The group following the handsome man all stood frozen looking at the creepy gate. The two men who Chu Han had observed had already disappeared in the dark fog.

”Everyone. I am about to tell you something very important. Inside of this compound is very dangerous. I need your all to follow every single one of my instructions if you want to survive, okay? ” he kindly smiled down at them. ”I will protect you all and help you pass this level, ”

”Thank you, thank you s much, ” a few of them looked up at him like a savior.

Not the case for Chu Han. This handsome old brother seemed very weird. If he was really an experienced person who had gone through three levels, why is he here again? Something must have brought him back here. It was definitely not his kind heart to save people.

He had played a lot of online games to realize this issue but the group of young men and women were blind to this.

Chu Han sighed and walked into the fog.

The distinct scent of iron still lingered all around him. it was stifling.

He placed a hand over his nose and slowly proceeded in step by step.

”Brother wait, ” the handsome man ran up to him followed by that group of four. ”Join us. Going in there alone is similar to jumping into a death pit. As a group we can in this round. ”

If it was anyone else who had asked him, Chu Han would have considered it. but since this annoying man asked him, he did not even bother to answer.

He walked away to keep a good distance between himself and the group.

”Lunatic, ” the man whispered under his breath.

Through his keen sense of hearing, Chu Han caught that.

He had been stuck in a glass room all his life his sense of hearing had developed so that he can hear what others were saying out of his glass walls.

That really came in handy. Even when he was walking, he was able to hear the sound of the footsteps of the two people ahead of him. He simply followed behind them.

After a few meters, he froze.

The sounds of footsteps ahead of him were weird.

Another sound of footsteps was added.

Chu Hans mind raced thinking of how that was possible. Suddenly the blood drained from his face. The Xbox disks cover came to his mind. There was a woman dressed up in white with her hair covering her face. She was obviously a ghost.

This is a ghost simulation game…. **… the name of the game was a dead giveaway but he had ignored that all along. Now that he had realized it, he started to tremble subtly.

His heart feared the possibility but his heart was pounding so loudly with anticipation.

He had always been a thrill junkie but since his health had deteriorated his brother banned any movies that gave him any sense of thrill.

Now that he was actually in a ghost simulator game, he was kind of excited. at least after death Im able to experience so much… I smelled the grass I smelled dust again… wow I think I will like this game.

His steps had a subtly hop to it as he progressed further in.

The third footstep was completely different from the trench coat guy and the red shirt guy. It sounded like this person was walking with a limp.

Ghost is walking with a limp. Is that from a wound…? I need to check it out… he noted it mentally.

The fog cleared up and has standing in front of a huge building. The two men ahead of him had already walked up the stairs. The man in the trench coat took the lead to knock on the door.

Chu Han watched around curiously. The third person was gone. Where did the ghost go……

At that moment the door opened with a creepy creaking sound. A tall young woman stood there in her small juicy shorts and a tank top. She smiled at them. ”you girls are here, come in. ” she cheerily threw open the door exposing a small narrow hallway that led to a roomier hall.

Chu Han stood out there. Is this girl an NPC or a player?

The girl hurriedly glanced at him. ”Young miss, aren you coming in? its getting dark… its dangerous to stay outside, ” she said with a weird look on her face.

There were two key points in her sentence. First thing, there is a possibility that something might appear in the dark. And secondly, he was referred to as a miss. the girl automatically assumed he was a girl. he looked nothing like a girl though.

But is it possible to kill a person who is already dead….

Panic ran across the young womans face. ”Miss… its getting dark, ” she urged him again.

He could hear the subtle footsteps behind him.

Without a doubt, it was that third person who walked with them. he glanced back, but the fog covered his vision.

”Get in, ” another masculine voice suddenly called out.

The man in the trench coat was looking down at him coldly. Under the glowing yellow light of the sorority, he finally saw his face. he had sharp upturned eyes and a masculine jaw. His lips were slightly on the tinner side. His handsome brows were frowning peering down at him.

Chu Han walked up the stairs and stood in front of him. ”Will we die if we stay out? ”

”Yes, ” he said curtly and walked in.

Chu Han followed after him blankly. ”Will we really die if we are killed here? Do we have extra life or something? Any healing bandages? ”

The man gave him a weird look. ”Death is death. ” He simply said that and left him standing by the doorway.

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