Death Flagged Eroge Prince

Draining A Rabbit To Death

Black light flashed as Imra returned to her summoning mark engraved upon Alexis left hand, black tribal markings with a succubus placed at its centre. Alexis thought it looked awesome.

”Im glad I can be store her away… Alice gives me enough troubles. Multiple heroines will be my end! ”

Alexis brushed his silver hair backwards, giving his look a more sexy thug like image with his sadistic smile, ripping several buttons from his shirt, leaving Alexis looking violent.

Alexis turned towards the mirror, checking his reflection, not seeing himself properly since his arrival. Alexis stood before the mirror, tall 185cm, his body filled with intense muscle gained from training various types of techniques, hoping for something he could excel at.

”Imagine my body was as ripped back then.. ”

Alexis head moving diagonally, his silver hair dancing wildly mid air, honestly feeling he was filming a hair commercial.

”So luscious… ”

He paced towards his rooms entrance, humming his favorite song, walking along the academies hallways.

Several women seemed to swoon seeing him passing by with his wild look.

Alexis watched as some cute girl approached him. Her height was pretty short. Her attitude was clearly nervous, her mouth simply flapped the traces of saliva, causing her to make a popping sound. She looked upwards, her glasses shone from the lights reflection, finally her plump lips slowly opened.

”E-excuse me! Alexis Van Garland, Miss Grey, requested your presence at her office as soon as possible! ”

Alexis found her cute attitude similar to his pet hamster, now worried about its wellbeing after he left. His hand reached out, naturally petting the cute girls hair, making a *pomp* sound. Before his hand began roughly messing her hair up, rubbing rapidly. Her first contact with a boy caused her heart began beating faster.

”Sure, Let me give your parting gift. ”

His lips pecking her cheek, causing the girls face to turn bright red. Alexis placing his hands inside his pockets as he strolled down the hallway towards Miss Greys office. Alexis had read several rumours before buying the game, how Miss Grey was secretly a milf and her true form was extremely alluring.

Alexis wasn bothered either way. Hed already decided on which heroines he wished to meet. However, several women didn enter Clydes story until their second year began. With his humming louder than ever, his knocks resounded inside Mavis office, disturbing her work.

”Miss Grey, its Alexis. ”

”Enter, Its unlocked, Prince Alexis. ”

Her voice seeming more gentle than he remembered. Even during the games cut-scenes, her voice actress couldn match this melodic tone.

”Damn, another siren trying her temping tricks! ” Alexis thought.

Alexis wasn experienced with women. However, his mind knew what he liked. Once again, his mind chanted the mantra which he wanted to live by.

”I shall never chase heroines myself! ”

Alexis hoped to avoid the annoying drama which comes from harem protagonists.

Sometimes just existing near a potential heroine can cause them to scream ”Courting Death ” chasing you around like you killed their family.

His body moved towards the black leather couch, throwing himself down, sprawling with no semblance of royalty. ”Heh, didn expect this, you annoying heroines! ” His legs spreading wide as he placed his feet on the coffee table with a thud.

”Professor, the cute girl said you required my presence? ”

Alexis saw some sweets placed inside a bowl, grabbing one, tossing the mint into his mouth his mouth, sucking the sweet loudly.

”Yes, Prince Alexis, would you accept the honor of being my disciple? ”

Her serious face almost making him fall to the floor. What was this madness? Her loyal disciple was Clyde because his ability as the hero began blooming.

”Whats with heroines acting literally insane? ”

Alexis pretended he was seriously considering her question, but obviously the answer would always be no. His tongue began swirling the sweet around his mouth, ”Mmmm Mint flavour. ” His eyes moved towards Mavis for the first time since he entered..

”Eh!? ”

A beautiful girl sat behind her large wooden desk, raven black hair tied into a bun, golden iris focused on his every move. His body felt like she was pulling his attention towards her, catching him like a fish inside a net.

”Whats the matter, Prince? ”

Mavis moved her upper body towards him, showing glimpses of her tanned valley filled with dreams, whilst smirking victoriously. She lifted her chin like a peacock, the slight jiggling of her peaks enchanting Alexis further.

”Nothing. I was just captivated by a youthful beauty. ” Alexis said.

”Everything is wrong! What the hell are you!? Stop seducing your student! ”

Alexiss true thoughts screamed from his heart. Mavis Grey was indeed his type. Alexis enjoyed women with tanned skin and golden eyes, honestly knowing his mental defence was worthless when faced with his ideal woman.

Her body leant back, she pulled out several documents from her desk throwing them towards his table, landing between his legs with a *Bap.*

”Read them. I can assure youll find them enticing before choosing to refuse my offer. ”

Alexis couldn see any problems with reading them. His hand picking a red document before opening it. His eyes widened, stunned by its in-depth details. This document detailed all his eldest brothers plans during the games prologue, including how hed frame Delus Van Garland Alexiss only supporting brother.

His attitude became distant. The current Alexis wasn the Alexis from this world. However, his mind accepted its influence of 18 years before crossing. His elder brother was always there for him, even when during the game. Delus had many Cutscenes showing how much he doted on Alexis.

Alexis took a deep breath, knowing his mind needed to stay calm, before looking toward Mavis again.

”Who else has read this? ”

”Nu uh! Accept my terms, otherwise youll get nothing. ”

Mavis tapped on the table. Her head began leaning on her hands. Whilst watching his reaction, waiting for his decision. Mavis narrowing her eyes happily, watching his fluttering thoughts.

Alexis began ignoring her. She was clearly searching for his certain reactions. His hands picked a blue folder this time. Alexis was considerably less shocked. Within this folder were his details, his mothers framing and evidence supporting it. His only emotional display was his body briefly shuddering.

”Why me? Clyde will become the hero. ”

Mavis surprised her student, discovering Clydes hidden class before other tutors deciphered its ancient language. Her buxom figure flopping onto the desk as she leant forward towards Alexis.

”Because, if ending everything requires a hero. Why does it repeat? ”

Her atmosphere became heavy, making it hard to breathe. Alexis hadn seen the major endgame. His knowledge felt severely lacking in this negotiation. He tried coming up with several thoughts, failing to make anything comprehensible. Accepting his first defeat since arriving here.

”I don understand… ”

Mavis, realising shed been projecting herself onto him for too deeply, Alexis wasn even twenty. How could he possibly understand everything? Her mood lightened, removing the choking sensation Alexis felt whilst responding.

”Alexis, worry not. Ill teach you in the future. Just know a hero is merely a gods puppet! ” Mavis said.

Her eyes began glowing fiercely when mentioning gods. Mavis realising her gaffe sitting her body back down onto the chair, hiding her glorious mountain peaks with silence filling the room..

Alexis hated the feeling of following a predetermined path, his mind realising the gods likely brought him here for unknown purposes. Not wanting to follow them, believing Mavis was his clothes best towards his future freedom.



”Ill become your disciple. However, I refuse to accept Clyde as my fellow disciple. ”

His thoughts were leaving the plot as it was, trying to avoid changes as much as possible. Now thanks to a slight eye opener from Mavis, realising that his passive approach was extremely naïve.

What if something happens that his power cannot change? His mind fixated upon his path, although nothing was completely solved. Alexis felt clarity which began easing the burden on his shoulders. For now, deciding his goal was to enjoy his second chance at life.

”Hahaha, okay, I accept those terms. He seemed mentally imbalanced anyway. ”

Mavis worried this topic would cloud Alexiss mind, causing him to lose his luster and sharp edge. Thankfully seeming to be her imagination, looking at his eyes now undressing her body with an amused expression, acting like a hooligan.

She leant forward, crossing her arms across her chest, emphasising her mountain peaks. Mavis feeling a sense of excitement chills travelling through her body whilst teasing her new disciple who was merely a fraction of her age.

”So, why do you pretend to be an old woman when you
e extremely attractive? ”

Alexis wouldn lose to her completely, leaning back onto the couch showing his perfect abs through the gaps of his shirt. He was sure she approached him not only for this reason, having only awakened this morning, its likely this old woman wanted to keep him as her pet raising a little white face, whom she locked away in her sex dungeon.

”Can you understand, every male mistaking, every gesture you might unconsciously make as being in love with them, only for them to misunderstand, stalk you, call you a whore, or claiming you
e their woman like idiots. ”

Mavis seemed to have fully relaxed too, she placed her long legs on top of the desk, her tanned thighs peaking through her skirt, Alexis felt this seductress would probably taunt the poor guys on purpose, his eyes watching her seductively sipping a glass of red wine she pulled from god knows where.

”Not really. I enjoy when women feel the need to stare, especially if they
e cute. Now Ive been here for a while. If you
e looking for a boy toy, Im sure the local brothels would welcome a spinster like you. ”

Alexis spoke the last words whilst halfway out the door, almost feeling the smirk on her face disappear with the rapid drop in temperature. Her screaming could be heard several hundred metres away, causing his body to once again sprint down the corridor and flee into the closest practise room that was luckily locked.

”Alexis, whats the matter? Did you miss me that much? Hehe ”

Alexis heard a familiar female voice sounded as Alexis cursed his luck with women once again.

Alice was wearing a sweaty training outfit. Shed been practising for hours, trying to regain her proficiency at using ice magic. When Alexis came through the door, she wanted to take a long break, chatting with him about the many things she didn have the chance to in her last life.

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