ust do that? Without her permission? You messed it up, Andrea Stream! You messed it up! ” He roared slamming the table. Andrea got a little scared but kept her calm and tried to console Alexander by telling him that she will get her agreement, but Alexander again cut her off by telling her that this was not a good idea at all. Alexander was not the one, who would argue over something like this. So he just sat there and listened to her talks for awhile.

The clock hit 09:00 at night when Alexanders phone rang…

At that time Grace and Lincoln were in the office. John was with Alexander over to some work at the last floors. Andrea had finally listened to Lincoln and head home first.

Lincoln gestured Grace to keep the phone at silent mode, but Grace told him that its

Mrs Smiths call, they should inform her that her husband was off to some work.

”H…Hello? ” A sweet yet delicate voice approached Grace and she smiled

”Mrs Smith, I am Grace. Your Husbands Secretary. ”

”Hi, Miss Grace. ” She greeted with her delicate soft voice.

”Mr Smith is busy tonight. ” She informed her.

”O..Oh.., I, I see. ” Her voice almost broke down. Grace could hear the disappointment and the feeling of worry in her voice.

”Mrs Smith, are you okay? ” She still asked

Lincoln stiffened and approached Grace.

”Yes, I am alright. Dear, Its n.. nothing. Just ask my husband to eat his dinner. ” Grace could hear the concern now. It always amused people that how this girl can speak her emotions. ”I will keep that in my mind, Mrs Smith. Take care of yourself. ” Grace didn forget to greet her goodbye.

Alexander had a very tiring day. His muscles were sore from the all day meetings and greetings. Not enough there, He had still work to take care of and files to sign. Business dealings and arranging stuffs. Indeed, He was known correct as ”Working Robot Man ” although having a long day tired allot of people, but Alexander showed no signs of tiredness or laziness. He truly was an inspiration and role model for a lot of young man down there. At last, at the very end. He finished everything and piled up his little stuff and checked his phone. Upon checking, he got to know that his wife has called him several times and left some texts. He had left home since 08:00, She mustve been worried since then…

He sat in his car and stared down her texts.

”Hello, Husband. ”

”Did you have your lunch? ”

These texts were around 2 in the afternoon.

”Good Evening, Husband. ”

”Did you got some break? ”

The texts were around 4pm followed by two more texts just at around 9.

”Don starve yourself. ”

”Please, Have your dinner. ”

It was almost 12 in the night when Alexanders car parked in his garage. He strode towards his home and pushed open the door.

Dove was sitting on a sofa reading some text and waiting for her Husband. Almost after what it felt like decades the door to her house opened and here he was with his messy black hair, a little crumpled collar and sweat filled shirt with tie hugging low his toned chest. Briefcase in one hand and coat in the other. He was white shinning in the moon. After a long day still calm and composed without any slightest sign of tiredness. She stood up immediately and almost ran towards him. Her fresh hair swinging left to right freely in the air. Her delicate flawless skin showing her beauty. Almost no make up. Only a thin baby pink frock that came down to her thighs and a beautiful necklace. She had a pair of eyes that contained oceans in them. She was looking the most beautiful without even trying. She approached him and took his coat and case from him and followed him to their room. His scent was the only medicine to her burning nostrils. Burning from cruelty of the world.

She sniffed in to his scent and kept his things aside. While he got his shower. She heat his food as she knew her husband had nothing for his dinner. He still ignored her. Not even replying once to her texts or saying something. She prepared him his favourite and only tea. After some time, He climbed down the stairs and looked on to the food. She knew he originally had planned not to eat and starve. She hoped he would at least take a bite, but her hopes got down when she saw him taking a bottle of water and heading to his room. She can not let this happen, could she? She called him when he was midway…

”A..At… At least a .a .a cup of t..tea? ”


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