Chapter 3: Too Ugly for My Butt

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After exiting the tattoo parlor, Lin Yujing wandered around for a bit before leaving.
When it was getting quite dark, she got a call from Guan Xiangmei’s driver.

The driver’s surname was Li, and she met him once at the airport.
He didn’t speak much while driving her to her new home, but he still seemed very nice.

She was walking out of a pharmacy when she got the call, and the small plastic bag in her hand was filled with boxes of all sizes and colors.
Medicine for cold, fever, runny nose… she got them all.

Although she didn’t like her brother, she felt like she needed to help him out.

Lin Yujing swung the plastic bag around her side as she picked up the phone.
She didn’t say anything.

She didn’t have many friends and only had two who she grew up with, Lu Jiahang and Cheng Yi.
Both of them were the type that would get to the point right as she picked up, so she got in the habit of waiting for the other end to start speaking first.

After two seconds of silence, she got back to her senses and uttered a “hello” from her mouth.

“Hello, Ms.
Lin,” The man on the other end replied respectfully, “I’m Lao Li.
Nothing much, just wondering when you will be back.”1

“I’m on my way back right now,” said Lin Yujing.

There was another moment of silence before Lao Li continued, “You can send me your location, and I can go pick you up.
It’s getting dark.
Staying outside alone at night isn’t very safe for a girl like you.”

Lin Yujing was a bit surprised.

She stopped her motions and looked around carefully.
She said, “It’s fine.
I’ll go back soon myself.
It’s a hassle for you to drive here too.”

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Lao Li laughed, “Being a driver, that’s my job.
You can send me a picture of where you are too if you want.
I can probably find the place.”

Lin Yujing looked down.
The weather here was hot and humid, making her feel like she was soaked in water.
She agreed and sent a picture over after she hung up.

Her house was only a few minutes of driving distance away.
Shortly, a black Bentley parked next to the sidewalk.

Glancing at the license plate, Lin Yujing confirmed that it was Lao Li’s car and got in the back seat.

Lao Li greeted her, and she bowed slightly, “Sorry to trouble you.”

Lao Li was rather a little embarrassed, “Not at all.”

Lin Yujing didn’t say anything, she looked at the unfamiliar streets outside the windows.
Lao Li wore a neat white shirt, and there was a faint yellowness around the cuffs.

It was silent in the car.

Lao Li coughed and asked, “Is school starting overmorrow?”

Lin Yujing turned her head back and replied, “Yeah.”

“Did you get everything you need? I can get some for you if you’re missing anything.”

“Yes, I got everything.”

“That’s good.
Let me know if you need anything,” said Lao Li.

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“Alright,” The young girl said quietly, “Thank you.”

The awkwardness was over.

Lin Yujing turned around to look at the outside.
She was in a daze.

Her parents often scolded her when she was young.
Her mom, Lin Zhi, was a perfectionist and couldn’t stand any imperfection on her.
Actually, in her mind, her daughter had no talents at all.
“You’re the same as your dad” was the most frequent phrase she heard from her mother.

As for Meng Weiguo, he didn’t even care about her at all.

When she was young, she would still feel depressed, would want to get Lin Zhi’s praise by studying hard, would feel wronged, and would hide in a corner and cry.

Then, she found that habits were indeed scary.
No matter what, as long as one gets used to it, the body and the mind would make a natural reaction.

She got used to the scolding and the disappointed glances.
She was also able to quickly come up with a proper reaction to Meng Weiguo’s coldness, Guan Xiangmei’s superficialness, Aunt Zhang’s disdain, and the hostility from her elder brother-in-law whom she never met yet.

However, when facing this stranger’s kindness and care, she didn’t know what to do.

She was not used to it, and it was a bit unfamiliar.
Without another person here, she didn’t know what else to say other than thanking Lao Li.

The car soon entered the neighborhood and parked near the gates.
The September night was peaceful.
Lin Yujing got out of the car and thanked Lao Li before leaving.

Halfway to the door, she heard a young man’s impatient voice, “What took you so long?”

Lin Yujing looked back subconsciously and found that it wasn’t for her.
A young man appeared near the gates and was talking to Lao Li, “I’ve been waiting here for over an hour.
I’m starving.”

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Lao Li smiled and said, “Hungry? What do you want to eat for dinner?”

The street lights in the garden were dimly lit, and lighted up their similar faces. 

The teenager didn’t notice her glance and frowned unpleasantly, “Nothing in mind.
Anything’s fine.”

Lin Yujing turned and went into her room.

The large house was very quiet.
She walked from the door to the living room.
The light was bright and clear.
The TV was on, and there were also washed fruits on the table.
No one was on the sofa.

She felt annoyed.

This feeling came without a warning.
She didn’t know why, and the suddenness made her a bit scared.

Lin Yujing walked to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water.
When the icy cold water slipped down her throat, she felt relieved.
She stayed at the island for a while scrolling through her phone before leaving the kitchen to head upstairs.

Just as she stepped out, she noticed an extra person on the sofa.

The man was also looking at him.
He looked handsome, and the outline of his face looked somewhat like Guan Xiangmei.

Lin Yujing took around .5 seconds to react and immediately called out, “Brother.”

She didn’t have much social skills growing up, but she knew how to have a sweet tongue.
When necessary, she can also makeself seem very obedient, like a good little girl.

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Indeed, the man’s mouth twitched but still didn’t speak.
His expression was a bit unfriendly, and he looked alert.

Lin Yujing walked over and dug out a small white bag from her plastic bag and placed it on the table.
She apologize quietly, “I was just joking this afternoon.
I didn’t meant to tell you to call 911.
But you said you had a high fever…”


Fu Mingxiu’s face became even darker.

Lin Yujing didn’t seem to notice, “You need to take care of yourself and drink more water.”

Fu Mingxiu, “…”

Fu Mingxiu almost jumped up from anger.

“Warm water, sorry,” Lin Yujing corrected herself quickly.
Looking at his face, she felt like he must have seen a ghost.

The apology came so fast that Fu Mingxiu felt a gasp of air get stuck in his throat.
It was so sickening.

After he recovered a bit, Lin Yujing already disappeared upstairs like a rabbit.
Fu Mingxiu took a look at the items in the bag.

It was several boxes of cold and fever medicine.


He suddenly felt a bit unsettled, and his emotions were complicated.

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