Dancing with My Devils

Chapter 7: School, ghouls, & vamps

What the ** did I get myself into? Why do I trust so easily? I thought.. I thought… Wait, what the ** was I even thinking, or did I think at all. I tried not to beat myself up. ”Calm down Aeiko ”, I said trying to talk myself through this. How the hell was I supposed to know that I walked into a trap. A death trap at that. This can be happening, I thought to myself. The lies, the betrayal, the secrets!!!! Not from Daozi or my father; but the Kobayashis. Or did They know about this too. Is that why Daozi had been acting so strange? So protective? So Nervous and anxious?! I had been so deeply lost in thought I didn hear the footsteps coming closer and closer. ”Miss Aei…., ” I swung and smacked Daozi dead center in the middle of his chest. He flew back a great distance before colliding with the dressers. A perfume bottle shattered on his head. ”Ouch ”, he said clutching his head. He looked up at me, hoping for answers. When he saw the look on my face he forgot all about the pain he was in, and instantly jumped to my aid. ”Miss Aeiko, whats wrong ”, he asked with great concern and sincerity in his voice. I was so shocked, scared, and damn near in tears that I couldn answer. Without asking or waiting for an answer, he pulled me in close to his chest and hugged me. He knew that I knew. I been surrounded by vampires probably my whole damn life and no one ever thought to mention to me that I could be in danger. This is bullshit. ”When did you… ”, his voice trailed off. Thats a dumb question I thought to myself but I answered it anyways. ”Not to long ago ”. As I looked up I saw an expression of hurt in his eyes. ”Whats wrong ”, I asked. ”I …..I…. could never be your lover now that you found out the truth about me ”, he said as he sighed. I couldn help but to roll my eyes in annoyance. Wait, hes one too. I thought to myself. Dammit. I sat down on the bed and begin to think. When I came up with my decision I leaped off the bed and pulled Daozi closer to me. ”Aeiko, moving fast aren we. Take me to dinner first ”,he joked. I sighed. ”No, I just decide that Im not giving up that easily, not without a fight. They don intimidate me ”, I said confidently. They will not win; or at least not yet.

I march down the stairs, ready to confront Kanumara about his threats. He don scare me. Who the hell does he think I am, a whimp or something? I smelled the aroma from the kitchen. Thats where they are, I thought to myself. I stormed in the kitchen with Daozi right on my tail. ”Miss Aeiko ”. I stopped mid step to look to see who called me. ”Akisada! ”, I said with major excitement in my voice. I heard Daozi mumbling behind me. ”Yeah, can no one intimidate you ”, he said sarcastically. I ignored his comment and focused my attention back to Akisada. He was so beautiful. The way his hair hung over his eyes. He looked so marvelous as he pushed it out his face to reveal his warm sky blue eyes. As he looked at me I could see a twinkle in them as if he felt the same way I did. ”Miss Aeiko, take me by the hand and come with me to explore your new home ”, he said so sweetly. As he held out his hand I took a hold of it. He spun me around so fast that I felt dizzy. I wobbled a little bit, but before my knees could get weak, he had me tightly wrapped in his arms. ”Shall we? ”, he asked holding his other hand out towards the door. I nodded. As we were about to pass Daozi, I eyed him and nodded. He started to follow and I stopped him. ”Its ok. I will be fine, take the day off and relax ”, I said slipping him a piece of paper. We walked out the door, and I slightly turned just in time to see Daozi reading the letter. TAKE THE DAY OFF AND INVESTIGATE A LITTLE MORE. FIND OUT ALL YOU CAN ABOUT THE KOBAYASHIS. GAIN THEIR TRUST AND REPORT BACK TO ME @ 9PM, it read. As we walked out of view I could hear pieces of paper being torn. ”Good Detectives never leave traces of evidence behind ”, I whispered to myself acknowledging Daozis effort. Operation: Fun House has went into effect. Anything and everything goes. I know Im playing a dangerous game; but with Daozi by my side, nothing can go wrong. I hope. Now its their turn to be blinded.

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