I said as my eyes filled with tears. ”Yes Miss Aeiko ”, he said. ”Ill stay by your side as long as you want me too ”. He reached his hand out, drying the few tears that escaped from my eyes and smiled. As I looked into his cinnamon brown, slanted eyes; I could sense the warmth and love. He stared back at me, never breaking eye contact. It was something about him that made me feel so safe. He made me feel untouchable. He made my heart feel so unsteady. I couldnt look away, I just couldn ! Its like he had me trapped under some spell. My body felt paralyzed. His lips started to move. ”Aeiko?…. Miss. Aeiko? ”, he called. ”Y-y-yes? ”, I replied snapping back into focus. ”If you let go I could be more of an assist to you ”, he said as he looked down. I followed his trail, and then my face brightened. When did I grab his hand?! How long was I like this?! Why is it so damn hot in here?! ”My apologies ”, I said trying to play it cool. I almost immediately dropped his hand when he gave me one of his sly, sexy smiles. Wow, I just got ten times hotter than normal. He stood up, crossing over my legs to reunite with his seat. ”Attention all passengers, please take your seats and buckle your seat belts. The plane will be landing very shortly ”, the flight attendant announced as she went row to row. As the plane landed I took off my seatbelt, and clutched the end of the arm rest. Im so ready to get off this damn plane, I thought to myself. The plane walk off finally started to lower. After we departed the plane onto the terminal, I watch as Daozi carried my bags. I guess he could feel me looking at him. ” If you wanna know something, just ask me Miss Aeiko ”, he said. The words he spoken to me, I took it as a challenge and started letting my thoughts flow through my mouth. ”Daozi, Do you like me ”, I asked as my face flushed. He stopped mid step, and turned around. He look at me with deep pasion and intensity while he studied my face before he spoke. ”Aeiko, I been in love with you from the moment I saw you. I think about you every moment of the day. I stay around to protect you and comfort you because I can fathom another man at your aid; to assist you,

touch you, or even gaze upon your beauty ”, he said. ”So no Aeiko, I don like you. Im in love with you ”. The room started to spin, my breathing was beginning to be unsteady, and my body temperature started to rise again. I hurried past him to the car. ”Aeiko, wait! ”,he screamed. I swung the door open, hopped in the back seat. When I saw Daozi coming to the car, I closed and locked the door. By the time he made it to the car, I was safe and secured. He started to come closer to the window. As I studied him, he had a wide smile plastered across his face. What could be so funny? I thought to myself. Then it hit me; He has the, keys!! ”Dammit ”, I scorned to myself. Daozi hit the unlock button and put the bags in the trunk. Walking around to the Drivers side he got in the car. He then put on his seatbelt, fixed the mirror to where it landed exactly on me. Talk about uncomfortable. Smiling, he turned the switch, looked in the mirror one last time and winked at me. Off we went to my new home.

Pulling up to The Kobayashis House, I could see that it wasn a house at all! The Front drive way was so beautiful by its self alone. I watched, amazed by the scenery. The driveway was a wrap around, complimented by a beautiful Angel water fountain. The grass was cut so evenly and greener than most. The bushes had the perfect ratio of white and red roses on each one. And finally, the big shade tree stood tall and glorious with a swing hanging from beneath. This place is beautiful, this place is Heaven, I thought to myself. Daozi got out of the car. He opened my door and extended his hand, with look of deep intensity in his eyes. ”Thank You ”, I said trying with everything in me to ignore his look of passion and seduction. I grabbed my luggage and started for the door with Daozi behind me. I rung the doorbell. The tune that carried through was so loud; yet extrodinary. This was it. Im now about to start a new life, in a new place, with total strangers.

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