Dancing with My Devils

Chapter 8: Family or Foes

”Aeiko… Aeiko get up ”,Daozi said pulling back the curtains to let the sun disintegrate my eyes. I rolled over to the opposite side to block the beam. ”Aren vampires supposed to hate sunlight? ”,I moan. ”Im a special kind ”,he said with a slightly proud tone. ”I don want go get up. I had such a rough night ”,I protested. I laid on my back, and threw my pillow at him. He caught it before it made any other contact with his body. If Im going to stay in bed Ill will have to come up with a plan. But what will I say? Then it hit me; the words from last night played in my head. IM MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER. The time I almost wasted trying to find a weak spot; when in reality I am his weak spot. ”Daoz-ee, can I pwease stay in bed today. If you say yes, you can lay with me on the top of the comforter. Daozi tilted his head toward the ceiling, and placed his hand under his chin. He looked like a very wealthy man making a decision on the fate of the world. ”As tempting as that sounds; and it does sound tempting, Im not falling for your little game. You have to get up ”,he said as if he were my father. I gave up, rolled over, and put my feet in my Bungo slippers . ”How did you know it was a game? ”,I asked with defeat in my voice. He looked at me and asked, ”So when did I become Dao-zee? ” I stood up and and rolled my eyes as he gave me that mischievous smile of his. ”Why must I remove myself from my sanction, anyways? ”, I demanded. ”Because you have to get dressed and go to DACA to turn in your transcripts. ”What the hell is that ”, I asked. ”Some school for vampires and all other creepy ass whatevers in this world I don know about? ” I chuckled to myself at my humour. ”Actually,….. yes, ” he chuckled as he walked out the room for me to get dressed.

After I combed my hair; I put on my good-luck bracelet. I did a once over in the mirror, gave it a confident smile, and headed for the bathroom. Coming down the hallway I saw Kanumara walking out the bathroom shirtless, with a towel wrapped around his waist. Embarrassed by how red my face felt I turned my head and waited for him to past. As I stepped across the bathrooms threshold, I was stopped by Azyuma. ”Good morning Aeiko, I wanted to warn you to be careful ”, he said with a smile. ”Wait, what? ”, I asked in shock. ”The water on the floor. I swear Kanumara hangs ten in there sometimes ”, he said trying to sound cool. ”Oh, ok, ” I said softly as he walked off. What was that about? Why did I get a bad feeling all of a sudden? I walked in the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush, and brushed my teeth. ”Clean Queen! ”,I said softly to myself as I smiled. ”The Queen? ”, I heard Daozis voice. He was standing in the doorway looking forward, somewhat. ”That you are. ” He said as he smiled. Following his gaze back to the mirror, I found myself staring at a beautiful enemy. When my eyes met my reflection, I took a quick glance to see if Daozi was still watching me. He was. I couldn help it; I dropped my head and blushed, in hopes he wouldn see me. I raised my head to see if he saw my reaction. ”Where the hell did he just… ”. ”Looking for me ”,he whispered seductively. Feeling is breath and his presence so close to my body, I turned to try to fight him off. Swoosh. I could see and feel my body coming so close into contact with the ground. I felt like a star falling out the sky at approximately 500 miles per hours. I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the impact. Suddenly, the wind of the fall died. I opened my eyes to see Daozi so close to me. ”Are you alright, Aeiko? ”,he ask with deepest concern. I couldn speak! He was too close. All I could do was stare into his eyes. I was paralyzed again. Why does he have to be the one to do this to me? Still being unable to move, thats when Daozi got the courage to lean in and kissed me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every minute of it. That was, until I heard footsteps. I opened my eyes to find Akisada standing in the doorway looking petrified. I pushed Daozi off and stood up to flatten out my pleated skirt. Akisada looked at me then at Daozi. Daozi smiled at him; walking out the door, he turned around and said so clearly ”I love you too Aeiko ”. When he left I called myself trying to explain to Akisada, but I was just fumbling over my words, saying the same thing over and over. It got so tiring, that I just gave up. I gave a big sigh and said, ”I don know what came over him. ” I said it in hopes he would understand. I ran out the bathroom; downstairs to get my bag. A lady in her late twenties or early thirties was standing there holding it out for me. ”Thanks! ”, I said as I opened the door and headed for the car. I was surprised as I saw Daozi groomed, in uniform, and already at his post in a short time. He opened the door for me, and extended his hand to help me in. I walked past him and got in the car. He gave me a wink and a sly smile as he closed the door.

Within thirty minutes, we pulled up at DACA, also known as Divine Accordance of Celestial Academics. I truly hit the nail on the head. This was really a school for Ghouls, Ghosts, Werewolves, Succubus, and Heaven knows what else. So why am I here? When Daozi and I got inside, we were greeted by the Deans son. His name Akunamé Usui. He was perfect. But I had to instantly hold myself back. There was no telling what he truly was, and I have enough problems of my own then to take up an extra charity case. The paperwork process didn take long, so I told Daozi that I was going to finish the day out, to try to get a hang of things for tomorrow. After thirty minutes of reassuring him, he finally gave in and agreed. I met my homeroom teacher, Mr. Yamazakí. He introduced me into everyone who I would see in my homeroom class, even one of the infamous Takahashi boys. After introductions I took my seat between Akisada and Ikuyasha Takahashi. I could feel the tension between them. I have just politely sat in the middle of the Cold War, and I damn sure don have any other option. There wasn like it was another available seat open. Mr. Yamazakí turned his back to the class, and picked up where he left off before I interrupted. ”This weakling belongs to you, I supposed ”,Ikuyasha said to Akisada while pointing at me. ”Yes this is my girlfriend ”, he said so calmly and confident. GIRLFRIEND??!!! SINCE WHEN???!!! I turned to give him a death smiled. I felt like my face read: The ** are you thinking, telling him that? Ikuyasha looked at me, extracted his fangs, threw his head back, and laughed. ”Taking your girl? This is about to be one hell of a semester ”, he laughed to his self. I couldn agree more, I thought. Why me? I sat back took a deep breath and tried to think positive. My dad is gone, been raised up with a vampire who happens to be in love with me. I moved in with more vampires and the older one wants to mate with me, while his baby brother wants to kill me. I been transfered to a school for mystical creatures and I don understand why. Now Im in a crossfire between the vampires I stay with that don like me; and the vampires who don know me, but yet don like me and wants to kill me. Somebody just kill me know, I thought. In that moment Akisada and Ikuyasha looked at me intensely… Wrong choice of words. I tried to give them a cheerful smile. Don kill me. Not just yet…. Or ever, for that matter.

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