Dead man’s wonderland [BL]

Chapter 7 - Count the number of dead

The NPCs and the others had already settled down in their respective rooms. He cheerfully walked to Saras room, which was the first room in the hallway. He knocked on it.

The sound from the room disappeared.

”Sister… ” he whispered softly in fear they might have settled down for bed.

The door opened slightly and Sara poked her head out. ”oh, its you. Come in Han, ”

Smiling, he walked into their room.

Saras roommate, Kira, immediately cowered in the corner of her bed. She had her head lowered, mumbling something to herself.

”Hope Im not intruding, ”

”don worry she will get used to you after a while. Right Kira? This is our junior. Chu Han. Just call her Han. ” Sara kindly introduced her.

The Npc Kira nodded his way.

Chu Han grinned. Kira seemed like a wonderful lady. she had the same unruly hair his nanny had. It kind of looked cute on her head.

”Come here, ” Sara dragged him back to her bunk bed and sat him down. She pulled out a lot of tattoo tools and ink out of her desk. ”What color do you want, any design? Anything you want to remember by? ”

Chu Hans eyes shimmered, looking at all these tools. ”Can you tattoo respawn on my arm? ” he held up the inside of his wrist.

Sar raised her brow. ”Unique choice of tattoo. Young cuties like you only prefer cute bows and flowers. ”

”I do like flowers but I want something to remember this day. Its a very important day, you see. I am finally free. I don want to die soon. I want to respawn even if I do. So this tattoo. ”

Saras and Kiras faces became weird listening to him.

”o-oh I see… Itll take only a few minutes, ” she hurriedly cleaned up her equipment and his arm. She drew a fancy font respawn. It looked elegant, small and very cute. He loved it.

Getting his approval, she stuck it on his wrist. ”Ill get started now. It will sting a bit. Just tolerate it and don move your arm. Ill give you short breaks if you feel its unbearable, ”

”Hmm. ” Chu Han excitedly watched her needle him.

His initial reason for coming here was this, but he also had a second reason. He glanced around the room and spotted the girls phone on the table. ”Sister, can I borrow your phone? I broke mine just tonight. I want to let my parents know that Ive settled down, ” he lied through his teeth.

Sara brought his lie and kindly lend him her phone.

She did not have a password. He simply pretended to be texting someone but he sneakily went to the apps and opened the alarm app.

This was a ghost game world. There was a high possibility that the ghosts might even come into the sorority. He just wanted to know what time they will come and visit. As much as he could, he wanted to avoid this meeting.

What way can he find the time?

Easy. The alarm settings.

Anyone who lives in a risky place would definitely have paranoia and will set an alarm to remind themself to settle down silent in the room. The NPCs also had the alarm set, he hoped.

As he spotted the Alarm with the red danger emoji he grinned. The timing was set at exactly nine twenty.

Give or take, the girls must have given themselves at least ten minutes of buffer time, then the usual ghost visitation time would be at nine-thirty.

Great, now I can explore this place. All I need to d is get back in before nine-thirty. What about the ghost outside… shall I pry them?

Sara cleaned up his tattoo. It was finished in about ten minutes. The font was neat and very cute. He loved it. ”There, all done. ”

Chu Han simply grinned at her. and suddenly pretended to shiver. ”Sheesh. It gets cold around here. Even when we were outside, I felt a cold wind. I even felt lei someone touched my shoulder, ”

Saras eyes worriedly looked at him. ”Did anything else happen?

”no. nothing much… should I be worried? ”

Sara held his hand. ”I-its not that bad… its just dark out there. Nothing much, ”

As she said this, Chu Han felt a small poke on his other arm. He glanced to his side to find Kira much closer to him. her disarrayed hair fell on his arm, ticking him slightly. ”Hi, ” he enthusiastically greeted her. ”Here, look at my new tattoo, ”

Kira nodded and nudged him again with something.

Glancing down, he noticed it was a torchlight.

”Is that for me? ”

Kira nodded without a word.

”Thank you so much. ” He took it from her without any reservation. ”you guys have been the coolest seniors Ive ever met, ”

Sara grinned widely. ”of course, we are. We thetas all stick together! ”

Chu Han said his goodnights and left their room. The time was eight-ten. He had a lot of time and he also had a prop now.

Sara only said that was it dangerous in the dark. But with a torch, he can light his way. Why worry about ghosts when you have a torch?

If this thing did not work, he could always toss it at the ghost, gaining him some time to run.

His plan came together.

But one problem came around. He did not want to go alone.

Not because he was scared, but because he feared that he might miss clues if he was searching by himself.

He trotted over to the room and glanced in.

The trench coat guy was still on his bed.

”Im heading out. Are you coming along? ”

The man sat up and walked out with him without a word.

”Aren you worried eth ghosts will come in here, ”

The man glanced at the torch pointedly.

Chu Han pouted. Seems like he is too smart. I wanted to boast my intelligence a bit here…

The trench coat guy did not wait for him. He kept walking away.

”Wait! Wait for me, ” he ran after him.

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