Dark Side of the Truth

Chapter 4 ~Realization~

Every one stood there stunned. I stayed silent not wanting to get in trouble. Iris looked at me and started smiling strangely.

”How in heckity hell did you know that? That was so cool. ”

Everybody turns to Iris who is surprised but happy. ”I don know it just happened. ” I replied not understanding how I new that. ”I thought you said she only had super hearing. You said nothing about metacognition. Does she have any other abilities I should know about? ” Iris whispers to my mother who is stunned. ”I-I don know. Ive n-never tested her. ” My mother manages to stammer out. My father suggests that they test me here instead of ”on the field ”, whatever that means. One of the guards walks up to me, he is a lot smaller than the other guard and he seems quite shy compared to Jordan and the other one. ”M-My names Callum. ” He said rather quietly. ”Dude if you ever want to talk to a girl you
e going to want to speak up. Stop being a coward. ” The other guard yelled from behind him before suddenly being thrown backwards. ”Whoa, what the ** was that? ” He yells trying to get up. Everyone freezes before looking at me who is not happy. ”There is no reason to be mean just because he is a little shy. You sir need to learn some manners. ” I said before calming down and letting him get up. ”Holy macaroni. My best friend is so awesome. ” Iris says in joy before turning towards my parents and Jordan, coldly ”Why is she able to do this? ”

Honestly that is a question Ive been asking myself. ”Well you see.. ” ”You haven told them yet! ” Jordan interrupts my dad. ”George! You two were supposed to tell them before you brought them down here. ” Jordan looked angry. I look to Callum for understanding because I was really confused. ”Tell us wha- ” My mother starts shaking her head telling me not to speak. Suddenly everyone freezes. It goes dead quiet as the feel me getting angry. ” I said tell us what? ” the anger in my voice startled everyone including the guard who was straightening himself up from the last time I knocked him down. I accidentally send out a pulse that knocks everybody over except me.

My mother looks at me scared. I calm down not wanting to accidentally hurt some one. ”Please just answer. ” Iris looks at me trying to understand what happened to me. ”She could be stronger than her sister. Do you think she could bring her back? ” the second guard whispers to Jordan. ”Stop whispering. Answer the question. ” ”You have a twin sister who has turned evil and we hid it from you so you wouldn go looking for her. ” My mother blurts out.

”Katelyn! We weren going to tell her yet. ” My dad said. ”Im sorry she was getting angry and angry doesn end well. ” ”Im her dad, I know that. ”

”Shut it. I don want to hear you arguing right now. ” I say angrily. I go and help Iris up, then Callum, and finally my mom. Jordan and the other guy were already up. I didn help my dad because I agreed with my mother. ”What do you mean by urned evil? ” Iris asks sheepishly. ”It means turned evil, dimwit. ” The second guy said irritated. I walk towards him slowly. ”What is your name? ” I say calmly. ”Derrek. ” He says surprised. ”Well Derrek, what did I say about manners? ” ”That I need to learn some. ” ”Well now you are going to learn some. You do not call people names. You do not make fun of people. You do not talk to people unless it is to ask a question, state something, or say something nice. Do you understand? ” ”Y-Yes. ” he replies startled by my demeanor.

”Wow you sure got told. ” I hear Callum say from behind. I turn and look at him. He backs off a bit going back to being shy and quiet. ”Ashlyn, was it? We need to run some tests if you don mind. ” Jordan says off to the side picking up her tablet that Derrek had knocked off the table earlier when retreating from me.

”Sure why not. Where do you want me to go? ” I say as she points to the next room over which seems to look like a training room. I walk over and stand in the center.

Why is it empty? What are these tests? How am I going to test in an empty room?

”Haha very funny guys. There is nothing here. ” I try to open the door. Its locked and made completely of steel. ”Why is the door locked? ” I start panicking, Im a little claustrophobic. ”Calm down kid. ” I hear the other guard grumble. ”Unless you want to get knocked on your ass again I suggest you don repeat that. ”I growl. ”Chill your girlfriend out, Callum. ” ”I wish she was my girlfriend.. ” I hear Callum mumble. Iris snickers from the corner. ”Its not like he knows Iris. None of them know. ” I say trying not to say it out loud. ”Oh yeah nevermind ” Iris says remembering our secret. ”Anyway- ” Jordan interrupts. ”The room is empty because we can alter it to change what type of training you are doing. The room is made of steel for our safety. If anything were to get out of control you can protect yourself but we can . The system is all holographic so it can hurt you to an extent and you can fight it till it dies I guess you can call it. It can make any permanent damage to you. ”

”Well lets have some fun then. ” I state with a love of fighting. Mind you I have recently been suspended from school which is why I was cleaning my parents study and why I found all the documents. Anyway back to the story. Jordan releases a few holographic people looking things me quickly defeating them while learning of a few more powers. I hear the door unlock. I walk through and I am automatically attacked with a hug from Iris as she jokingly says I love you. Then she backs off while my parents, Callum, the other guard, and Jordan are all stunned. ”Well apparently I had more powers than we all previously thought. ” I say trying to snap them out of it.

What the hell is wrong with them? Why won they say anything? Did I scare them? Why isn Iris also stunned?

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