Dark Side of the Truth

Chapter 9 ~Arrival~

Out of the corner of my eye I see something flash. Well more like glimmer off to the side. I turn and see the same mask of the bounty hunter yesterday. I grab Iriss and Cobys hand. Both of them jump and Iris tries to pull away. I shake my head and she freezes. She notices Im not joking about her staying in place. I turn all 3 of us invisible and the I start moving faster so we can get to our plane. Coby intertwines our fingers so I have a better grip. Iris tries to pull away again. I stop walking. I turn us visible and let her go. ”What was that for? ” She says upset for some reason. Colby doesn let go and I don mind. ”You do remember Im being hunted, right? Bounty hunters don just give up when they fail. They keep going till either they get called off the job or they kill the target. They kill anyone in their way. ” Iris freezes not knowing how to combat what I said. ”So are you and my brother going to stop holding hands or is this just gonna become normal. ” she says holding back a laugh. Colby blushes and lets go. I chuckle at him and keep walking. Soon after I hear them calling for boarding tickets for our plane. Iris and Coby slow down some so they can whisper to each other.

(Iris POV)

”Were you enjoying yourself? ” I look at him as he covers his face. ”Was it that obvious? ” He replies with a glance at her. ”Yeah a little. ” ”Its not my fault shes cute and her hands are so soft. ” ”Dude, thats my best friend. Chill. ” Ash pipes up. ”You know I have super hearing, right? ” I laugh as Coby looks stunned. ”Yeah I know but I don think he did. ” I skip up to stand next to her. Coby walks up and stands on the other side of her. She turns around to check if we are still being followed and by her face I can tell that we are. I turn to see who she is looking out and I see a girl about my age wearing a leather jacket, grey leggings, and I can see her shirt. She also has one of the cool gas masks. The gas mask is teal and pastel pink colored.

(Ashlyn POV)

”Is that the bounty hunter? ” Iris asks as we turn back around. ”Yep, walk faster. ” We got in the boarding line for our plane. I glance back every now and then hoping for the line to move faster. She is getting closer and we are almost at the front of the line. We get to the front and board the plane just in time for her to get to where we were. ”We are safe for now. ” We walk to our seats, put away our bags in the overhead bin, then we sit down.

Will the bounty hunter board the plane? Will they found out the bounty hunters name? Are they going to make it to Paris with no more issues?

The plane takes off soon after we sit down. I can tell if the bounty hunter made it on the plane or not. As far as I know we are safe. All three of us have seats right next to each other. I have the window seat, Coby is in the middle, and Iris has the aisle seat. We are in the air for 5 minutes before the seat belt light turns off. I can now walk around to see if she made it on the plane. I tap on Cobys shoulder to ask him to shift so I can get out. He moves, I turn invisible and walk past. Iris is in the bathroom so I didn have to ask her to move. We are sitting at the back of the plane just to be safe. I walk towards the front to see if she was there.

Just as I thought she had a seat at the front of the plane. I walk back at climb over Coby again. I curl up in my seat and lean on the wall of the plane. Coby hands me a book. I take it and read the back of the book. ”I thought you might like the book. I meant to give it to you on your birthday but, if you remember, I got sick. ” Coby said. ”What are yall talking about? ” Iris says as she sits back down. ”Im just giving her the book I forgot to give her. ” Coby responds. ”Oh, when you faked the sickness so you wouldn get flustered over her? ” Iris said with a dead serious look. Coby dramatically gasped. ”You cheeky liar. I was actually sick. You saw me throwing up. ” I laugh at them. ”You guys are so dumb. ”

I lean back in my seat and try to get some sleep.

(Ashlyns Dream/ 3rd person pov)

~Ashlyn wakes up and looks around the plane but she doesn see anyone. She looks out the window and sees a dark sky. She closes the window cover thing. Before she started looking around she got an eerie feeling. She starts to look for people. ”Hello. ” She yells across the plane. ”Hello? Anyone in here. Iris… Coby… Bounty hunter girl…? ” She walks towards the front of the plane. Finding no one she attempts to head to the cockpit. Inside the cockpit there was a women standing there staring out the front of the plane. ”Hello? Miss? ” she says quietly. The women turns around to reveal that her face is porcelain smooth. She has creepy doll like eyes. From behind her a small child peeps out. The child has buttons for eyes and is wearing doll clothes and looks like a large doll. The child starts walking forward slowly before creeping down to all fours and scurrying forward. The woman smiles with many sharp knife like teeth. Her smile is large and covers most of her face. She sticks out her tongue and licks her seemingly fake lips. The women is wearing a long blood red dress with black heels. The child is wearing a mimic of what the women is wearing except fit for a toddler. The womans body starts thinning out until her limbs look like long pieces of sharp metal. Ashlyn stumbles backwards and runs towards the back of the plane. The child jumps on top of the plane seats and starts chasing her. The woman slowly follows waiting for the child to corner Ashlyn. Ashlyn quickly hides in the bathroom at the back of the plane. She closes the door forgetting to lock it. The child slowly approaches the bathroom door. ”Ashlyn. Ashlyn. Ashlyn. Ashlyn. ” The child started to chant her name.~

(Ashlyns pov)

I wake up suddenly panting in fear. Coby is there slightly shaking me trying to wake me up. ”Ash! Ash! ” Coby sounds worried. ”Coby? ” I say sleepily. ”Ash, are you okay? You were whimpering and shaking. I was worried.. ” He looked at me scared and with worry. ”I-Im okay I think.. It was just a nightmare. ” I shake my head a bit trying to clear my foggy mind and vision. ”Are you sure? Do you want to talk about it? ” I look around and see everyone else sleeping. I look out the window and see the night sky. ”Why are you even awake? ” I asked sounding a lot more mean then I meant for it to be. ”I couldn sleep because you were shaking and since Im sitting next to you, you were shaking me as well. ” He says completely serious. ”So were you actually worried or did you just want to sleep? ” I respond with spite. ”I was actually worried. Ash, are you sure your okay? The only time you have ever spoken like that to me was when Lila first found out I liked you and she tried to get you expelled. ” He reaches for my hand but I pull away. ”Yes Im sure. I am perfectly fine. ”

(Cobys pov)

I swear she isn okay. In fact no where near okay. I reach for her hand again and this time she doesn pull away. In fact she more leans into it looking for comfort. ”Ash, you know you can talk to me. If you are scared or worried or had a nightmare you can tell me about it. Hell, Im crossing the ocean and going to Paris with you. You can trust me no matter how much you have convinced yourself that you can . ” Ash then leaned on my shoulder falling back to sleep so I went to sleep as well.

What does Ashs dream mean? Will she be okay? Why does Coby keep being so persistent?

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