Everythings black and dark, a few blue lights can be seen. The light is going somewhere, becoming brighter and passing from one room to another room and appearing before Erik.

Its 6 AM and Erik wakes up with a bored face and talking to himself.

”Same dream again? Huh, I think this week was a world record. I am seeing this dream about 10 times this week. ”

This is a world where everyone has a unique power. This powers are called Mana. It is a type of invisible force that flows everywhere. By absorbing and manifesting it anyone can do any type of magic. Everyone releases these powers by different elements. The element that the body feels comfortable with becomes the main elemental and mana source of the body. The world also progresses with technologies and science. Peoples didn fully rely on magics.

There are schools and academies. After elementary school a student need to be admitted to a mage academy. This academy teach all the general subjects like religion, science, language, mathematics. But the main focus of these academies are teaching magics and mana control. This is fundamental here.

Erik lives in one of the 6 great countries, The Arch Land and in its capital. In the royal capital, ”City Of Theosis ” there is the best mage academy in the nation. This academy is the no.1 in the entire nation. All the best mages are from this academy. Even the present king of Arch Land also studied here. By the name of the capital, the name of the academy is ”The academy of Theos ”. Now Erik is going for the admission Exam of that academy.

-Eriks pov

I should leave by now. I need to pick up the bus as well. The buses and trains might be filled with students. Students from the entire country participate in this exam. This is one of the most important exams in our country. Even the students from other countries participate as well.

But before leaving I have some strange feelings. About that, the thing my mother always told me to protect. I don know that much of it but by hearing everything I am sure that it will be a weapon. She told me my father always protected it. Mother said to me that father told her when the right time comes, the sword will automatically choose me as its wielder. I don even know how Ill wield it. I should use it when the right time comes.

I didn even try to open that locker in the basement. But if its a weapon and that much of a powerful thing shouldn this is the right time for me to use that? Yeah, I should take it now with me to the exam.

I am going downstairs to the basement and finding the Locker. The locker is a small and tall box. It is hard to find something in the storeroom. Last time I visited here was months ago. Spider webs are covering my eyes. I think I might find it soon.

”Gotcha. ”

I found that locker in this dark room. I didn even take that much time. The locker doesn seem to have any type of hole or key system. I can just see a box with no locks. It is very weird to see such an important thing without a lock at least.

I lay my hands on the box and try to open it from random.

”*clinch* ”

It unlocked. Really that easy? I was surprised that if this thing is that much of an important thing to my family then shouldn they even put a lock into it? Whatever I need the weapon. After removing all the tapes and clothes I got it.

”What? It is a sword. ”

Yeah, it is just an ordinary sword, and even it doesn seem to have any cool designs. There is no difference between an ordinary sword and this.

Okay so now I should just take it with me. Maybe it has something special. I gripped the handle of the sword.

Suddenly It feels like I didn touch anything at all and everything got black out. My surroundings get darker and darker. In this dark void I am floating in nothing. Suddenly a bit of blue lights came towards me. Yeah this is it. Really this is like I am exactly in that dream. Blue lights it is like a blue flame. Those flames came closer to me. Those things entered inside my body.

Suddenly a deep silence touched my surroundings. What is it? What is this things. Everything is looking like colorful wires. I can see so many floating mana holes and paths.

Wait, I can see every mana paths of my body. The blue lights are floating through my mana chambers and paths.

That feeling suddenly disappears.

”What…was I dreaming or what. ”

I looked up into my watch and I checked the time. The time seems normal.

”So that means I wasn dreaming this time. ”

The sword is in my hand and everything seems well. But what happened so suddenly? Daydreaming? But my body feels different. Ahh…maybe my brain got screwed up by the excitement of the exam.

I came outside and bind that sword with me. But why did I have to feel the same feeling when I touched the sword? That was like the dream was happening in reality. I don think Ill be able to use this sword in my exam but whatever Ill take it with me. Its kind of foolish to take this sword. Who will take a weapon that they never used? I didn even swing it once. Its so lightweight. If it was heavy then Id never bring it with me. I am sure I can at least use it for defense.

I took a bus to the academy. I think its for the exam participants only. The bus is full of students. Finally arriving at the front gate of the academy. Now Im ready for the exam.

”*Announcement* ”

”Attention to all the participants. I announce the exam will start in 10 mins so prepare yourself and those who didn fill up the registration paper you have 5 minutes for registration. ”

”Ahh really now I have to register but where? ”

A guard said…

”Kid you should go to the main building, there is registration going on. ”

I replied while running,

”Thank you, sir. ”

I got into the serial line and registered myself, but I didn like something. There is also a different registration going on for the nobles.

I just got the Registration paper, and it shows that my exam room is in hall no. 12. I started to find the room. Finally, I found a big door marking Hall-12. I opened the gate and I was surprised by the look. It wasn a hall, it is a field. There is a big ground and around 60-70 seats with the professors panel. The screen on top of us shows the total number of participants in this hall and how many passes.


Admission Exam

Participants -46

Total tests-12



Huh, no one passed well my turn is 22nd. So I need to wait a bit. As soon as I was observing the tests one by one all of them getting failed. I don know why, but they all seem to be pretty skilled. But they still don even get single attention from the professors.

In the exam, some of the participants surprised everyone. One of them is this boy Ashier Vyilds. He arrived barehanded. He spars with one of the professors who has air attributes. This guy breaks 3 wind walls of the professor with his punches. The gallery is shaking with every single punches of him. The professor is satisfied with him.

Then another participant who was kinda like me. He also has a sword. He fights with a professor who has a sword as well. Their fight was cool as well. At the end of the fight, a professor used illusion magic. He triples his sword and slashes at him, but surprisingly the boy breaks every illusion magics and attacks.

He really is awesome. But one guy….that one guy is uncomparable who busts the entire exam hall. He is from the Grein clan Luke Grein. This guy is the strongest in the entire exam hall.

The professor and Luke take their positions. Luke started the battle with a wind blow that was stopped by the professor easily. But he used the previous attack for preparing his next attack. He attacked the right middle of the winds and that was the main game. He used the wind in his hand and used it to create a small tornado flowing in his hand.

Then with that, he blows right toward the professor…that blow directly heated the professor and the professor prepared his next attack right after that. Then the professor jumps into him and attacks so many blows at once. But those attacks didn even work on Luke. He almost defeated the professor.

After seeing a guy like him, I was kinda feeling sad about my powers. But I didn loss hope, and I am waiting for my battle. Today Ill prove that if someone wants to be strong there is no need for royalty or clan.

And now finally…

”Participant no.22 come to the ground. ”

Now Im ready, its time to show my skills.

I walked downstairs and stand in the middle of the ground.

One of the professors said,

”What skills and element attributes do you have? ”

”I have combat skills and lightning attributes. ”

Professor saying,

”Well, the lightning element is rare. If you are saying you are a combat-type mage and lightning user then your opponent should be me. ”

Every single participant who fought with him was defeated badly. There is not a single person whose attack even comes a little close to him.

But I still want to check my level and see the outcome of the training that Im doing for years.

The fight starts with the signal…

”*beep* ”

”I am coming. ”

I simply just runs toward him for my first blow. I take my position and hands on him.


He just simply blocked it.

”Boy, you are in a fight you need to prepare your next move as soon as you end your attack. ”

Yes, I made it late. I took a bit long time to realize it and that is undoubtedly my loss.

He gripped my hands and with just a simple punch I was thrown to the end of the ground. It was a blow with the electric power. But I stand as fast as I can and this time Ill use it differently.

I ran for him. I was decreasing our distance and also spreading lightning strikes on the ground. I am standing on his back.

*thunder punch*

He turns behind. This time….he again catches my hand. He punched me with a thunder strike, and I defeated easily. The professor was leaving by saying,

”You have a thunder attribute, so I thought you would be able to at least scratch me, but you are not even close to using the lightning element. ”

I am sad, but I am not thinking about hes talking. I am thinking about my last chance

”My sword. ”

I draw my sword and I put all of my mana into it.

”This time…. Ill see what this sword has. ”

What? I didn even start running, and I am at his front. My speed turns like supersonic. With this final chance, I attacked him. Every part of my sword becomes bright and strikes at him.

He also draws his sword with thunder…

”*blow* ”

That blow made the entire ground filled with electricity. The professor was amused and said…

”kid you have something different.

passed. ”

That sentence. It was the sentence that my dream was. But my body at the same time didn make it. I am losing consciousness. I fell to the ground.

Everyone is shocked by my speed. Every one of them is saying…

”If Im not mistaken. Isn he was just invisible from the ground and suddenly appeared behind the professor? ”

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