Dungeon system makes me rich

Chapter 1:- Dungeon System

[Sometimes life can be very cruel. This society is not equal even though they say every man in this world is equal. The concept of equality does not apply to the rich and the poor. While the rich can get away from doing any crime, the poor on the other hand becomes the victim and suffers injustice.]

The sound of typing could be heard in a small closed room. The room was very small. The room was dark. There was no light except for the light coming from the computer.

There was a man who was sitting on the old wooden chair and rapidly typing. ”I hope this time my novel works out. ”

This was the 9th time, Ishaan had written a novel. This was Ishaans way of living his life. Ever since one year ago he found out about this app that let him write online novels and earn money, he had spent countless hours in trying to write a novel. But it was as if the word success never followed him. Whenever he wrote a novel, he would always fail to attract readers.


”Maybe I don have a talent for writing. ” Ishaan leaned on the chair and looked at the ceiling of his house.

”Am I going to spend my life like this? ” Ishaan asked himself. Ishaan was a 3rd-year university student. He had rented this cheap apartment to move out of his house. ”I still haven paid my rent for 4 months. If things continue like this sooner or later, I will be kicked out of this apartment. ”

Ishaan was not good at socializing. On top of that, even though he searched for an entire month, he still couldn find a part-time or a full-time job. Living in Tokyo was very tough especially when he had no source of earnings.

While Ishaan continued to write a new chapter, he suddenly got a message.

[Ding! You have been given the chance of becoming a dungeon master? Do you want to become a dungeon master and change your life?]

”What the hell is this? ” Ishaan did not like to be disturbed when he was writing.

Ishaan was about to click no and close the window but something caught his eye. Looking at these words on his computer screen, he suddenly started feeling that if he missed this opportunity he was going to regret it his whole life.

After some time of hesitation, Ishaan gritted his teeth and decided to select yes. ”Even if I am scammed, this won be the first time. ”

[Ding! You have become a dungeon master.]

”What the…bang! ” Ishaan jumped out in fright when he heard a voice in his head.


”That hurts ”

Ishaan rubbed his butt while rolling on the ground. When he opened his eyes, he almost freaked out seeing the green transparent screen before his eyes. The green screen had some words written on it.

[Ding! You have become a dungeon master.]

[Ding! Dungeon System has been bound to the host.]

[Ding! Do you wish to check out your dungeon?]

[Yes] [No]

”I don think I am simply seeing things given that I haven drunk alcohol in 2 months. ” Ishaan simply did not have money to afford alcohol or buy snacks. He saved as much money as he can and somehow managed to pay one month of his university fees.

Ishaan calmed down and then focused on the system. He hesitantly mentally said yes. The next moment when he opened his eyes, he found himself standing on a field.

”Where am I? ”

[Ding! The host has entered the dungeon.]

[Ding! Does the host wishes to learn more about the dungeon system?]

Ishaan felt that he had seen this place before. Though he is not sure where. He looked around, ignoring the messages from the system.

He appeared on some island or a place that was surrounded by white clouds. The place had one-acre farming land on which he was currently standing. On the left side of the farming land, he saw a small wooden house. There was a pickaxe, Plow, rake, and sickle lying on the side of the wooden house.

”I thought I was supposed to be inside a dungeon. ”

[Ding! This dungeon is special compared to other dungeons. Currently, the host is on the 100 floors of the dungeon. This floor was created for the dungeon master.]

[Right now the dungeon is only level 1. At the hosts current level, only three floors have been unlocked. The host would need to level up if he wants to unlock more floors. As the host keeps on leveling up, the size of the floors will also increase. As of now, floor number 1, floor number 2, and floor number 100 have been unlocked and useable by the host.]

”System what is the function of the 100th floo

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