Demon’s Ascension

chapter 5 - Main Objective

< A rock higher than a tree? Is it possible thats actually a collapsed building? >

Ashe wasn focusing on the rock but it was oddly easy to climb with weird ledges and shapes but he just thought it was because of the beasts that climbed this rock in the past.

< West guard continue your light signals >

< Understood >

Ashe looked around on the top of the rock and at first glance, it didn look like a building. The top of the rock formation was made of big stones the only bizarre thing was the fact that the top was shaped like a V meaning it had two peaks on opposite sides, meeting somewhat in the middle.

Ashe then started to go through his memories but the only suspicious thing was that sometimes he would grab onto a ledge that was almost rectangular while climbing.

To gather more evidence Ashe decided to look over the edge where he didn climb.

While grabbing a gap between two rocks he started his descent. One after another Ashe moved his limbs from one crevice to the next when he noticed a ledge where he could rest. He made his way over to it relieved that he could rest his arms. Once he cooled down from the exhilarating climb he realized that the edge he was on was rectangular like a concrete slab. His eyes then followed the edge of the slab up until it got covered back up with stones and saw two things of interest.

The first was a flashing light in the distance which he reciprocated with his light.

The second being a larger gap in the rocks where you could probably see more of the slab.

He went over to the gap carefully testing each rocks stability before placing his weight. As he was making the trip over he could feel the phone notifications but they weren as important to Ashe right now as he has completely focused on the climb.

Putting one foot on the slab he could feel it was stable then he quickly put his second foot as well. The sight before Ashes eyes filled him with excitement.

< Its a house >

He sent with a grin

< West guard will join you in looting while the rest of us will go ahead >

After receiving the message he took out his flashlight again and started signaling to the guard.

He quickly got a response with a flashing light that was getting closer by the second. Waiting for about a minute was all that the guard needed to catch up.

”How did you get up there! ” The guard shouted from the bottom

Ashe quickly signaled the guard to be quiet before answering ”I just climbed up, there is an entrance inside here ” he said while pointing towards the window that was now right beside him.

”Guess we should have given you more credit ” the guard shrugged ”Im not getting up there even if I left my gear ”

”Ill fill up my bag then you can pass me yours and Ill give you the full one. ” Ashe was rearing to go inside so he was okay with doing the work himself.

”Fine just be careful ”

”Yeah, I will ” Ashe responded already halfway in the building. When he entered through the now long-gone window he noticed that the room was in shambles. Ripped wallpaper and ruble mixed with the broken pieces of the bed frame and mattress scattered all over the floor. He took out his flashlight to light the room as no moonlight didn reach far into the room. Walking over towards a broken desk that only had legs on one side leaning on the other side with its cabinets

Ashe started to look through the desk cabinets looking for anything valuable. When reaching into the largest cabinet he found an old metal safe which he quickly put in his bag.

Looking around the room he realized that the desk was the only thing that was even partially intact. With that realization, he went to the doorframe which had long lost its door and went through it.

On the other side, he saw another doorframe parallel to the one he just left, however when he looked into the room behind it he saw it was completely collapsed and filled with rock or broken bits of concrete.

Going back out towards the hallway he saw on one end another collapsed window and on the other, he saw a staircase leading downstairs. With nowhere else to go he decided to go down the stairs.

Carefully taking quiet steps trying not to make a sound. Its so dusty in here its hard to breathe, maybe cause its untouched! Ashes optimistic thinking caused him to loosen up his careful instincts. Lighting up his flashlight yet again now at the bottom of the stairs.

The light flashed then quickly turned back off.

From the brief moment, Ashe saw everything he needed to. The stairs led down into a large living room and kitchen which were in as much disarray as the bedroom upstairs however this time much more ominous.

What the hell! Ashe was screaming inside his head because all over the living room were scattered bones which had caused Ashe to turn off his light on instinct. Broken and scattered human skeletons, but not only that there were animal skeletons as well.

Is this a beasts den? if it is then maybe they
e asleep or out hunting Ashe was telling himself still in a bit of a panic. Standing there waiting for anything to happen made Ashes heart beat so loudly it was echoing in his mind.


The sound made Ashe jump and immediately turn around pointing his now lit flashlight in front of him. What was that?! , wait don tell me….

< East scout time for role call >

Ashe sighed with relief. Is there no one here? They would have heard me by now wouldn they?

Now with newfound bravery, Ashe looked at the room more carefully. Moving past the scattered bones, the couch was ripped to shreds however the shreds in mention were nowhere to be found.

Surprisingly other tables and cupboards were in better condition. While looking through the different objects on the shelves Ashe took any electronic device regardless of the condition along with anything that was still intact.

He then moved on to the kitchen which was in much worse condition. If beasts were here to raid the kitchen that would explain a lot. Looking at the state of the kitchen you wouldn be surprised why Ashe thought of that immediately, the cupboards and kitchen table had claw marks all over. The only things that could be salvaged from the kitchen were some cutlery and a single frying pan that was only slightly scratched.

Ashes bag was only half full so he decided to continue moving onward. There was only one entryway out of the living room, which was coincidently opposite to the kitchen meaning was staring at the tempting entrance.

The entrance led to another hallway in which there were 3 other doorways. The first and closest to Ashe was another large room mirroring the living room, however, this one was also collapsed but not completely so Ashe could probably get to the other side if he left his bag behind.

Before going in Ashe decided to check out the other two rooms. The second room was the bathroom, or whats left of it. Shards of glass littered the floor consisting of cracked ceramic plates. Quickly looking around Ashe found some medication and a couple of liquids that he didn recognize.

My bag is starting to feel full Ashe thought with a smile. Lets check out the last room before exchanging bags since Im already here.

Heading out of the bathroom and going deeper into the hallway he walked through the last doorway. The moment he went in and looked around he switched off his light.

Last time he had done so because he was expecting danger, but this time he had done so because he was in danger.

In the room were around 4 beasts sleeping around each other. They were some type of mutated foxes, they were much bigger than normal foxes as they would reach slightly above your belt after standing up, and with their tails, they were easily longer than a car making them more elongated than normal. Their color was also red unlike the usual orange and their ears were the same size as their head.

Ashes heart was pounding harder than ever hoping that its sound wouldn wake the beasts. Slowly he started going back one step at a time. It was difficult to walk back in darkness but Ashe was not taking any chances. Im so stupid! of course theres going to be something in a den like this!!

Ashe was screaming at himself for being so foolish.

Making it back to the living room Ashe turned on the flashlight yet again which sped him up drastically. Still carefully he took slow steps but the farther away he got the quicker he started walking.

Once he made it back up the stairs it felt like it was over he quickly walked while still keeping quiet and eventually made it back out the window.

”Oh, your… ”

Before the guard could finish his sentence he was interrupted by Ashe signaling for him to stay quiet.

The guards face dropped as there was only one explanation for Ashes behavior. Now getting serious the guard signaled for Ashe to drop him the bag.

Ashe did so and quickly found a good place to jump on too to break his fall. It hurt but Ashe was still In shock, he just kept getting away from the building. After they could barely see the stones anymore they stopped as one of them was out of breath and the other wanted answers.

”What the hell happened back there!? ” Not quite screaming but clearly in a panicked voice, the guard asked.

”There were beasts, four of them ” Ashe sounded like he was about to break into tears at any moment.

The guards face turned white as he slowly asked the question but from his tone, it felt like he didn want to hear the answer.

”What type of beast was it? ”

Ashe had zoned out completely just focusing on the fact that he was alive, he thought about all the things that could have gone wrong in that situation so he didn realize there was a second question.

A tight grip was now on Ashes shoulder shaking him, then he realized that there was a sharp and grueling sound hitting his ears.

”What type of beasts were they!? What did you see! ” The guard was now practically shouting

In the boys face.

”Red.. ” Ashe mumbled. Still collecting his thoughts.

”Shit! ” The guard screamed out now a mixture of anger and fear was collapsing in on him, he quickly took out his phone and started typing something.

Ashe had now cooled down and continued describing the beasts

”They were red foxes, incredibly large and as long as a truck. ” Ashes mind had exaggerated the events he had just witnessed but even after hearing such exaggerated tales the guard stopped.

”Did…. Did you say foxes? ”

Ashe just nodded in response fearing the guards response as he was acting deranged.

As if to prove his point the guard started laughing, he had stopped typing and was now lying on the forest floor laughing maniacally.

”Oh thank the lords. ” The man whispered after calming down. He then sat back up took a deep breath and resumed typing.

< we found sleeping beasts. I suggest going straight for the main objective to get out of here as fast as possible >

< it seems its not as safe as we thought. I agree lets meet up at the objective. >

< Yes sir >

< the rest of you go towards my light well stay together its not safe anymore >

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