”So, this woman is your real fiance? ” Chris told them while scanning Stella like shes kind of a criminal that escape prison.

Elton is standing without seeing any fear from him, he already used to hear his brothers annoying comments which means hes not afraid. He just look at him uninterested because he wasn in the mood to deal with his brother.

”Why? Are you planning to steal her? Sorry but my girl wasn interested in mysterious guys like you, ” he answered with a grind.

”Steal her from you? ” Chris laughed, ”Nah, Im good. I have a wife, and shes more gorgeous than this woman you bought somewhere. ”

His brother looks at Stella, ”I bet my brother is good in bed? How much did he pay you? Thirty million? Five hundred? Name your price so we can work with it. ”

”Im sorry? ” Stella raised her eyebrow because that sounded insulting to her.

She never failed to underestimate that kind of person, they always had the guts to judge them and even think they can buy anyone.

”Are you telling me Im a gold digger? ”

Chris shrugged, ”I didn say that. Maybe you are? Who knows about your contract with my younger brother? ”

He pulled Stella behind him and stand against his brother, he won allow this man to insult his girl despite the fact she was just his hired fiance.

”Don you dare talk to my girl like that. You may my brother but you have no right talking to her like that, ” he stated.

”Why don you leave already? Nobody wants to see a such mannerless man inside this room, I even want to puke whenever seeing your face and smelling your stinky perfume. ”

He saw how annoyed his brother was, and leave the room without any other words to say. That annoyed expression of his brother made him smile because he win again, nothing changed.

”You didn mention you have a brother? ” She said causing him to look at her and shrug.

”Is that even necessary? ”

”Yeah. So, I can prepare myself because you
e putting me into unexpected events, Elton. ”

He put his hands inside his pocket and walked towards his fathers seat to sit down. He turns the swivel chair around to face the wall where their companys name was engraved.

”Chris is not brother. Actually he is but he was my fathers son with his mistress before I was born he made a mistake, and made his mother pregnant while my mother having a hard time conceiving a child. ”

She crossed her arms, ”Your life is way more complicated than mine. I admire you for being such a brave son for your mother. ”

”What Im supposed to do? Runaway? Carry a resentment towards my father? Nothing going to change, besides hes already born. ”

Stella sees a glimpse of sadness in his eye even though his arrogant attitude prevailed, no one can hide their real emotions tho they are covered by their rude attitude.

”About our wedding, ” He spoke.

”What about that? ”

”Since you mention that to my father, I wanted to warn you. My mother is very strict, shes not easy to deal with and I know shes going to ask you anything, including your background. ”

”Mothers are strict, I already know that since I have one. Taming them is the easiest mission I can face, so don worry. ”

”If you say so. ”

She checks the time on her wristwatch and gazes back at him, ”I have to go because my teacher will definitely scold me if I attend her class late. So, text me if you need. ”

She turns her back and about to leave when he stops her from leaving.

”Ill come to you when I need you. No need to text you. ”

”Fine with me. ”

Thats all she said before leaving the place and making her way to the hallway while checking her wristwatch because she might come late to her class again.

She might receive so many lectures from her professor that she doesn want it to happen in the first place. Her feet stop after reaching the elevator and pushing to button.

But when she was about to step inside, someone pulled her and covered her mouth to keep her mouth from shouting. She did everything to let herself go, but this man was stronger than her.

”Behave yourself, Im not going to hurt you. ”

That voice was familiar and she knew who own that because there was only one person who can have that voice.

Stella bit his hands that covered her mouth, and there she saw Eltons brother. Hes crying in pain because of what she did.

”You made me do it, ” she explained while started feeling panicked.

”You bite me, you little rascal! ”

”I didn intend to. You pulled me suddenly so don blame me because you made me do it! ”

Chris hides his hand that got bitten by her and glares at the young lady.

”I forgive my brother for bringing such a woman like you, but I can forgive you for hurting me. Keep this in mind, whoever you are. I swear Ill do anything to find a loophole in your life. ”

He walked closer to her, ”No one can steal my company. Not even my younger brother. ”

”Elton is just a boy who doesn know anything when it comes to handling such a big company. He is not worthy and Ill prove that. ”

After his long speech, he left Stella without no other words. She remained standing while her eyes followed the mans step until he was gone, she was confused at the same time marveling at his words.

He must be desperate to have their company, and its none of her business. Her only job was being Eltons fiance, and handling their family problem wasn included.

”That man is insane, ” she murmured and start walking again to approach the elevator.

Stella pushed the elevators button again until the door opened, she went inside and lean on the wall while waiting until it reaches the first floor.

Her day started with unexpected circumstances and now, she was inside the premises of a man who made an agreement with her. That might sound crazy, but she did that for her mothers sake.

”Unfortunately my life become worst now. ”

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