Its around 5 am. I passed my exam 2 days ago. Yesterday I received a delivery package from the academy. In the package there is some important information about the academy, my Id card, a map of the academy and my uniform. Now Im waiting for my bus. The instruction shows a bus will arrive at my house at around 5-6 am.

”*Beep Beep* ”

Looks like the bus arrived. After the bus arrived at my home I took my bags, luggage, and my sword. The bus looks pretty cool. There are 10-15 students already there. The bus starts at the academy. All of the students seem pretty confident on their first day. Some of them are talking with each other about whatll happen. We arrived at the academy after an hour. The inner looks of the academy are excellent. There is a big garden, sports ground, training grounds, some small buildings, and a big building as well. The big building looks like a castle. It is the main building of the Academy. After I leave the bus the instructors take all of us to the main buildings reception and after that, we get the key to our dorms. There are so many buses and new students.

They give us a type of digital tablet. It seems quite useful. I can see my location and do many other things. My dorm number is 304. The residential building is pretty close to the main building. The main building has around 75 classes, 20 indoor training grounds, and 15 gyms. Everything is pretty well planned as well.

After roaming around the academy. I entered my dorm. It was awesome. There is a desk, bed, shelf, and washroom. I put all my bags and other things and left the room.

I went to the main hall where there is an orientation party going on. I saw some students I know during the exam there and also the boy that guided me to the auditorium during the exam. I didn even ask his name that day. I walked toward him with an awkward expression.

”Hey, how are you? I didn even ask your name that day. ”

”Hey, Erik. Its nice to meet ya again. Yeah, I know that day was rushed and you were injured. It is obvious to forget simple things like this in your situation. I am Alex. ”

I suddenly remembered something. It is like I saw his name somewhere. I opened the tablet and logged into the academy server. What? There is him. He is in the top 10. This tablet can show the present top 10 of the academy. I looked at his face and said,

”Yeah, I can see you are in the top 10. ”

”Yeah, I got the 9th seat. ”

”Its good. I am quite surprised. I hope Ill be able to see your fights. ”

”Yeah, I hope so. I want to see those flames again. It was interesting. Our classes will start soon. Its our first class so lets go. ”

After the party, I checked the time and walked toward the classroom. I like the classroom. It is pretty big. All the first-grade students are here. This is cool. It is our Element and magic class.

A guy with a different dress than the students appears. Everyone couldn spot him as a professor if he wasn dressed differently. He is wearing a black and red shirt. Only professors can wear this. He also has a badge on his shoulder. He stands in the middle and says.

”Good morning to all the students. My name is Ethan. You all can call me Professor Ethan. This is your first class in this academy. This class usually starts at 7.30 am but for some events it starts at 9.40 am for today. Ill focus on the basics because it is the first class. First of all, you need to know what I have. I mean what ability I possess. My element attribute is water. But this class is for elements and magic, so Ill try to teach you all. ”

Hmm, quite a good way of starting class. Well Im not in a position to judge a professor like him. He continues.

”The first thing I want to tell you all is Mana. I know you all have a good idea about it. But the basics are important. Mana is an invisible force flowing around us. It doesn have any color or element. It can be absorbed by our mental and physical techniques. Mana can be absorbed in 3 ways. The most common and constant is breathing. Yes breathing also extracts some mana from the air to our body. But its quantity is low. The next way is training. It can be both physical and mental training. It absorbs a pretty good amount of mana in our body. This step is the most sufficient. All the mages strengthen themselves by this. Moving into the last. The third and last step is trauma or extreme trauma. If someone goes through so much trauma it can absorb an intense amount of mana into our body. Sometimes the amount is so high that the user himself can hardly be injured. I personally don prefer my students to use this method.

If you ask about the element. Then the element is just a form of mana. Our body can have more than one element. Time by time our body feels used to an element. That becomes our permanent element. It also helps our body to absorb mana. Like if someone has water attributes and if he entered an area that has rivers and oceans then the water helps the mana to enter our body. ”

This class feels quite fascinating. It is clear that this is the top academy. Their teaching methods are very excellent. Also, the other thing I liked the most is their digital tablets. It stores all the information and lectures of class. There is a group chat option as well.

This class was awesome. I didn know that much information about mana and elements. The class just ended. Now Im free. The next class will start in 30 minutes. I should walk outside for a bit.

I am walking in the park. I am concerned about my mother. She is alone, but I told the nurses and doctors about me going to the academy. Also, I have to stay here for 6 months.

I saw some students over there. What are they doing? I walked there and saw what? They are beating a student. I shouted at them. I said to those students.

”Hey what are you doing? Are you guys mad or idiots? ”

One of them replied.

”You shouldn interfere with us. Don think that well listen to you because you are a top ranker. ”

”Don think about that. Is saving someone from being beaten illegal? ”

Those boys laugh and say.

”Here look who came. The savior of our academy. ”

I approach them and take that boy with me.

”Ill report about you guys. ”

A laughing voice comes right behind those boys.

”What the…is this boy newborn? I don think it is. Because your face seems familiar. ”

It is Luke. He is doing this. I looked at him with anger.

”Hey Luke, you are here. Don you have any shame on you? The second seat is beating students. What a funny news. ”

Luke got angry and said.

”Now you are here. Didn I tell you to not interfere with my business and why do I have to answer you? ”

A boy from Lukes side says,

”He was eating in the cafeteria that is specially made for nobles. ”

I thought something like that would happen in the academy. Even the food is different.

”He didn know that. This is the first day of our academy. How will he know everything about the academy? ”

Luke saying,

”I told you if you face me again Ill just kill you. You think if I kill you Ill also be punished right? Huh! This academys 60% expenses are given by the Greins. Then there is no one, not even the principal, has no right to talk with us. You ba*rard! Ill kill you myself. ”

Luke turned his hand towards Erik. Creating a wind blow at his hand. At the same time, Erik also took his position. Those two are right to face an attack. The students make a crowd to see the fight. All of them talking with each other.

”Hey, why are they fighting? ”

”Don know, maybe some argue. ”

”But I heard fighting is not allowed here. ”

”You think they will stop a Grein? And I don think this should be stopped. Look what a mess of a crowd has created. Who else will miss a fight between third seat and second seat. ”

”Then lets see who will win. ”

”*blast* ”

Erik flows thunder in his hand and blocks the winds. Erik suddenly punched at the ground. Everyone was surprised.

”Why did this guy suddenly punch to the ground? ”

Erik again showed up on the other side of Luke and created a thunder shockwave. Luke somehow dodged that. Luke started to prepare wind waves around his body. Suddenly Luke felt something awkward and stopped that attack.

Luke saying

”Hey! Where the hell is my badge?. ”

Erik jumps behind making a distance between those two. He raises his hands up and shows the thing in his hand.

”This thing right? That is the thing that you royals wear. This thing separates morons like you. ”

”*cracks* ”

With an evil smile on Eriks face…

”How does it feel now? To see the broken symbol of your family. ”

Luke with an emotionless face,

”I knew that you commoner would do something like that. You touched our clans badge. Not only that with your filthy hand you broke the badge. ”

”*whoosh* ”

Wind gathering around Luke and Erik. Luke says.

”You will face an unimaginable pain in your death. Ill cripple you like that badge. ”

The pressure of winds started to increase. Erik makes a surprising expression. He places his hand in his sword. Waiting for Luke to use his attack.

”*whoosh* ”

The wind pressure gradually increased and made it hard to see the ground and prepare any move. Luke looks at Erik and says.


A powerful blow of wind covered the area around Erik and Luke. The winds even covered up the grounds of them. Erik starts to float in midair. The ground changed its shape.

What is happening I didn expect something like that from him. Its not like wind. The wind is controlling my body. I can even move.

Suddenly out of nowhere Luke comes in front of Erik


Erik is thrown far from Luke, but the air stops and Luke with his unimaginable speed and punch coming from all the directions.

*punch punch punch*

Bloods coming out of Eriks mouth. Luke is beating Erik without rest and stop. He is laughing and beating Erik. Erik can even have a single second to react to Lukes action. Luke is laughing like mad while beating him.

”Ahahha Erik my hands are hurting now. What about doing something else? And another thing, don even think that someone will come here to save you. This Dictation never allows anyone to enter. This technique is the bloodline technique of Greins. ”

Luke raises his hand up and a magical sword forms in his hand. With that he again jumped towards him. Erik somehow manages to dodge that move. He tries to shorten the distance between the two. But he couldn because the surface changed. Erik stands up. He removes some bloods from his mouth. Then he looked into Luke and says with a smile.

”Hey Luke. It was fun. ” I shouldn show him my weakness. Ill try to make him release all his mana.

Eriks body gets filled by blue effects. The blue aura covers Eriks hands and legs. All of his body started to change its mana flow.

Its like that feeling. I can feel it. A different rage. I need to draw the sword. If I don then my death will be the result. With my current energy I can only attack once. This time…Attack Or Die. I without any hesitation.

Erik gripped his sword. Take his position to attack Luke. Luke also gets ready to attack. Erik with laughs and says.

”Luke, you just gave me an opportunity to cripple you. ”

Erik and Luke both with their swords jump at each other. Eriks sword becomes blue and Erik swings his sword in the air releasing an extreme blue flame slash towards Luke.

”*blast* ”

”… ”

”… ”

The entire battleground gets destroyed by the attacks. Those two aren visible there. Its like a building collapsed and everywhere is dust and sand.

Suddenly out of nowhere they pop up in the air. The condition of both of them seems bad. Lukes hands get blood wounds. Erik and Luke both look at each other with intense anger. Their faces still have the rage to bring a fight. They both again go to blast at each other.

Suddenly those two feel a different pressure. The two of them pushed behind. Their attack stops. Someone is in the middle of them. A Professor stopped both of their attacks at once. Erik falls to the ground. Erik is completely unconscious. Lukes state is pretty bad as well.

Professor with an angry face,

”You two, what are you doing? Don you know that fighting and spars are only allowed in training halls? ”

Luke saying,

”Sir, he dishonored our clan. He even broke my royal badge. ”

”He will be punished by us, you don have any authority to violent any of our students. I didn expect something like that from you. You are noble. You know all of our rules and regulations. ”

Luke turns his face behind. He says,

”Okay, I won do anything like that again. But he should be punished to death. ”

Professor is concerned about Eriks condition. He shouts.

”Call the medical team. Fast! ”

Professors Pov-

How did this boy do something like that from his sword? His swords mana generation and releasing method is completely different from any ordinary sword. The more important thing is I couldn get what elemental power was coming out from that sword. His technique even broke 80% of Lukes Dictation.

The medical team arrived.

”Take this boy to the medical room and treat his wounds fast. I don think his condition is good. ”

The sword is laying on the ground. Professor walked to the sword and pulled it out from the ground.

This sword… It looks like an ordinary sword. It doesn even look special. Then maybe…that boy has the power to do that with the sword. If this sword were special then it should have its own mana. I can get any pressure from this. Then he charged the sword with his mana. Then applied it on release.

The professor takes the sword and runs his mana through the sword, but suddenly he feels like the sword isn receiving any mana from him.

Professors Pov-

What is this? It doesn flow any mana at all? Then it is not a magic conductor. How that boy did something like this from a sword that doesn even flow mana. I should try it again.

Suddenly the professors hand feels different. A dark Aura covered the professors body. Suddenly an intense roar he heard from the sword. In darkness, he saw a pair of blue eyes looking right to him.

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