3000 years ago

A war between the angels and demons was in progress at the demon realm. This is the war which was known as the 6th great Holy war. Two archangels manage to make their way to the palace where they see a tall man with jet black hair and red eyes wearing a long red and black overcoat holding a black book giving off an evil miasma while sitting on his throne.

He closes the book as it disappears then looks at them and smiles evilly. He stands up and says, ”So what makes you fools think you can move in my domain freely ”. Gabriel, a tall angel with gold hair and eyes and eight wings says, ”Your evil deeds shall not go unpunished ”. A silvery gold appears in his hand which he points at the demon lord, ”My sword will pierce your soul and deliver divine judgment to you ”. Hes about to take a step but a dark purple portal opens and chains come out and wraps around both of them. They try to struugle but it takes them to their knees. The demon lord walks up to them smirking, ”You perty fools actually thought you stood a chance against me ” . He laughs loudly before facing them with a death glare, ”At least killing you fools will end this war ” . Michael, the second angel with white hair and blue eyes spoke up, ”Your villany shall never go unpunished. All these your evil doings shall be finally put to rest. ”

A black sword with a red eye at the center appears in his hands. He points it at Gabriel and smiles, ”By whom? ” Suddenly the door bursts open as Ariel, another archangel with blonde hair, blue eyes and a sexy physique dressed in a white and gold toga, comes out holding a gold chain which traps a man and woman in it. She shouts, ”Lucifer, release them at once or Ill end these to this instance . ” Lucifer chuckles, ”Poor little child. ” A ball of red destructive energy forms on hi

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