Dark Side of the Truth

Chapter 6 ~Help!~

(Cobys POV)

”Coby, you promised me you were over her. ” Lila says a tint of anger in her voice. ”I lied. People lie. You lied about cheating and I forgave. You lied about not getting Ashlyn suspended. ” I say in reply only listing a few of the things she has lied about. ”Its not my fault shes a hot head. Honestly she needs to stay out of our relationship. ” Lila sighs. ”What do you mean? She isn in our relationship. ” I look confused. ”She didn tell you why we got into a fight. ” Lila giggles ”Ill let you ask her about that later. ” I freeze. Why would Ash get into a fight with Lila? What part of my relationship is her business? ”I don care about you twos fight. Why does my one lie matter? Compared to the hundreds you tell me my 1 is weak and pointless. Yeah I like Ash but you don see me cheating. You don see me dating her behind your back. If you are going to be jealous over a hug you saw I don think it will work. ” I turn to leave. I really need to ask Ash about what happened. ”Good Ive been cheating the whole time anyway. It makes my life 10 times easier. Derek is better than you. ” Lila walks inside and says goodbye to my mother and walks out.

(Back to Ashlyns POV)

I see them walking back inside. I move from the window to Iriss beanbag chair. I open my computer to start looking for train or airplane tickets. Coby walks in and looks a little upset. ”You okay, Cobes? ” I say standing up. ”Why did you and Lila get into a fight at school during lunch? ” he replies sharply. I show a hint of fear in my eyes. ”We fight at school during lunch a lot. You need to be more specific.. ” I back up a bit. ”Yesterday. The reason you were suspended and grounded having to clean on a Saturday! ” He says softer. ”Oh uhmm I found out Lila was still cheating on you with Derek and talking bad about you behind your back. You weren at school yesterday so I thought it was the perfect time to give her a taste of her own medicine. Humiliate her in front of everyone. She deserves it. I knew you would stop me if you were there so I did it while you weren . ” I say half mumbling and speed talking. ”Whoa whoa. Slow down. Thank you but you didn need to do that. I knew she was cheating. I was panning to break up with her tomorrow but I needed to hear it from her mouth. Im sorry for scaring you. ” He steps forward some but I back up more. I accidentally send out a pulse and knock him over and back. ”Coby! ” Iris rushes over to help him up. ”Im okay Iris don worry Im okay. ” he says standing up. ”Ash- ” I apologize, grab my things, and leave to my car. Coby runs after me and catches me after Ive already put my bag in my car. ”Ash, Im okay. ” I shake his hand off of me. I get in the car and leave. I see Iris walk up to Coby.

Will Coby find out about Ashlyns power? Will the twins find Ashlyn before she leaves to find her sister? Will Ashlyn ever be able to control her powers?

I drive to the airport ignoring my phone going off. I look down at it. Its Coby again. Coby and Iris are calling me and texting me non-stop. I ignore them all and keep driving. I make it to the airport and buy my ticket. According to the letters, Ashtyn was in Paris 2 days ago. I guess Im going to Paris. Im glad I grab money. I wasn expecting to be flying to Paris tomorrow but here we are.

I finally get around to reading all the texts Coby and Iris sent. Most of the texts from Coby were apologies for scaring me. The others were are you okay and where are you. From Iris there was a why did you do that and where the hell are you. I called Iris ”Im sorry for sending out a pulse. It happens when I get scared, angry or in a fighting mood. ” ”Is that Ash? ” I hear Coby ask from the back. I can hear the fear in his voice.

”Yeah. Where are you, Ash? ” Iris asks. ”Airport. ” I say with no hesitation. ”Why are you at the airport? Where do you plan on going? ” I get asked a lot of questions. ”Im going to Paris. My parents got a letter yesterday from her. It said she was in Paris. Im going to find her no matter what. ” Iris sighs knowing exactly who Im talking about. ”Who is she talking about? ” Coby is asking quietly. ”Am I on speaker? ” I ask a little agitated. ”Well yeah he was worried about you and wanted to make sure you
e okay. ” Iris said defending herself.

”Im talking about my sister I didn know about till today. Apparently I have a twin sister. Im going to find her. No matter how long it takes. ” I say. ”Don go alone. A lot of bad things could happen if you go alone. ” Colby says trying to get me to think. ”I already have my ticket. I leave in the morning at 7:30 sharp. ” I plan on leaving with or with out them. ”Ill go with you. ” Iris blurts out. Coby hesitates ”Ill come too. ” ”Neither of you have to come. Im perfectly fine with going alone. ” I notice neither one actually wants to come. ”It might be fun to go to Paris. ” Coby says hopefully. ”You both realize we can all get in a lot of trouble for this? Like government level trouble? ” I let them think about the trouble we could get in. ”Im still in. ” Coby says no hesitation. ”Me too. ” The confidence is radiating through the phone. ”Be here tomorrow at 7 am. Ill get your tickets tomorrow as well. We may be away from home for awhile so pack enough clothes to make it through the week but also pack lightly. If you aren here on time I will leave you behind. ” I let them know.

”Why don you stay here for the night? ” Coby pipes up. ”Because I don want to hurt either of you again. ” I say hesitantly. ”I don believe you will hurt us. At least not on purpose. I do have a question about what happened but it can wait. ” He seems very persistent on me coming back. ”Fine, Ill come back but you can ask to many questions or Ill leave again. ” I hang up and grab my stuff. Suddenly something feels off. I look around but nothing looks different or weird. It felt like someone was staring me down.

Is there somebody watching her? Will she be okay? Does she make it back to Iris and Coby?

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