Dark Side of the Truth

Chapter 5 ~Accident~

”That was so cool! ” Iris yells. ”How are you that strong? The only other person Ive seen that strong is your- ” Jordan is suddenly interrupted by my mother ”Sister ” my mother blurts out. ”Thats not what I was going to say. Yes her sister is strong but not like this. This is more like L- ” My mother cuts her off again. ”I haven told her so shut up. ” she seems angry. ”If you are going to continue to keep secrets Im going back up stairs and Im not helping anyone. ” I yell grabbing everyones attention. ”Calm down Ash. ” I hear Iris say quietly. ”Is it a bad thing I don want to listen to people talk about secrets they haven told me but they want me to still help them. Im not having it. ” I say as I leave heading back up the stairs and out the tiny door. Iris follows behind me trying to me calm down.

”Iris stop. I don care if they think this is a good idea. I hate secrets. ” I say huffing. ”Well if you hadn gotten caught fighting Lila Thompson maybe we- ” Iris mumbles ”We nothing. I usually don get caught when I fight and I usually don get caught. I only got caught because I was on campus. Its my senior year it won be long till Im gone and out of the way of my parents. Being I want to go to college in Cali. ” I say packing a backpack. I pause. ”Would your mom allow me to spend the night? ” I ask. ”I don think she knows your suspended for the week. ” Iris says sheepishly.

”Im sorry for getting angry at you.. ” I say genuinely ”It wasn your fault and I shouldn have taken it out on you. ” She wasn looking at me but I could sense her being upset. I walk up, pick her up, and hug her from behind. She squeals ”Ashlyn put me down. ” ”Not until you accept my apology. I can hold you for a long time and you know it. ” I say hugging her tighter. ”Okay okay I accept now put me down please. ” I set her down gently. ”Can you text your mom and ask then? ” I continue packing like nothing happened. ”She said its okay. ” ”Yay. ” I grab my bag and leave a note on the counter for my parents then we take my car to Iriss house.

”Any updates I need to know before we get to your house? ” I ask hoping to not have to talk to her twin brother or her little brother. Her twin brother, Coby, has had a crush on me since we were 7 even though he is dating Lila. Her little brother, Max, likes to hit me in the leg with his toy trucks. Though Coby is really fun to play basketball with, I always win of course. ”Well Max just turned 8. Coby still likes you and he has hit 62. My mother thinks you are a good influence on me while my dad thinks you are hella cool and you
e his favorite out of all of my friends. I don think Coby has Lila over but I can check. ” Iris replies. ”Nah don bother him, if she is there it will be one hell of a night. She might end in a hospital. ” I say a little to happily.

Is Lila there? Will Coby beat me at basketball? Will all of Maxs trucks disappear?

”Hey mom. ” Iris yells when we enter the house. ”Hi honey. Would you and Ashlyn like a snack? We have black berries. ” ”No thanks Mrs. Raina. ” Im trying to not get hit by Maxs trucks. ”Thanks anyway. ” I rush to Iriss room. I pass Coby, who doesn have his girlfriend over. ”Sup Coby. ” I say as pass. ”Sup Ash. Wait Ash.. I didn know you were coming over. ” He hops out of his gaming chair and through the door. ”Yeah it was a decision that was made 10 minutes ago. ” I say walking into her room and setting my bag down. ”Doesn it take 10 minutes to walk over here? ” He is leaning on the door frame. His shirt lifting a bit showing his abs peaking out. ” I used 5 to pack and 5 to drive here. Anything else? ” I pull out my phone to check the 12 texts I got from my parents asking where I am. I ignore them and start searching for my wireless earbuds. I find them and start playing music. ” Uh yeah… Rematch? ” ”Again? I beat you every time and you
e 5 inches taller than I am. ” ”Yeah. Its fun watching you do your cute little victory dance. ” ”You think its cute? Of course you do, not a surprise. ” Iris walks up behind Coby and scares him by jumping on his back. ”Geez Iris you didn have to jump on me. Get off me. ” He says after almost falling over. ”Then get out of my doorway and stop flirting with my best friend and Ash stop flirting back. ” Iris jumps off and shoves him out of the way. ”Wait you were flirting back? ” He says startled. ”Yes Cobes I was. Its kind of cute watching you get your hopes up. ”

I walk into the hallway heading to the backyard. Coby follows behind me almost tripping over Iris. ”Don fall. ” I say watching Coby fall into the couch after Iris pushed him. ”God my friends are idiots. ” I mumble as I basically jump over both of their dogs, Tucker and Bella. ”Hi Tuck, Hi Bella ” I pet them then grab the basketball. I chuck it at Coby as soon as he makes it outside. ”Really. You did that again. I always catch it. ” ”Always? ” I throw 3 using super strength and he doesn catch any of them. I accidentally put a dent in the side of the house. ”Oops. ” I say with a smirk. ”Thats no fair. You just gained super human strength out of nowhere. ” He says standing stunned. Then he walks over and hugs me reassuring me that it won happen again. Iris bursts into laughter. ”That wasn a one time thing. ” She gasps through the laughter. ”Iris no. What part of secret means tell people? ” I say a little upset. ”What does she mean not a one time thing? ” He says curiously. ”Nothing, s-she was joking. ” I stammer. ”You stutter when you lie. ” ”No I don . ” ”I have watched you for 11 years. Trust me, you stutter when you lie. Not every time but if its about something big you do. ” ”Stalker much. Why did you pay that much attention? ” ”Because I have a massive crush on you. ” Iris chips in ”No you
e a simp. ” Coby looks a little offended. ”I am not a simp. ” ”Mmhm sure. ” I laugh. ”Call it a crush, call him a simp, he doesn just like me.. ” I start joking around making fun of him ”Hes in looooooove. ” ”Please never say my brother is in love with you. Its weird. ” Iris says fake gagging. ”Its true isn it. ” He starts blushing really badly. ”I turned your brother into a tomato. ” I giggle trying to make it worse and he blushes deeper. ”Okay okay lets stop torturing him now. ” I look away from him and see Lila flaming mad standing in the doorway to the back yard. ”Uhmm Cobes I think you have a visitor.. ” I look down not wanting to start anything right now.

”Hey Cobes ” she makes quotes mocking my nickname for him. ”Hey babe… How long have you been standing there? ” He says embarrassed. ”That was one long hug. ” She says staring me down. ”Unless you want to lose against me in a fight again I suggest you stop staring at me! ” I say with spite and a growl. ”I highly doubt a mutt like you could do anything twice. ” She smiles. ”Wanna bet? ” I step forward but Coby blocks me. ”Ash, not the time. Iris, take Ash to your room. ” Iris and I leave to her room, which just happens to have a window facing the basketball goal in the backyard. I watch Coby and Lila to see what happens but I can hear them.

What are they saying? Are they going to break up? Is Coby going to save his relationship?

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