Does The Destiny Even Matters?



With the sound of the door closing behind him, A boy, who according to the standards of the world he lived in, was just a 5 year old kid. Even according to the norm of this world, he possessed cuteness beyond standards. Though not the cutest, he would still incite the desire of many adult to pull his fluffy cheeks. Pitch black hair and amethyst coloured eyes, something he inherited from his father, gave an upgrade to his already unique features. It was obvious that growing up, he was going to transform into a handsome young man.

But right now, he wasn oozing out his usual aura of pure innocence that made the adults wish to protect him from the worlds cruelty, and looking at his eyes, it was obvious that the world would never listen to his cheerful laughs again. Eyes that of a broken man and the depressive aura of gloom, something that no kid should possess.

Lost in his own dark thoughts, he walked towards his late fathers favorite black cushioned armchair, his mind repeating the horrors that transpired yesterday.

His broken mind was in such a chaotic state that he wasn even able to register the events that were happening around him. The time seemed to have stopped as the world entered a colourless state. Their wasn a tinge of light, neither the primodial darkness which existed beyond the realms of time. He wasn even given a moment to understand what was happening when suddenly he faced pain that made his yesterdays suffering look like a joke. Which actually was the truth as what he was suffering right now was a pain that transcended the limitations of all the physical, mental or emotional pain any material existence

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