Dark Side of the Truth

Chapter 7 ~Apology~

It suddenly got very cold and I was getting sleepy. I quickly rush to the bathroom. It got warmer when I got in the bathroom. What was that? I need to leave quickly. I hear the bathroom door open. I decide to hide in a stall till they leave. It gets a little bit colder when they pass the stall Im in. ”Where are you? ” It said. The voice was raspy but not in the cute morning way. It was like older and kinda sounds filtered. ”I won hurt you, yet. ” They slam the stall, at the other end of the bathroom, open. They continue to do so until they get like 2 stalls away. BOOM! Now they are one away. As if suddenly I feel tingly and I can no longer see my hands or my body. I pick my bag up and it also disappears. (What the hell! I can feel it but can see it. BOOM! The door in the next stall slams open. Im in the only stall left closed. BOOM! The door slams open. The person was a girl about my age wearing one of those cool gas masks. She looked super confused like she couldn see me either. ”I watched you walk in here. Where are you? ” She walks away and continues searching. I sneak out of the stall and glance at the mirrors. The mirror was blank. There was no one staring back. I leave the bathroom and walk to the other bathroom on the other side of the airport. As soon as I get in to the stall my bag and I become visible again. I ;eave the bathroom and dip into a gift shop. I call Coby because I don want to worry Iris. He picks up almost immediately. ”Hey Coby can you pick me up? I think some one is trying to kill me. ” I say quickly and quiet enough that no one else could hear but loud enough he could hear. ”Trying to kill you? You have a lot of explaining to do when you see me. Yes I will come get you but what about your car? ” He says worried. ”When you get here we will check to make sure its safe then I will either follow you in my car or leave it here and ride with you. Also you can ride your motorcycle instead of driving your car if you want. Don tell your sister no matter what. I don want to scare or worry her. Tell her you are going to pick up a surprise for me or something. ” I say rushed. I see the girl walk toward the bathroom I just came out of. I notice how her jacket has a patch that says bounty hunter for hire.

Shes a bounty hunter! Thats why she is after me. Someone wants me dead. I knew it. My car probably won be safe. I don want to endanger Coby. ”Ash? Ash? Answer me. ” I hear Coby say over the phone. ”Sorry I got distracted. What was the question? ” I say paying more attention. ”Do you want to stop for food on our way back? ” he says calmly. ”Yes please Im starving. ” I say happily. ”Im on my way on my motorcycle. Ill be there in 5 if I don get pulled over. ” I chuckle at his joke. I head to the candy shop. ”Do you want any candy? ” I can see him but I know for a fact he smirked. ”Of course. ” I get some candy and head towards the place where you buy the plane tickets and get the tickets for Iris and Coby. After that I avoid the bounty hunter and go to the entrance to wait for him. Out of the corner of my eye I see a flash like a camera flash. I turn to look at it but there was no one there. I shake it off and blame it on being tired. Coby pulls up and sees me stumble a little. (Wow being tired is really messing with me.) Out of nowhere Coby is helping me, keeping me from falling over. We walk to my car and I check around for dangers and just like I thought there is a trigger connected to the gas pedal connected to a bomb underneath the driver seat. ”Its trapped. If I tried to go anywhere in this thing I would be immediately blown up. ” I say with a sigh. ”Should we call the cops? ” he says a little shaken by how calm I am about it. ”No Ill just text my mom and she will deal with it. ” I get up still a little stumbly. He lets me use his arm/shoulder for support. I text my mom about the bomb and give her the address to the airport but not telling her its the airport. He grabs my helmet from the back of his bike and hands it to me. ”Why do you keep my helmet on your motorcycle? ” He shrugs but I already know the answer so I leave it alone. He gets on the bike and I climb on behind him. I put on the helmet then wrap my arms around his waist. He blushes before putting on his helmet. Then off we go. We stop at a gas station to grab a snack. We finally made it back to their house. Iris is sitting on the porch waiting for us. ”What took you so long? Ash why are you riding with him? Where is your car? ” she says looking worried. ”My car ran out of gas. My car is still at the airport. I called him to come pick me up. ” I say calmly and hiding the fact that Im lying.

We walk inside and I hand Coby the candy he asked for. I walk into Iriss room. ”Why didn you call me? ” she says as she closes the door. ”I knew he would automatically answer. I usually have to call you a few times before you answered. ” I set my bag down and lay on the beanbag she has. I have a point and she knows it.

Will Coby find out the truth? Will Iris get suspicious? Will Ash figure out who the bounty hunter was?

Iris looks at me suspiciously. ”Or did you just want to be with my brother alone? ” She smirks. I smack her arm. ”That is not why.. ” I blush from embarrassment. ”Why are you blushing then? ” She teases. ”Because you are insinuating things again. ” I throw a pillow at her and she stops smirking. ”Fine fine. I believe you. My mom made pizza if you want some. ” I shake my head. ”Coby and I stopped and ate already. ” She smirks again. ”Not like that. Stop being so dirty, Iris. ” She laughs. I grab pjs from my bag and change in the bathroom. Her bathroom has 2 doors. One leading to her room and one leading to Cobys room. The door to Cobys room opens while Im picking up the clothes I had just changed out of. ”That could have ended badly.. ” Coby says realizing he almost walked in on me changing. ”Yep, if you had walked in 20 seconds earlier. ” I walk back into Iriss room. She is smiling having heard the mumbled conversation. ”Nothing happened. He walked in after I had already finished changing. ” I put my stuff back in my bag. I sit on her bed and turn around for her to change. After she finishes changing I turn back and she begins to pack. When she finishes packing I go and check to see if Coby had packed yet. He was in the middle of packing but couldn choose which shirt was better. I lean on the doorway and he doesn notice Im here.

(Cobys POV)

I stand there frustrated trying to pick what shirts to bring. ”I think the red one looks nice. ” I turn around and there is Ashlyn leaning on the door frame looking as cute as ever. ”I can decide whether I should bring the blue shirt and green shirt or the red shirt and the black shirt. ” I glance at her trying not to get caught staring. ”Red and black. You look good in red and black. ” I blush not wanting to let her know. I hear her leave and I put the shirts in the bag before laying on my bed and burying my face with a pillow. I sigh knowing that Im messed up for not acting on my feelings.

(Ashlyns POV)

I walk back into Iriss room laughing. ”Whats got you so giggly? ” Iris says with a smirk. ”Im not giggly Im laughing. I made Coby blush. As usual its pretty easy. ” Iris looks upset. ”Stop playing with my brothers feelings. He isn a toy for you to mess with. He is better than all the boy toys youve had. Don treat him like you treat them or I won let it happen ever again. ” She sounds angry. I back up hoping to not send a pulse. I don send out a pulse. No, I turn invisible. ”I-Iris.. Im not playing with his feelings. Well Im not trying to. Im attempting to flirt.. It works I guess but you can tell him that. ” I know she can see me but I have an apologetic face. ”Ashlyn.. Where are you? Where did you go? ” Iris looks stressed. I appear having not moved from the doorway. ”Thats a new ability. When did you get it? It looks like a fear caused ability. ” I turn invisible again hoping to not have to explain to her. ”You can hide from me forever. ” I turn visible and dip into Maxs room to hide. I almost immediately get rammed in the ankle with a toy truck. ”Oww, Max. Why? ” Max looks up at me. ”I don like you. ” he rams his truck into my leg again. I get out of his room and trips into Cobys room. He looks at me as I land on my butt. I can see him yet but I can sense he wasn expecting me to be there. ”Sorry Coby. Max hit me in the ankle with his truck again. I think it bruised this time. ” I stand up and turn around. To no surprise he wasn wearing a shirt. He didn have abs but he wasn skinny or chunky either. He has muscle but not to much. ”Im so sorry. Ill be going now. ” I turn invisible and leave rather quickly. I go out to the backyard and turn visible. I grab a basketball and just shoot.

Will she tell Iris the truth? Will she stop being embarrassed? Was this all a big misunderstanding?

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