It was a sunny day in the streets of every city in Elysia. Around every corner were cheerful smiles and gleeful expressions. It was the weekend, a time off work for the week where families could spend their time together to not only have fun, but to pay their tributes to MONA at every corner shrine they could find. Menesism was imbued as tradition through every province inside and out. Elysia was known around the world as a country of religion, but it was only the civilians within that further understood the extent of worship that they had for their goddess just outside the atmosphere. MONA was a being beyond the comprehension of even those who studied the Talitem, an ancient text written in detail about every historic event caused by the Moon, and all the morals surrounding the Menesis religion. Its been said that apparently MONA herself had written the book, but it made people wonder how a massive sphere of space rocks was able to do as such. It were the minor details such as these that brought out the doubts in skeptics littered around Elysias premise, but even so, that wasn enough to divide the power of faith that grew every year when the Reverence came around. It was this year, the year 2060, that the Elysian Congregation was planning to empower the populations faith by a hundredfold more than they usually did annually.

”We will visit MONA ourselves and have the entire trip to the Moon broadcasted live to you all. ”

Everyone listened as High Priest Raphael spoke live on a television channel that was being broadcasted to all of Elysia in that moment.

”This years Reverence will be taking place up north in Santorium, one of the provinces closest to MONA herself, fitting for what we plan to do this year. For the Reverence this year, we are building a rocket to fly to the Moon so we can have our first ever official worship service within MONAs presence. We will visit MONA ourselves and have the entire trip to the Moon broadcasted live to you all. It is unfortunate that we don have the resources to bring you all on the trip, as that would require a very, very large ship. ” Raphael chuckled to himself. ”But what matters most is that weve been able to reach a point in technology where we can finally meet our goddess Herself. Because Menesism is all about sharing the greats we receive with both our brothers and sisters, we choose to share this opportunity of worship in MONAs presence with all of you, Elysia. All seven High Priests of each province, including myself, will be flying to the Moon come the day of the Reverence. When that day and time comes, and once you have all arrived in Santorium, I request that everyone tunes into this exact same channel to witness Her grace live as we High Priests lead on the day-long worship service for Mother. Thank you all, Elysia. ”

The broadcast then returned to the channels regular shows. By now, the people of Elysia were cheering, with some even crying of joy. The news of this years Reverence took everyone by great surprise, and it was the fuel to their already everlasting joy. The excitement of Elysia had grown so immense that it overshadowed everyones thoughts surrounding the upcoming governmental election. There was only one particular group of people that continued to frown in the dark.

The Cardinal Nexus.

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