Dove stood up and went to the garden for some fresh air. Grace and Andrea accompanied her for a walk. They walk around for sometime and sat down on Alexanders luxurious outdoor furniture, where he often sat with his friends for a chat or to greet some guests. They sat comfortably and started reading some magazines. Andrea caught a glimpse of Alexanders handsome face on a magazine she was holding. She brought it close to her…

”Look! oh, Dove. Look who is on the front page of yet an other magazine… ” She spoke.

Dove galanced at the new magazines and smiled, it was her husband. She held his photo close to her heart and almost cried over his beautiful features. They read about business after that and told the others to read about the new content about Alexanders super success. Dove felt easy and comfortable with these people, maybe it was because she never had companied someone… After an hour or two Louis and Liam with John left for home while Oliver went golfing with Lincoln as today was Sunday. Andrea didn wanted to leave Dove, but she had to go see a friend at a cafe. Only Grace accompanied Dove till afternoon. They had a light lunch together and then they read books and made cookies. Grace left at afternoon and Dove was now again alone trapped here. She made her way to the launch and started to watch a movie. She found no interest in doing that so she went up and completed her paintings. Since she was all free for the day; She captured various photos in her garden and completed her unfinished books. Her so called unproductive day.

It was 06:00 when she sat down on a sofa with a packet of chips and switched on the TV. Halfway in to the movie, her phone buzzed several times and messages popped up every now and then. She ignored it and kept her phone on silent.


Alexander sat at a bench wiping off his sweat with a towel and stared down his phone. His phone was cracking with messages and notifications. He had been busy with tons of work that he didn went golfing today. He had been busy till now and for his refreshment, Harry suggested him to play a football round. He didn agreed, but Harry insisted him on playing. They played really well and took a break just now.

Harry ran to Alexander and frowned…

”What is it, now? ” Alexander asked.

”What type of husband you are! ” Harry exclaimed.

”Huh? ” Alexander didn get it at all.

”Look at your beautiful wife, right over here. ” Harry showed him a picture of Dove sitting in the garden. In the photo, she held a flower and sniffed it. The photo was captured from her left side, she wore an orange frock spread across the grass and held a banquet of flowers of same breeding in other hand. She sat there with a hat on her beautiful black (brownish) hair.

Alexander stared at her and saw how her full sleeves touched the grass beneath them and how she smiled sniffing the flower.

”What do you want me to do? ” He asked awarting his gaze away.

”Miss Andrea Stream just posted on Facebook. She was with your wife at your home. She had mentioned her and her husband on her recent posts. ” Harry told him.

Alexander frowned and quickly understood everything. He swiftly opened his phone and checked his Facebook to see millions of likes and comments on the post he was mentioned in to… He opened Andreas account and saw her recent post which contained three pictures. First was with Dove in his garden where Dove smiled shyly in to the camera and other one was her sitting on the grass sniffing a flower and the last one was Andrea in a cafe with one of her best friends. She captioned the post with some words: ”Having some people till the end of my time is what actually town craves. ” and then she ended the caption with two pink hearts and a smiley. She then tag @FelicitySmith and @AlexanderSmith. She also added the popular hashtags regarding Alexander. #Nationslover #Thebussinesstycoon #Theworkingrobot

Harry screamed his lungs out when he saw the comments on that post. He tapped Alexanders shoulder and showed him the comments. The comments under post were wild. Netizens were going crazy.

”How is that? The Man of every ones dreams is dating a girl like her? ”

The first comment he read was the rudest. Followed by some more comments. His fans tried to secure him, but the Internet shook with busting comments by netizens.

”Alexander is dating? ” It was the first comment on the post. Andrea replied here and then everybody texted him.

Andrea replied them telling, ”No, he isn . The CEO is married, why would he do that? ” and after that reply millions of theories flew out the internet and some people already believed and took Felicity as his wife. Alexander felt adrenaline rush through his veins. His wife was in danger, in extreme danger. He felt his heart beat rise, when he thought what would happen when Dove saw all of this trash. He tried to search for her account, but then remembered he never made her a friend on Facebook. He quickly sent her a friend request, but she probably was offline. Then he remembered Harry must be friends with her.

”Harry… ” He called him.

Harry was still reading the comments…

”Yes, bro… ” He replied.

”I want you to check Felicitys account. ” He told him.

”Yes, right away. ” Harry nodded and searched Doves account. It was right there and he showed it to Alexander. Thankfully the account was not triggered that much, but by the time the more netizens will try to be friends with her or try to text her, the account will get suspended. He stared on the display picture which was a girl sitting on a swing that hung below a branch of a tree. The girls back was visible and the glimpse of sun could be seen from her hair. She had only normal amount of friends, only those who she knew and had met them in person. Alexanders eyes landed on her posts to only see the posts were only about books and flowers. Somewhere with make up products. The profile also had some cooking content and Paintings. The posts were lesser than anyone could really have. She didn posted often. She only had a post after a weak or so….


Hello everyone, hope yall are doing fine. So, do let me know how is the story going on…

So, I can change it anywhere if needed. Cooperate and let me know through your comments. Thanks:)

Wishing you a very good day/night.


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