END GAME I: End Of The World Game!

Chapter 1: End Of The World Game!

S city.

Esther William, he walked slowly along the street with my hands in my pockets. Hes twenty years old this year, but at first, he looks like a sixteen-year-old boy because his face is round, his cheeks are a little flat, and his eyes are big, making him look young. His appearance is eye-catching, but he is attractive only to men because he looks like a small beauty that needs to be protected. And Esther William doesn mind telling you that hes a pure, simple man and never intended to work, even though his cousin William (the Strong Guardian) doesn want to be an active man in a love affair.

Esther William came out at fourteen, his parents had no idea because he had two older brothers, one younger brother, and one younger sister, no matter how much he looked, he wouldn die, so he ignored him. That same year Esther William confessed that he knew a man over thirty years old, two years after he had known that he had a wife, so he decided to break up. Then you know someone whos over 20 years old to avoid repeating that the other person has a wife, but he hasn touched you for a year. He keeps seeing each other for his familys money, so you come to know each other, and you lie down together. So he didn do anything. Esther William bothered to die, so he spent three years trying to have two bad relationships, eventually deciding not to fall in love, and if he agreed, go to bed.

Don say he is not clean, he don just a little free-spirited, but the preparation and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases are very textbook, and three years of love a night has not caused any disease.

Esther William, he just came out of the hotel with a handsome guy, and everyone went their way, and he went home. Hes the same, you
e so happy, you
e back at work. He quit school at the age of eighteen, concentrating on his distinguished streamer career. Esther William is a game believer, especially virtual reality games, and any game disc he plays is played by him and then comes back to the live stream of her own experience. But your fans, sleeping with him is a lot of fun, too.

All of a sudden, Esther William saw on the street a man dressed in black top and bottom, long hair filling his eyes and importantly his hand holding a sign that caught his eye.

”Real Game Disk ” ”Virtual sacrifices, the world of mourning. ”

Esther William, he played a lot of virtual reality games, hero swordsmen, and girls school, but he never played a game like this.

– Hey, sell it. A real zombie game record?

Nodding opponent Head, then say:

– Only one it.

– No one bought it?

– Because of the game. This is a realistic description of the end of the world two thousand years ago, so the people who came to ask couldn play.

Esther William, hes heard it countless times, and television often mimics it. Hes more obvious than anyone else because your great-great-grandfather 2,000 years ago was a man in the dead land who opened a spark of light, awakening mankind to the world as bright as it is now. The end of that year was an obsession for all mankind, a constant fear of eating deeply into sleep, two suns shining brightly throughout the sky, and a constant mass of mourning. Esther William is not fearless, but he is more curious about the end of the 2,000-year-old world. How was it before? He want to know.

– Yes, I do.

– Two Js.

Compared to the disks. When he bought it, it was so cheap that you gave him three Js. The face value of money now is very different from 2,000 years ago, its already 4200, its over 100 years after the end of the world, and 2,000 years after rebuilding everything. F is the smallest denomination, 100 F is equal to one J, and 100 J is equal to one Z. Esther William, with the disc, immediately ran home, and he wanted to know what the game was going to be like, so as soon as he came into the room, he turned on the game system, put the disc in. In less than five minutes, everything around him suddenly lights up. It sounds like Google Translate.

”Welcome. Now that youve entered the world, thirty-six billion people in the world will have to play with you, and the game will never end, only you will open up the world and put the world behind you.

Esther WilliamPlease pick a buff. ”

Esther William Listen to the bees head for an hour. Is this still a game? Thirty-six billion people, what is th

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