Chapter 2: Domesticated Little Kitty

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Later, after they got acquainted with each other, every time Jiang Han talked about the first time he met Lin Yujing, he would wear an extremely miraculous expression.

“She just stood there in a simple short skirt, eyes clean as a glass marble, and she looked as pure as a baby; very different from the atmosphere she was in.” Jiang Han thought as he shook his head, “Never knew there would be a fucking day where I’m wrong.”

But at this moment, Lin Yujing didn’t even know what his name was.
All she could think about was his messy mop-like dreadlocks, hence the nickname she gave him “Mop No.

Mop No.
1 reacted very quickly.
The moment the pillow hit his face, he lifted the cigarette away, raised his hand to block it, and grabbed the pillow.

He flicked his wrist in a circle, took the pillow back into his arms, and stuck the cigarette between his lips.
With a solemn expression, he muttered “Nice skills.”

Like an idiot.

This idiot didn’t seem to think was stupid at all.
After failing to wake up the sleeping person, he turned his head around and waved with a smile.
Together with his dreadlocks and tattooed arms, there was an indescribable ugliness.
“Sorry sis, our boss isn’t in a really good mood right now”


Lin Yujin didn’t know how this person was able to describe something as “not in a good mood” but make it seem like he was actually saying, “he is mentally ill.” 

She glanced at his raised hand, which waved enthusiastically at her, then at Shen Juan, who was laying on the couch face down.
He looked like he was dead.

Because his ass was raised, she couldn’t help but notice it.
Don’t comment, she didn’t purposefully go look at it.

Lin Yujing already had a rough first impression of these two people.

They didn’t look straight.

She nodded her head, wanting to show that it was okay.
She just wanted to take a look around, and there was no need to wake him up. 

However, before she could say anything, Mop No.
1 was already hugging the pillow with one hand, and putting the other hand on the edge of the sofa.
He poked the irritable boss who was sleeping with his elbow again.

Shen Juan had just pulled an all-nighter last night, and went out again in the morning.
He had only just been able to sleep for a couple of hours.
Due to his lack of sleep, his emotions were extremely unstable right now.  

Being attacked for the second time, he let out an irritable and low “tsk”, but couldn’t sleep anymore.
He turned over and lay flat on the sofa, then raised his hand and pulled the blanket to cover his face.

For a moment, Lin Yujing thought that she would see a fourth Mophead

They looked like a family after all, two couples.
With large braids and flowery tattoos, it was a couple’s style, a symbol of intimacy. 

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He raised his hand and pulled down the dark gray blanket on his head, and the sleepyhead finally revealed his face.
From his outward appearance, he didn’t look like he has been thriving in society for a long time, and he didn’t look intimate with his friends either.

It looked like he wasn’t that much older than her, he was still a teenager.

The teenager’s short black hair was neatly trimmed.
He sat up on the sofa cushion with one hand, his head lowered, his arms resting on his knees, and the sleeves of his clothes were rolled up, revealing a pale and thin wrist.

He raised his head slowly.
His dark, long, and narrow eyes were slightly raised, and at this time, the eyelids were drooping.
He excluded the cool aura of, “I’m very impatient.” 

After a short pause of about 10 seconds, he finally reacted, squinting his eyes a little. 

He was probably just shaking off the bad mood from his sudden arousal from sleep.
As he stretched slowly and yawned, he turned his head towards Lin Yujing, “Tatoo?” 

His voice was still hoarse from just waking up, and was a little nasally.

Lin Yujing gave an immediate response after not hearing him clearly, “Ah.”

“Where do you want it?” Shen Juan turned around, picked up the blanket that was just over his head, and placed it on the back of the sofa.

Looking from the back, his legs were long and straight, the kind that people would whistle at as they walked by.
His black clothes were a little wrinkled, and the edge was tucked into the waistband of the trousers, exposing a belt.

Lin Yujing uncontrollably glanced towards his ass, which had already been slapped twice by Mop No.
It was undeniably good-looking, and she uncontrollably blurted out, “this ass…”

Her tone was half of admiration, half of sighing.

A silence fell upon the air.

Mob No.
1, No.
2, and No.
3 all once again pressed the pause button, and raised their heads mechanically.

Shen Juan looked back at her with a sleepy and indifferent expression. 

Lin Yujing originally thought that she hadn’t said it too loud and that others wouldn’t be able to hear it.
But the silence in the room made it seem particularly clear.

The second she spoke, she came back to her senses.
And the moment the other party raised his eyes to look at her, she responded quickly and even adjusted her expression.
When her eyes met, she blinked at him quietly and innocently, as if she was still a little shy: “Just tattoo it on-“

She paused and looked very embarrassed, “Can I?”

Shen Juan raised his eyebrows: “Sure.”

Did you see that?!

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What a sight, how calm!

As expected of a high-class brother who knew the ways of the world!

Isn’t it just a butt tattoo!

Our boss must have been through and seen all sorts of things!!

Since Lin Yujing had already opened this can of worms, she felt obligated to finish it.
Lin Yujing steeled her nerves, and she began flipping through the thick pattern booklets by the wall, pretending to choose a pattern.
They were old and worn, and the table was also in a mess from various pencil markings.  

After all, the irritable social guy had already woken up.
If she said “I’ll just take a look around, you can go back to sleep”, she may or may not get beaten up.

“Eh?” Lin Yujing picked up a piece of paper, with an extremely ugly Doraemon inscribed on it.
She didn’t understand how this childish cartoon figure was among these “exquisite” artworks.  “Wow, this Doraemon tattoo looks so cute!”1

Shen Juan had already come over, violently slamming the curtain behind him.
He walked over to the corner that looked like a rest area with a sofa, which was divided from the outside work area.
Glancing at the drawing held in Lin Yujing’s hand, he said, “Hello Kitty.”


“That’s a Hello Kitty”


Lin Yujing took a closer look. 

Oh, there are ears.

I see.

She let out a dry laugh: “Was this drawing made by a child?”

Shen Jian yawned again.
He had a nice voice, but it was still a bit nasal, making him sound muffled, “I drew it.”


Bro please tell me you’re joking.

Are you telling me you’re a tattoo artist with this level of artistry?

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Lin Yujing fell silent for a few seconds, then decided to change the plan, “Then, if the location of the tattoo is different, then are there any other things that I need to be careful of?” 

This was a very reasonable question, there was no way it could go wrong. 

“Pain and maintenance are all different,” Shen Juan stood leaning against the wall and dragged listlessly, “If you believe in feng shui, then things get more complicated.” 2

“Where does it hurt the most?”

“Where the skin is thinnest.”

“Oh,” the little girl shrank her neck, looking a little frightened, “Then where does it hurt less?”

Shen Juan could already tell.
She just felt embarrassed to back out after going through all the trouble for him to be dragged awake.
So she was just forcing herself to ask random things so she wouldn’t make her seem very rude.

He paused, stared straight at her for a while, and then said with a half-smile, “Where you asked for it earlier.”

Lin Yujing: “….”

Lin Yujing made a small talk with Shen Juan for about five minutes, racking her brain and trying to come up with all the questions about tattoos that she could.  After a while, she looked at the time.
Thinking that the time was about enough, Lin Yujing let out a big sigh, greatly relieved.

By the end, the conversation had died out, and the two were barely talking.
Lin Yujing could feel the cold gaze of Shen Juan, who was leaning lazily against the wall. 

But she couldn’t care less either.

When she left, Lin Yujing was sure to take Shen Juan’s business card, to make it look like she would consider coming over again. 

Shen Juan stood in the same position the whole time, standing like there were no bones in his body, and still so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes.

Just as Jiang Han was about to close the door, he turned around to see him yawning.
He patted the door frame,  “What did you do last night?”


Shen Juan took a seat on the lazy sofa next to him, grabbed a dart from the table, half-squinted, and yawned again while throwing it at the black dartboard on the other wall of the room: “Life is not easy.”

The small green plastic darts were very cheaply made, and simply contained a burr of plastic sheets at the end.
With a “whoosh”, it flew halfway across the room and stuck firmly on the dartboard.

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Jiang Han glanced at it, the distance was relatively far, and it was only after running two steps that he could see clearly that the small dart just landed on the smack dead center of the small red bullseye.

“Boss Juan is so cool.” Jiang Han said to himself.  The board was so far away and the lighting was so dim, he couldn’t even see it from there. 

Jiang Han turned around and shut the door, then leaned over and whispered, “That girl who just left, she was pretty cute.” 

Shen Jian just glanced at him, saying nothing.

“Just, the little fairy’s energy, you know, it’s not the same as the superficial ones outside, it’s a real fairy.”

Shen Juan’s eyes stopped in the air, and the image of the little fairy just now suddenly appeared in his mind.

He was right, she was just like a fairy.  Her legs were thin and straight, and her skin was fair and had a translucent feeling. 

It was just that she was a bit empty, with nothing in her eyes.

Looking at her may be no different from looking at the stones on the ground, empty.
With “I don’t care” written in the left eye, “whatever” written in the right eye, together forming: “who am I”, “where am I”, ” what the hell am I doing.”

A decadent girl with a very dazed mood and a very inconspicuous loss.

In short, she wasn’t as “fairy” as she looks.

Two seconds later, Shen Juan lowered his eyes again.
He said in a low mood, “Don’t you just like steampunk style?”

“What do you mean I just like steampunk?”

Jiang Han straightened his dreadlocks with a serious face, “I admire all kinds of beautiful girls.
Just now, it was too cute.
I could hear the tension when she spoke to me like a little child who secretly did something bad and was afraid to be known.”

Shen Juan raised his eyebrows.

Jiang Han felt more and more regretful now, “Why didn’t I just think of doing it? How could I just give her a business card? I should have asked for her contacts.
She looks like such a pure good little girl.
Like a domesticated little kitty.”

Shen Juan glanced up at him and sneered.

His gaze landed on the ugly Hello Kitty lying on the wooden table, “This little kitty, if you really went for it, she can leave you with no bones left.”

Jiang Han felt that he was just trash-talking her because her arrival disturbed his rest.
He leaned back and said, “Such fairies who are not deeply involved in the world, even I myself is afraid to entice her.”

“Oh?” Shen Wei stretched his long legs forward.
His index finger twice tapped on the edge of the table as he said lazily, “I’d like to see it.”

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