Dancing with My Devils

Chapter 5: Blinded

The doors swung open, and a man with exceptionally bright red hair stood before me. ”Hello, Welcome to The Kobayashi Mansion. You must be Miss Aeiko Iyazawa ”, he asked. ”Please just call me Aeiko ”, I blushed. Daozi came around me and extended his hand, ”Im Daozi. ” ”Ahh yes, The Driver. Where are my manners? I was so strucken by Aeikos beauty that I forgot to introduce myself. Im the eldest son, Akisada ”, he said as he turned towards me ignoring Daozi. I bowed my head and blushed to keep Daozi from seeing my reaction, but I was too late. I could see his face tightened as he spoke, ”Ill get the bags ”, he said without moving his mouth. As he turned and walked away I figured why he was so mad. When I saw Akisadas face I forgot about Daozi and the conversation we had. How could I have unconsciously forgot about words like that from someone I knew my whole life. As I raised my head, I knew I had to have a look of hurt or concern on my face, because Akisadas aura changed too. He took his hand under my chin and brought my face so close to his. He stared me deeply in my eyes and asked, ”Whats wrong Aeiko? You can tell me anything, we
e family now. ” ”Its nothing, ” I said as I looked away. I stepped back and bumped into Daozi. I looked up to apology but was taken back by the cold stare in his eyes. ”Are you ok Miss Aeiko? ”, he asked; never taking his eyes off Akisada. Do these two know each other? Is there something going on that I don know about? The tension was too much, so I decided to break the silence. ” Yes, Im fine Daozi, thanks for asking. ” As Daozi broke the stare and looked down on me, I smiled at him. Even as children, he could never resist my puppy dog face. He begin to have that warm smile on his face again. ”Shall we go in?, ” Akisada asked. I nodded my head as he turned on his heels to lead the way. We walked in. Admiring the inside I immediately had a loss for words. There were two sets of stairs, one on each side of the room connecting to the top. A hunormous chandelier hung from the ceiling with crystals dangling below. Pictures of what could be celebrities hung from the wall, and the open space put me in mind of a ballroom. ”Goodness gracious, ” I said under my breath. Akisada turned to look at me. Pleased by the expression on my face, he smiled and wink. ”Azyuma, Hiroshima, Isami, Hakaru, Kanumara; come down and welcome our new guest! ”, he shouted through the house. I turned to look at Daozi who had eased closer to me. Why was he acting so strange all of a sudden. He looked down and saw the worried look in my eyes. He smiled but I could see the anxious look on his face. I looked up to see five other people who appears to be the same age as me standing there with wide smiles. Akisada saw the shock in my eyes and decided to continue with the introduction. ”Aeiko, this his Hakaru. He is the second eldest of the Kobayashi Family. Then theres Azyuma, Hiroshima, and Isami; they
e the Kobayashi Triplets. Then the last of them all is Kanumara hes the baby of the family, ” he stated. They rushed towards me and was at my side in a blink of an eye. Daozi immediately grabbed my hand. I gave him a reassuring look that everything would be ok. He relaxed and loosen the tight grip he casted around my wrist. ”Hi, its a pleasure to meet you, ” said Hakaru. He was tall and lanky. He spoke proper, and with such profession. He moved a black strand of his hair away from his eyes, as he extended an open palm. I gently placed my hand in his. He slowly brought my hands to his lips and gave the back of it a soft, gentle peck. ”Its nice to meet all of you! ”, I exclaimed as I retracted my hand from his. Everyone gave me a bright smile that would block out the sun. Everyone, except Kanumara. He had the same coloured hair as Akisada. The way he stared at me had pure hatred written all over it. His eyes were blood red, almost matching his hair. The Kobayashi Triplets were in their little group talking and laughing. The one known as Azyuma, looked up at me, dropped his head and laugh. Am I missing something? Why do I have a bad feeling about this? ”Shall I show you where youll be sleeping? ”, Hakura asked. Before I could answer The Kobayashi Triplets interjected ”Well show her! ”, they said in union. ”Now, guys try not to scare our guest. Ill have Kanumara show her to her room ”,Akisada stated. I looked over at Kanumara to see his expression in the situation. He didn flinch, speak, or even acknowledge Akisadas words. ”Its ok, just point the way. I can find it, ” I said trying to sound reassuring. Akisada walked over to Kanumara and put a hand on his shoulder. The way his shirt wrinkled at the top of his shoulder, I could tell Akisada had a grip on him. ”Kanumara, show our guest to her room ”, Akisada said between clench teeth. Kanumara looked up at him, and they both had a cold stare that would make anyone want to hide. Kanumara broke the stare, looked at me, and said, ”follow me. ”.Astounded by the harshness in his voice, I hesitated and looked at Daozi. I grabbed the handle on my suitcase and turned back to Kanumara. He had already walked off not waiting to see if I was ready. I decided that I would be more comfortable if Daozi was right by my side, so I waited as he grabbed a few of the bags. Traveling up the left side of the stairs, I assumed that the hallway was just as beautiful. We finally reached the top of the stairs and I confirmed my theory. Even though it wasn fully decorated, I was still in awe. There was a small table with a dozen of white roses in a vase, sitting in the middle. We walked past and I decided to go on a whim to stop and smell them. They smelled so fresh. ”Did they do this for me? ”,I asked myself. Reaching my room I could see that there was white and red rose petals leading to my, door. ”Wow, thank you all for your hospitality ”, I said. Kanumara scoffed; Daozi rolled his eyes. Did I say something wrong? Kanumara opened the door, and my mouth dropped in amazement. The room was decorated as if they expected a Queen to arrive. There was a dresser with a beautiful large mirror. On top of it was a variety of perfumes, jewelery, and make over products. The bed was a queen size canopy bed, with pearl white curtains. It was very unfamiliar to my touch. The curtains were pulled back and tied, so you could see how the bed was made up. There was a big white comforter, with silk beige sheets, and huge white fluffy pillows. There was a window beside the bed with a nice view of a lake that had ducks intruding in it. ”Heres where your clothes are to be stored ”, Kanumara said. As Daozi walked over to place the bags close to their destination. He then turned to look at me. ”Im heading down to get the rest of the bags ”, he said eyeing Kanumara. He looked back at me with concern, turned away and walked out the room. ”This is so…. ”, before I could finish my sentence Kanumara rushed at me and was at my face in a heartbeat. ”Lets get one thing straight shall we? I want you gone, no one wants you here. I am not your family. WE are not your family, and if you so much as breathe a word of this to anyone I will kill you ”,he said as he let his fangs become visible. ”You
e.. you
e.. you
e… ”, I stuttered. ”Your worst night mare ”, he said dashing out of the room. The way Daozi describe the Kobayashis was different from how they were acting. He also forgot to mention one small detail. They

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