Does The Destiny Even Matters?

Chp. 3:- A Man Named Aditya


As the flow of time was none existent in this colourless realm beyond reality, the suffering of the five year old kid went on for an eternity. His spiritual codes, the basis of ones soul, were being destroyed and reconstructed using additional codes that did not belong to the origins of this universe. Such activity led to the creation of the spiritual codes of an entirely new origin, thus creating an anomaly that shouldn exist.

It wasn like such acts weren tried in the past, there were many existences that desired for the worlds demise, and though a double-edged sword, anomalies were the best pawns the can be utilized for preservation and destruction of the world as their actions go beyond any calculations and foresight. But every single time, such acts were prevented before their happenings.

As things finally settled down, the time of the world resumed, colour returned to the world and the boy opened his eyes, gasping for air. In reality, not even a second has passed but he still remembers every single moment of the pain he received. He finally calmed down as his breathing returned to normal. His eyes soon focused on his current situation, his purple eyes no longer showed any kind innocence or naivety that all kids possessed, as they were long lost emotions, never to return, and his eyes also didn portray his depressive and broken state, as if his yesterdays suffering never existed. His eyes were focused and calculative, portraying great wisdom beneath his cute face, it wasn comparable to those century old monsters, but atleast to an adult, who knew what kind of shithole life is.

He was kind of thankful that his life presence did not waver much, otherwise his attendants outside the door would have rushed in thinking that he was about to attempt suicide. It was kinda funny but at the same time his dark reality that a five year old was about to give up his life. He first chose to get up and sit on his fathers luxury armchair, which was made of finest leather in the market and something that will never be found on Earth.

He sat on the armchair resting his head on his right fist. While the armchair was way bigger for a five year old kid, making him look extremely cute, he did not care about it as his muscles naturally relaxed on the comfort the chair gave him.

His thought drifted back to his memories of his own life. Arthur Ortus, Son of the late Count and Countess Uther and Morgana Ortus, of the the only Human empire, Veronica, named after the continent itself, in the world of Iris. Despite being a Count ranked noble, his father was one of the three richest figures in Veronica, surpassing the Dukes themselves, and was ranked in the top 15 richest people in the entire world.

His mother originated from the Duke household of Evilia, ranked second to the Imperial family in the matters of net worth and within top 10 of the entire world. His mother was the general of the private corps of the Ortus household and was also the head of the law and order department of the estate that falled under the Ortus.

He even had a twin sister named Alice Ortus, though no one will be able to say so unless they actually did a DNA test as he and his sister had little to no resemblance with each other. Thinking about his sister, a pained expression came over his face. Giving out a pained and defeated sigh he decided to focus on his current matters.

Ortus household originated from his Great-grandfather Matthew Ortus as a business centered family. Due to his knowledge, wisdom and skills, Matthew received the recognition of the Emperor, gaining the title of Baron. The household then expanded massively under the supervision of his Grandfather, Leon Ortus. Though the the development was more focused on Military prowesses, because as far as he knew, his grandfather was a battle maniac. Though the guy is already dead, achieving a satisfactory death in a battle. The actual development of the Ortus took place under his father, as they rose to the Count rank and achieved greater military strength and expanding their business worldwide. Though in the end, no amount of wealth mattered in front of true strength.

His thoughts drifted back to the events that transpired yesterday. He clearly remembers of how his little family was having fun as they were travelling to his fathers younger brother and his real uncle, Juel Ortuss villa in their hover car, something that is considered the norm of this world. Their car was heavily guarded by a large number of strong individuals and high quality safety equipments.

Either way, despite all the precautions taken, they were ambushed by a mana bomb blast on an isolated road that led to his uncles home, which was away from the main city and the general populace. But it wasn the actual problem as their car could withstand a single head-on blast of a Millers Stone, a mana bomb that was far more terrifying than a nuke in this world. The real problem in this case was that it gave their assaulters an initiative that was by no means wasted by them. While the guards were making sure about his and his families safety, the assaulters quickly attacked with their weapons, making sure that all the guards died in the sneak attack. And by the time his parents finally took the matters in their own hand, majority of the guards were slaughtered. Even then all hopes were not lost as his parents heroically fought against the assaulters and were even gaining the upper hand as time passed by, until he came. Arthur still remembers the look of despair in his parents eyes as that single assaulter single handedly toyed around his parents and all the remaining guards. Weapons like Guns and Bombs were simply useless against any beings present there other than his sister and him.

The remaining of the guards were soon slaughtered and he and his family were taken away to an isolated place. He still remembers the scream of his father who was wincing in pain from the inhumane torture he was going through. He could still hear his mothers begging cries as she begged for the freedom of her husband and children, only to be forcefully raped.

While Arthur was just a 5 year old sheltered child and did not understood the significance of **** and torture, he understood that his parents were suffering from pain and he did not wanted that. He begged the assaulters to let go of his parents, only to watch their head roll on the ground. He wasn able to register the events that were transpiring as he watched their eyes become dull with no life left within them. He only was able to understand the circumstances after his sisters high pitched cry of despair, but the five year old child still did not know what to do except holding their lifeless heads and crying his heart out.

Those mother**ing bastards did not even cared if he and his sister were just kids as they kept beating them untill their bones were broken, they were suffering from a massive amount of internal bleeding. Just as they were about to loose their heads and join their parents in the afterlife, his uncle Juel and his aunt Kyra arrived with great reinforcement and apprehended the assaulters, saving him and his sister from the face of death. But they could no longer be classified as living as there is no way two five year old children could handle such major trauma of loosing their parents and being beaten to a near death stage. They were nothing more than just living corpses moving around.

As Arthurs mind went back to Juel and Kyra, he found it hard to suppress himself from roaring in anger, as they were the **ing reason that his everything got taken away from him! He was really finding it hard to hold himself from shoving a sword in their throats as it was not the end of his suffering, as they will make sure that he becomes their mindless puppet and will respond to them as if they are his owners.

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