Dark Side of the Truth

Chapter 8 ~Saved by the Plane~

Iris finds me outside throwing a basketball at the wall of their shed. ”You going to tell me yet? ” she looks calmer. ”Are you going to freak if I do? ” I ask stopping and turning to look at her. I see Max in the doorway with his trucks. ”No I won freak. ” Iris says with a sigh. ”Ill tell you when Max leaves. ” She turns around and tells Max to leave. ”Now, what happened at the airport. ” She sits on the ground. I set the basketball down and sit on it. ”Well as I was about to leave and it felt like someone was watching me, it suddenly got cold and I got tired. So I went to the bathroom and washed my face in cold water to wake me up. Suddenly I hear the door open so I go hide in a stall. This girls voice calls out where are you? then she kicks in the stall door farthest from the exit. I was in the stall closest to the exit. She continued kicking in doors until she was 2 away. She stopped for a sec then kicked them in. Then she stood in front of my stall and giggled/chuckled. I suddenly turned invisible, I grab my bag and it too turns invisible. She kicks in the door and her eyes looked confused. She had one of those cool looking gas masks hiding her nose and mouth. She walks away and says I watched you walk in here. I left and went to the bathroom on the other side of the airport. I turned visible then walked to a gift shop and called Coby to come get me. I thought she may have trapped my car some how so I waited for him to get there before checking. As I thought there was an explosive on my car. So I rode back with Coby. ” I smile uncomfortably.

Iris looks at me with concern. ”Who was she? Why did she follow you? Why didn you call me? And why didn you tell me this to start with? ” She said rapidly. I take a deep breath. ”She was a bounty hunter. She was paid to follow me. He would would answer faster. I didn want you to worry about me. ” I look at the ground. She starts laughing. I look at her confused. ”I was worried because you wouldn tell me. I thought you killed someone, idiot. Just tell me next time. ” I smile. ”Now why did you look embarrassed when I got out here anyway? ” I sigh. ”I went and tried to hide in Maxs room but he hit my ankles with his truck again and left a bruise so when I tried to leave I tripped and fell into Cobys room. Well Coby was changing his shirt so when I turned around he wasn wearing one so I came down here. ” She laughs again. I get off the ball and throw it at her. She catches it and throws it back. We both hear the back door open so we turn around and see Coby standing in the doorway. ”If either of you want moms famous pudding then I suggest you hurry up out here. ” Iris looks at me. ”Race you. ” Then she runs off. ”Get back here. ” I run after her and beat her to the kitchen. ”Im sorry I made you feel like you couldn tell me. ” She says as she brings me some pudding. ”Im sorry for not telling you originally. ” We hug then eat.

Will they make their plane? Will Max get his cars hidden? Are Coby and Ashlyn going to talk about the incident?

After eating pudding we decided it was time to sleep. She slept in her room. I slept in the guest room. I would usually sleep in her room but I didn feel like getting kicked or elbowed in my sleep. I need a decent nights sleep.

*next morning*

I wake up to the sound of Max yelling. Out of no ware one of his trucks comes flying at my face. Thankfully I dodge it and look at the door. There, as expected, Max stands holding his trucks. ”My sissy wants you in food room. ” He trudges away. Coby appears in the doorway. I toss Maxs truck at him. ”Can you keep his trucks under control? ” I get up and walk with him to the kitchen. Iris notices Coby holding Maxs truck. ”He throw a truck at you again? ” She asks me. ”Yeah. It almost hit me this time. His aim is getting better. ” I chuckle. I take the truck from Coby and toss it into Maxs toy basket.

I notice Iris is making her famous fluffy pancakes. Her mom is making bacon and her other mom is getting Max to change. ”Morning Mrs. Kate. Morning Mrs. Raina. ” I smile at them. I grab a piece of bacon then go change into clothes that are good to wear outside in public. I end up wearing light cuffed skinny jeans, a forest green sleeveless turtleneck, off the shoulder sweater, and black tennis shoes.

I put mine and their bags in the car. I then waited for them to hurry up. It took them 20 minutes to finish getting ready. Thankfully I don have school till next week. Being suspended has its ups. Though we are going to need an excuse for them. ”Do you 2 have an excuse for not going to school tomorrow or the rest of the week? ” Iris looks at her phone trying to act like shes busy. ”Ive got an idea. ” I pull out my back up phone from my bag. I call the school and I make a perfect replica of Mrs. Rainas voice. ”Hi, Iris and Coby are sick and won be able to go to school till next week. ” I hang up and drop the voice. ”There now you both won need to do anything till next week. ” Iris looks worried. ”What if my moms ask where I am? What if your parents come looking for you? ” She voices her concerns. I think about it. ”I don know. ” I say a little shaken by the question.

I ride with Coby on his motorcycle while Iris drives her car that has our bags. Once we get there I go and check on my car. I check for the bomb and it is no longer there. I give them both their tickets. ”Ash I think you got the wrong tickets..? ” Coby looks up a little confused. ”What do you mean? Is there something wrong with them? ” I say not even looking at them. ”These are first class tickets.. ” Iris responds trying to get my attention. ”Yeah, I know. A lot of people bet against me when I get into a fight. I make a lot of money every time I get into a fight. Especially when I fight Layla. ” I look at them with a straight face. ”You have got to be kidding, right? ” Coby sounds shocked. ”How much do you make per month? ” Iris says a little happy. ”Depends on how many fights I get into. This month so far Ive made about $300. ” I say going back to looking for our flight. ”300? Its only the second week. How much of that did you get from your fight with Layla on Friday? ” Coby doesn believe me. ”For that fight I made like 200.. Like I said I make a lot of money off those fights. This was my first time getting caught and suspended. ” I laugh. I start walking towards our flight area. I hear their footsteps behind me.

Will the bounty hunter be there again? Will Iris and Coby get hurt? Is the flight going to save them?

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