”What is it? Im in a hospital? ”

”No this is in academy. The medical room. ”

Well, who is this guy? Tall and calm-looking face. He has a different dress. The dress-up isn like a student or a professor. He doesn seem like a professor at least. I can see he must be a senior. Hes dressed up in black and he also has a badge on his shoulder. A noble?

”Well, may I ask who you are? ”

”You are new, that makes sense you don know me. I am the student council president. Kael Leonard. ”

”Ohh sorry for asking. Can you tell me from when I am here? ”

”You fought with Luke Grein and you are also injured, but I don think that is that much serious. You are here for 8 hours. Judging by your injuries you should be unconscious for at least 2 days. ”

”Yeah but I still feel pain in my right hand. ”

”Your right hand got fully burned. ”

”Yeah, I knew something like that would happen. ”

”… ”

”Where is Luke? ”

”Don know. You should focus on your healing. ” He stands up and walks towards the door. When he opened the door he looked behind. He makes a pale face and says.

”After your healing. You will be punished. ” He leaves the room.

I also think my actions were bad. But Luke was bullying that boy. Anyone would stop them. Now my body is in a bad condition as well. I remember that fight. I clearly remember I did a strange attack on Luke. It was feeling like my body was at its peak. Then my hand drew the sword on its own. That flame blow was also done on its own. I don even remember how I can again do something like that. Wait…where is my sword?

I tried to wake up from the bed, but my full body was in bad shape. I cannot do that. At least I can talk. Thats better. He said Im healing fast. Thats okay.


”Hey, Erik. How are you doing? ” The door opens. A guy with a professors dress enters. He walks and stands by my bed.

”I think Im fine Sir. ”

”I think you don remember me. I was the one who stopped your fight. My name is Jeon. I take classes about swords. My classes are important to you. I hope after your treatment Ill be able to teach you well. ”

”Ohh! So you are the one who stopped our fight. Thank you for that day. ”

”No, its okay. You don need to talk that much. Someone may visit you soon. ”

”Who is he? ”

”You will see. You made the situation worse with your actions. Now you have to solve it on your own. ”

”But professor, Luke was bullying a student. ”

”Yeah yeah, I heard all about that. But you know already…that they are one of the biggest shareholders of our academy. ”

”… ”

”I told you there is nothing to do with that. Listen, I don want you to suffer in this matter. You should always be prepared from now on. The situation has changed for you.

Listen, the first matter is Luke himself and the most dangerous is his family. First, you will need to recover as soon as possible. ”

”Yes, sir I understand. But can I know where my sword is? ”

”The academy took the sword in their inspection. ”

”Oh… Can I have it now? ”

”For now, I don see any possibilities. Boy…you should think about yourself. You are now standing on the other side of the great Grein Clan. ”

I think I messed things up.

”I should leave now. Take care. ”

”Ok, sir. ”

I am in a problem now. But when I broke Lukes badge that time. I knew that everything would be ruined. Ok… I should focus on my healing.

After 2 days;

I am feeling well now. The doctor also told me that I could get released from here. I left the medical and started at my dorm. I am walking outside the medical room. Going outside the main building. It is the time of the last class. Students are coming from the classrooms.

”Hey, hey Erik you kick the a*s out of Luke. ”

”Ahh yes, Alex. ”

”Wow, you are awesome. But I also heard you are injured. How are you now? ”

”Im well now. I can walk and run. I can even attend my classes. ”

”I am very glad to hear that. See you later. ”

”Goodbye Alex. See you again. ”

He is one of the guys who behave well.

”Hey, you are Erik right? ” A heavy voice comes right behind me. I turned behind. Its the third-seat guy. Ashier Vyilds.

”Yes, I am. ”

”I heard you fought with Luke or shall I say, I was just in the audience. I was watching you guys fighting.

Now don worry I am not here to fight you. I heard you just got released from the medical. But I have quite an interest in you. You almost defeat Luke. I still remember Lukes fighting. 2 years ago, when the royal assembly party was going on. I was with my family in the Grein houses garden. Everyone was enjoying that party but that one boy. Luke was still in his training. I was quite interested in his fighting. So I just simply challenged him. That fight was awesome, but the winning title of course touched Luke. He was also strong back then. ”

Yeah, his story even touches me and gives me the memory of the fight with him. He even defeated a muscular guy like Ashier Vyilds.

”Yeah, he is strong. That is true. I remember his attack covered the entire area with that. ”

Ashier says,

”I saw that. He even learned Space Dictation at this age. ”

Yes, I got it. Space Dictation is an attack that makes me impossible to move.. I couldn even react once. Every part of my body was stuck. Ashier says.

”Good then. Take care of yourself. I liked your fighting. ” He said with a weird smile. I didn like his smile that way.

Ashier left and I also started to walk to my dorm. I arrived in the room. This is my second time entering here. Its weird. I didn have time to visit my dorm after the first day. I was just about to sit on the bed. What is it? A little piece of paper is lying on the floor. Something is written here.




TREE YARD is written in it. The tree yard is outside the main training hall. Someone entered my room. There must be something important. It shows tomorrow. Wait…that means the latter was here today! Someone entered my room today. I guess that must be very important. Ill visit there tomorrow as soon as my classes will end. But the main problem is that the tree yard is the biggest garden in our academy. How will I find someone there? Whatever. Ill just go there and see it. Now I should get a rest.

After that day, in the classroom;

”Okay now let me show you something with an object. ”

Its Professor Evelyns class. She is a tall young lady with long black hair. Black eyes and a well endowed voluptuous body. Her curvaceous figure holds the attention of the entire class. She is famous among professors as well. She is right now taking the ”Force Control ” class. She takes a stick-like object.

”Now look closer everyone. Now control the mana inside your body to make a force flow inside the stick. ”

The stick starts to get bright. Then she takes that. She takes a wooden object. Then she uses that stick like a sword swing.


That thing slices in two parts. The stick was turned into a sword-like thing for a moment. I think this is the class where we become serious. Well, its not for study. Her eyes and curvy body can make any man lose in a dream. Everyone is looking at her. I think she may be used to this type of thing.

”Now you can see. If you have the correct amount of mana inside your body then you can make a powerful pressure or force with that. After that you can even use that to make trash into a useful thing. ”

Her explanation ends. This class was the last one for today. Now I have only one thing to do, find the latter person.

I am walking deep in the forest. The academy is so big it also has a kilometer-long forest that connects the end of the capital. It is called the Tree Yard. I am now inside the deep tree parts. Still I can see the academy clearly. Its getting boring. How am I supposed to find someone in this big area?


Suddenly the ground gets soft and I started falling downwards. Its like Im diving in the ground. Whats happening?

”Heyyyy what the hell. Where am I going? ”

I followed my electricity through my hand and punched in random.

*Punch* Suddenly a hand out of nowhere someone blocked my punch.

”Finally you are here. I am waiting for hours. You were about to punch in my head ” A male voice touches my ear.

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