Lucass Point Of View,

”Yes, I want to know what you think about Literature ”, she asked me and I just jumped for a second, I was trying to digest that she was talking to me, she was bold and pretty and I am thinking that I am having a crush on her right now, she is so damn pretty and it is so hard to keep my eyes away from her.

”I think literature is love ”, I said and a big smile came on her face and that smile was something special, it was cute, it was rare and it was heart taking.

”That is great, that means we are gonna love these upcoming classes ”, she said and she started the class, the whole class was listening to her very carefully with a big smile on their faces and somehow it surprised me, I mean no one in this college takes their classes, it is so strange, it is all for her, gosh I must say that she is worth it.

I could not resist myself to stare at her, I was looking at her the whole time, she was so good with her skills too, she was teaching them so nicely, I mean, yes, it was obvious, she was a lecturer, she meant to do this, so she is doing this amazingly.

”Okay class, so that it is for today, I will see you the next day, it was a great start with you all, I wish you good luck for the whole semester, I believe that you all will stick with me ”, she said and the bell rang and she left the class, I quickly grabbed my things and I followed her behind and there is when I stopped her.

She looked at me with a raised brow and I just forced a smile on her.

”I think you need my help ms, Ava if you please allow me ”, I said to her and she looked at me even with more confusion, I just held her hand and took her towards the medical room, I had already taken a tour of this college so I know about everything, she was trying to get free her hand but I was holding it a little tight.

”What you think you are doing Lucas ”, she asked me and I looked into her eyes and instantly look away, I can not handle this.

”I am doing what I should do, you are still so careless, your head is bleeding Ava and you are just ignoring it like it is nothing, I can not take that okay ”, I said to her and now she was trying to get rid of my hand even more but I did not let her go.

”Oh, as you care, huh, I am fine Lucas, just let me go, okay ”, she said to me and I just held her hand even tighter than before and I took her inside the room and closed the door.

”I do care okay, and I can not see you into the pain ”, I yelled at her and I saw how her expression got changed and she just tried to get angry but failed miserably.

”Shut up Lucas, just shut the ** up, I am fine and you better let me go, someone will see me here ”, she said and she was making her way out, but I held her hand.

”I can not let you go like this, let me do this and then you are free to go, okay ”, I said and pulled her hand and made her sit, I started wiping her head, the blood was dry but the wound was still fresh, she cried in pain and I saw her eyes were teary as she was trying to be strong in front of me, but I know very well how exactly she is, she is still the broken doll-like she used to be.

”Why you are doing this Lucas, why the hell you do not leave me alone, are you still not satisfied to see me in pain or you still want to see me in misery, huh ”, she said and tears fell from her eyes, my heart was in pain to see her like that, I did not want that, I never wanted that, I wanted her to be happy, but I just failed her, I messed up big time and no matter what I do, I can undo what I already did.

”Shh, do not talk, please ”, I said and I applied some ointment on her wound and bandaged it, she hissed in pain but more if she tried to control not to make any noise but I just heard it, I just know that she was in pain, I always know, but I still chose to ignore this, and I know she will never forgive me for this, and I deserve this.

”Seems like you done, now let me go ”, she said and she got up from the chair, she wiped her face and made her way out but I was here again holding her hand and she just closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

”What the ** do you want from me now Lucas, why you can not let me live peacefully now, why the hell you are back now, why ”, she yelled at me and tears rolled down to her cheeks.

”I want to talk Ava, can you please give me a chance ”, I asked her and she just pushed me away.

”I have nothing to talk to you now, and stop following me, I can do nothing for you now, so you better let me go now ”, she said and she jerked her hand away and walked out from the room, I just took a deep breath and followed her out, I did not mean to trouble her, I just want to make her happy, and I know very well that she is upset with me now and maybe angry with me, but I know she still wants me, she still likes me and I can make up with her again if she allows me, I know it is not that easy as it sounds, I hurt her so badly in past and maybe she will never forget this, but at least she can amend her rules for me, if I try hard then I have a hope that she will understand me.

”Oh here you are ms Ava, I was finding you, I heard from the students that you were hurt, oh god, seems like you had a bad day, let me see ”, I saw a guy who touched her head and she just smiled at me.

”Oh it is nothing Mr James, I am fine, thank you for your concern ”, she said with that smile on her face, now how the hell he is, I just can not handle one more obstacle in my life, it is already too much for me, he looks handsome and somehow better than me, or maybe I am just thinking too much, what the **, why the hell I am thinking about a guy, I do not care about him, but all I can see that he is so close to her and that is something I can hardly stand.

”Ava, you will always be careless like that, your head is bandaged and here you are saying nothing happened, that is one habit I really do not like about you, you are hurt, you want me to take you to see a doctor ”, he asked her and I felt that my blood was boiling and my veins were popping out from my skins, seems like someone is having a deathwish.

”James, can you please stop being so concerned about me, it is just a scratch, I am fine, and I really mean it okay, I am all good, just stop all this caring too much and all ”, she said and laughed hard as they both just looked at each other and laughed again, since when she started laughing that much, what the hell is wrong with her.

”Okay if you say so, but please just take care of yourself okay and if you need any kind of help, just remember that I am just one call away from you, okay ”, he said to her

and she just looked at him and nodded her head and smiled at him and I noticed the way he was looking at her, I could see how much he is into her, he loves her, damn, he is crazy for her, and she is so stupid, she has no idea about it like always, she never know that she is getting herself into trouble, I was angry and rage was clear in my eyes, she was smiling to him all the time, and here she was so **ing burning in the fire to me, it is more than hard to handle than I thought.

”Okay so I will see you later mr James, I gotta go ”, she said to him and he just nodded his head with a big smile on his face making me angrier than I was.

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