Dark Side of the Truth

Chapter 3 ~ Abilities? ~

My momma opened up the dark closet that we used for old clothes and costumes we never touched. The door opened with a loud creak, and momma reached inside to turn on the light while kicking a few trash bags full of shoes and masks aside. The light flickered on and all I saw was a rack with our old clothes and trash bags on the floor. I spotted the Cinderella dress I wore for halloween when I was three, it was torn, but brought back good memories that were a little blurry as if something were missing.

I was confused so I asked, ” Momma why are we in the old costume closet? ” Momma spun around, a little agitated and said, ” What did I say? Be patient and wait! ” ”But- ” I started. ”BE PATIENT! ” Momma and papa both yelled. I wasn done. ”We aren patient we are teenage girls! ” I said looking at momma and papa. Papa just stared at me, giving me the look that told me to shut up.

Papa moved the bags on the floor to the side while momma pushed the clothes that were hanging aside to reveal a metal door about my height. Me and Iris were quietly watching, shocked. My momma put a code into the key pad in the center. I watched her, memorizing the numbers since I might want to come back later, the code was 1508. A very loud creak came from the metal hinges. We all entered through the door, ducking so our heads would not get hit. Inside was a staircase going downward. What is down there? How long has this door been here?

I don know whats below, but I need to know about Ashtyn. I need to know these answers.

We all started walking down the staircase. The area the staircase was in was very tight. We had to walk one at a time because we couldn all fit. We walked in an order. My mom was first, then me, Iris, and my dad. At the bottom of the staircase there was a larger metal door with a slot in the top center. My mother knocked on the door 3 times. Then the slot opened and a mans eyes were looking at me or us but it felt like he was looking at me. He asked for a password. ”2319 ” my dad said. What does that mean? 2319? It has to mean something.

We walked in to a room where there was already 2 guys and 1 girl. The men were in black suits. They looked like they were from the movie The Matrix. The woman on the other hand looks like one of the women from Men In Black. She looked like she was in charge. She had blonde hair with grayish blue eyes. The men had brown hair and I couldn see their eyes. The women was about the same height as me but the guys well they were at least 62.

The women walked up to me and introduced her self. ”Welcome, My name is Jordan. You can call me Miss. Jordan. ” she said. ”Im not doing that. ” I replied. ”Don be rude, Ashlyn. ” my mom said. ”Im sorry but you don look even close to being older than me so Im not calling you Miss.Jordan. ” ”It is true that Im not that much older. I am only 1 month older than you. ” Jordan said. ”Well then why should I call you Miss.Jordan ” I said with as much sass as I could. ”Fine don call me Miss. Jordan, refer to me as Agent J. ” she replied ”Fine whatever, ok they brought me here for a reason. Tell me about Ashtyn. ” I said demandingly. ”Wow straight to the point, Are you sure we should tell her? ” Jordan whispered to my mom. ”You know I can here you, right? Geez if your going to talk about me go in a different room. ” I said ”You would have still been able to hear us… ” my mom replied sheepishly. What does she mean? No one could be able to hear through that door. She must think Im stupid. ”Are you crazy? No one could hear you through that door ” I say as Im pointing at the metal door. ”You aren part of that no one.. ” My mother looked sad but scared at the same time. ”Yes I am. Im not special. That door looks to be solid metal with a small hollow center wide enough for the slot door to move.. ” I pause. How did I know that? That isn normal.. What is going on?

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