Demon Chronicles

Problem child

m was neatly arranged. He just looked at her and shrugged but to him it seemed a bit overkill for a girl her age. ”Puberty, I guess ”, he said under his breath. She punched him on the shoulder as she glared at him, ” I heard that. You should know when to feed a womans ego. How are you ever going to get a good wife? ” she said a bit annoyed but then started to giggle as Karma tilted his head and gave her a confused look. ”Never mind that. Lets begin the tour ”, she declared.

It too them about six hours to explore all round the house. The house was pretty huge and housed many different compartments. They visited ever one of them, discussed about how things worked around here and all in all, had their fun. Once they were done, they sat on the bench behind the house and looked at the flowers in the garden. ”So what do you think about the house? ” she asked. ”It is a really decent place to live in and I really love the décor. So about that training ground ”, he said as he stretched. She giggled a bit and looked at him, ”Sure you can go crazy there. I owe you some beating though. So I would come there pretty soon to give you a good beating for my hand ”, she said as she stood up, ”Lets go inside and eat something. Im starving ”, they both went inside to eat.

A week went by with Karma and Denise bonds getting stronger and Orion just there keeping watch. Karma is sitting on the rooftop with Denise. Karma wore a black tank top and shorts while Denise wore a pink bra top and white tights. They had been there for about an hour arguing about whos stronger. Over the course of the week, they had fought each other twelve times and each of them had come out with six wins each. Karma stood up and looked at her. ”Your essence has been having a rough flow for a while. Is there something you want to talk to me about? ” he asked her with a straight face. ”Your words say one thing but your face says another ”, she said with a nervous laugh. He just raised his eye =brows and looked at her, ”That doesn answer my questions ”, he said.

She stands up and whips a round kick but he catches it easily. She jumps and uses her other leg but he catches it, causing her to fall. She gazed into his eyes for a while as though she was staring into the abyss in hopes that it will take her soul. A bit of tears rolled down her eyes but she quickly wiped it. ”Are you crying? ” he asks in a concerned tone. ”No, I just got something in my eye ”, she said as she covers her face. He lets go of her legs and lies down beside her. ”If you are worried about anything just tell me ”, suddenly she hugs him and begins to let her tears flow. ”I am going to die soon. This power I have, its welling up inside me and is eating my life force slowly. Everyday Im in so much pain, the pain always becoming more intense. Ive tried all in my power to stop it but it just consumes more. Im sick and tired of it ”, she pours out her heart to him and he just holds her tight.

He finally got a grasp of what she was going through and it did explain a lot. He wants to help her more than anything else because she reminded him so much about Irene. To his surprise when she was done. She pulled him closer and kissed him. Her tongue slid into his mouth as she held him tight. They kept at it for a while till she let him go. She gave him a teasing smile, ”You
e so innocent. Why didn you go for it while we kissed? I won have minded ”, she teased. She kissed him again and then nibbled his ear. ”Well, thanks for hearing me out Karma. It really helps me out ”, she was about to leave but he held her back. ”I know what you need ”, he said and touched his neck. She shook her head, ”Sorry, but I can do it ”, and she pulls away but suddenly feels an urge she had never felt before. Her face became flushed, her fangs more pronounce her eyes crimson red and veins became visible around her face. She rushes to him and sinks her fangs. She drank his blood for a few seconds before pulling out.

Her eyes turned back to its normal red color and her fangs became normal. She felt a change in her body, like the demon inside her had finally left. She felt a peace like no other, tears were welling in her eyes before she knew it. She quickly focused her attention on Karma, she had just sucked his blood and horror befell those who she had similar encounter. To her greatest surprise, he was doing just okay. He patted her head and smiled, ”Youve got nothing to worry about now ”, her cheeks became beet red as she hid her face. She hugged him before jumping down and vanishing.

He jumps down and enters the house through the window where Orion was reading a book on his desk. This was his reading room, the place had a dim red painting, some skulls and other ancient artifacts were there. The shelves were neatly arranged with books of all kinds. He looked at Orion who just put down his book, ”So why did you call me? ” he asked in a bland tone. Orion adjusted his suit a bit and said, ”Well, first Ill thank you for what you did for Denise. I knew you were the right one. I also appreciate that you are training with her. Its hard for her to find a good match these days even among other races. And finally, if you are interested, Ill like you to join Majin Academy ”, he picked up a glass of red wine and sipped it.

Karma looked at him suspiciously, ”First, I want to know something ” he said in a harsh tone. Orion dropped the glass, ”Ask away ”, he chuckled. ”Why didn you help Denise? You clearly have the power to do so. I believe that you planned all this to get. Tell me if Im wrong ”. Orion burst into laughter for a few seconds before comporting himself, ”You sure are a quite perceptive but then again, this was to be expected. I am impressed that you thought up such scheme in only a week. But even so, it doesn change what is going to happen and I think you know that to ”. Karma nodded and smirked, ”Guess I was right. I will join your puny academy and I promise you. I will become more powerful than you can grasp and then ”, he clenched his hand as his voice was getting rash and broken. ”Ill excuse myself now ”, he said and left. ”This is more fun than I expected Diablo ”.

Night tome had reached and Karma decided to check up on her. He entered her room and he saw her topless. She screamed and quickly covered herself with a blanket. ”Why didn you knock first ”, she screamed. He just looked at her with a straight face, ”I was just a bit worried about you, so I came to check up on you. I don see why you
e hiding your body, its really nice ”. Her face was flushed, she looked at him with seductive eyes and tapped on the bed, ” Why don you come closer and tell me what you think of my body ”. He just shakes his head, she pouts then rolls her eyes, ” So much for the compliment. I was expecting way more ”. Karma just sighed and closed the door. ”So, I was wondering if you were also going to Majin Academy ”. She shook her head and sighed. ”Im sorry to disappoint but Ill be training with Orion but Ill be sure to visit you from time to time ”, she said with a smile. She wrapped the blanket round her and hugged him. ”Get stronger okay. I don want to see you lacking behind when I finish ”. ”Sure thing Denise ”, he said and hugged her back

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