”Hey boy. Hello, can you hear me?. Wake up. ”

”What is it where am I? ”.

”In academys medical room ”.

Oh! Now I remember. I was in the exam.

I asked the nurse…

”What time is it now? Am I here for days?. ”

”No your exam ended around 3 hours ago. You are just sleeping here for 3 hours. You don have that much injury, but your hand is little bit burned. ”

”Oh that means Im okay. Can I go now? ”

”Yeah you can… but don rush to use your powers again. ”

”Okay no problem. Thanks for taking care of me. ”

”Okay take care. ”

I just came out from the medical room and I also got the green card from the academy as well. Besides, I can say I passed the exam only for that sword. I don know why, but it is not a simple sword. My hands were suddenly filled with blue flames that is the last thing I remember.

A random boy asking suddenly.

”Hey you are that sword guy. Your fight was awesome literally you were vanished for a second and even the professor couldn spot you. ”

”Yeah I also thought so. ”

”And also those blue things appeared on your hand during fight was it electricity? It wasn looking something like thunder volt or lightning it was a bit different. ”

”Yeah but I don know that much. I got unconscious after that. ”

”Well whatever… it was amazing. ”

So it was real that I was vanished from the ground. I still can remember anything at all. Maybe it is because my electricity was overwhelmed and hurted my brain at the same time.

”Thank you. ”

”Oh! Lets go to the auditorium room. The top 5 of the exams will be announced there. ”

”Oh totally forget that lets go. ”

As soon as we entered the auditorium it was great… all the professors of the academy was there. The announcement was just starting. We found our seats and the announcement begins.

”Welcome all to the participants who passed the exam of royal academy of Theos. The total number of participants is 400000 this year. The number of students who passed this years exam is 1200. You are all welcome to our academy. As our exam ended, and we got all the students information, now is the time to announce the top 5 students who got the highest scores in all the categories.

Due to the scores and skills we got our number 5th participant Lisa Clius of the Clius house. Shes performance was outrageous.

The number 4th is Ashier Vyilds. He is from the 7 Great clan of our country and also the son of Vyilds clans present leader Captain Edgard Vyilds. His father is the captain of the Armed Destroyer squad.

And now the third participant is…ahh

It is Erik Reids. ”

All the participants gets surprised, and they were all talking with each other…

”What who is that guy? I didn even hear Reids before. ”

”I know he was in our hall hes speed and lightning ability is awesome. ”

”It is true but a commoner…..how? How can a commoner be even powerful from Ashier and Lisa. ”

The announcement continues.

”Erik Reids by his score 91/100 also skills of lightning and sword arts he got the third seat in our academy. ”

Ahh, really? I am 3rd in this exam and I scored 91 wow. I can believe I passed the exam and also got a position.

”Now the second is Luke Grein of the royal family of Greins. He is one of the participants who wasn injured after fights. He got 97/100 score also he is the son of Captain Elvis Grein.

The first seat of our this years exam is… Peter Frederick. The son of his Majesty the king. ”

All of the students was surprised. Even the kings son is here.

”Peter Frederick scores 98/100 due to all the categories.

We congratulate all the students for passing the exam. We hope you all will be successful in your life. Our professors are all will help in your study and teachings. So prepare yourself and always be ready to serve our country. ”

I am in 3rd seat now. I can believe my ear. Everyone is looking at me in surprised face. Maybe this year is the first time a student who is not noble got a seat.

The announcement ended and everyone is leaving. Suddenly someone is coming towards me. It is Luke. He stands in front of me with a rude face he says.

”Hey you are that boy with sword. Huh, good fighting. You got the 3rd seat. ”

”Yes… It is. ”

He comes closer to my ear and whispers something.

”Don dare think we are equal just for our seats. I know that when commoners like you suddenly pop up in front then they forget their positions and if that happens to you… then Ill kill you myself with breaking that f**ing sword. ”

This guy is totally arrogant. The announcement just ended and this type of behavior is already starting.

”Okay Luke. You also remember that Im not here by playing games in the exams. I passed on my own. ”

Suddenly a boy comes up in middle of our conversation.

”Hey you two what the hell are you doing? We just passed the exam, and we haven done a single class yet. And you two are starting arguing here. ”

Luke saying.

”Now you are here. Tell this boy to shut up, or I don know when I kill him. ”

”Luke stop. I don like this. ”

That boy give his hands towards me and says.

”Hey Im Peter. You may be Erik Reids. Nice to meet you and also forgive this behavior from Luke he is not that bad guy. ”

I am totally surprised that he is the son of the king. And on top of that Im talking to someone like him. Hes very cold hearted as well. I looked on him and said.

”No its okay. So you are in the first seat. Man, nice to meet you. ”

As a son of a king. Not a normal countrys king…. Arch land is far more than a country. I expect the prince to be an arrogant person like Luke, but it seems like he is a good guy.

”Yeah I heard about your fight. I heard you even give a cut to the professors sword. You are more powerful than you look. ”

”Yes I did. I also got injured for using that attack. ”

”Well… then see you in the academy. ”

”You too. ”

This guy is really good. Then there is also good guys in nobles as well.

I think its too late now. Today is the happiest day in my life. I should visit mom and tell her that. At last she is the one who wants me to be admitted into this academy. Shell be happy to hear that. Hospital isn that far from the metro. Itll take 15 mins to reach there.

Its raining outside. I reached at the hospital. Going inside the cabin.

”Hey mom. How are you doing? You know what today I got into the Academy of Theos. You know how much important it is to me. Now I can get an allowance from the academy as well. I don have to take money from the bank anymore. I can take the treatment expenses by myself from now on. ”

”…. ”

She gives her hand towards me and hold my hand for a minute and give a blessing smile. Mom is looking happy because she can see my happiness after these long years.

”Okay I should leave now take care and call nurses when you need. ”

I should go home now because it is raining so much outside. I arrived at my home. My body is shocked with water. I didn take an umbrella with me.

”Im home. ”

Should take a shower. Then I have just another thing. Reading some manga.

It is cool. I should get the new volume. Im hungry now. Really now I have to prepare my food. I didn even make anything at all. I was outside the whole day. Maybe there are some cookies and chocolates in the refrigerator. I should get those.

”*num num* ”

Eating chocolates in dinner time is kinda feeling awkward. Finally, I can have some sleep. I just lay my head on the bed.

Today was a rushed day. I got a sword. Maybe it has something different in it. But I can remember anything at all. I am not even sure that those things were done by my sword or my mana ability. The electric ability is making me fuse in mind. Is there even any chance of having some special weapon with me? Huh! Am I a fool? How can I have a special thing in my home. That guy Luke was right, how can a commoner like me get to the academy.

After passing an important exam like this and arriving at home, there is no one for me to prepare some delicious foods. Mother is sick for 3 years. She can even talk. Father died even years from now. I didn even see his face. I don know why, but after I passed the exam of the academy and fulfilled one of my dreams. Its not like that feeling I was expecting. There is no one for me to congratulate and celebrate.

I don need anything in my life now. I just want my mother to be cured. This world… It is like this world is created for only nobles.

Whatever it is….now I have to train myself. To become strongest. Thus, I can lead a happy life. Ill also train myself hard in the academy and strengthen myself as hard as I can. Then there will be no one who dares look down on me.

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