The peoples threats and actions towards us were starting to be a reality and it was strengthening. We were once the hero but unfortunately, we all fell short of grace. On our social media handles, there were several death threats. We dare not walk on the streets anymore. Every one of us was responsible for his or her safety. And after what happened to my father at the hospital, we all worried and concerned about our family too. Following the devastating state of our home and the horrible happenings that followed our mother was always at the hospital with our father looking after his welfare that no one cared about the house for the time being so it was not a home anymore. It remained in its destructive state for all the time Ijaya Iberu happened. More so, following our fathers demise, our mother became traumatized, and to aid her recovery, families in her hamlet came for her. Tade couldn go to school as well as it wasn a safe place for her too. All in one, we had no option but to accept Hon. Funsho Williams invites, that is, to stay the while at his home, the exclusive castles of a fortress. We helped ourselves with one of the castles in his estate.

It was the nicest of stays. What a happy reunion! I could remember our last time being together like that resulted in Ijaya Iberus fall from grace, although our main aim was to bring his crown-capped towers grounded to dust. Also, if not for the fact that we were obliged to be present in court anytime his apprehension was finalized, each of us would have helped him or herself to a perfect resort. Adesuwa would have had the most beautiful, and lifetime vacations across six countries as planned by her father. Above all, all we could think of being together at that moment was Ijaya Iberu.

On our first day, I helped myself to some precious views of the estate. It was breathtaking. I was all by myself all through the day. Reminiscing all that has happened, I was lost, completely overwhelmed by my emotions. I said to myself, Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the moment as an orphan that you are. Listening intently to the fine tune of the birds, I thought about my parents. I cost my family almost everything. My father was doing just fine before I fired a dragon ball at him that struck him to death. My mother blessed and appreciated his family not until I happened and cost her sanity of mind. Now I have no one else except for my dearest sister, Tade who I might lose soon if I am unable to find a solution to the problem on the ground. I am a complete disaster that shouldn have happened , I bemoaned. In my tears, I planned to put an end to the devils madness by sacrificing myself. I thought of making a heavy bargain of my life for everyones while I recited a dilogy ill I fell into a trance;

I am trotting mad!

My sword Is forthright

Save this to thyself,

Achilles hills in my strength

I am trotting mad! 5

I am sad!

Nothing matters

I might keep a fall to rise in death!

Then I shall never breathe again!

Garish echo of who I am resoundeth: 10

Resounding success who I ought to be

But wishes get smothered each passing,

In sadness; to believe- in tears

My ability; to peddle- my ambition,

Tamed to a pebble unrealistic fantasy; 15

Alas! Like Olympus, I am fallen

Ever a dry bone, am I risen?

Keep the first love for my last hate

Listen intently as my heartache

Ambivalence existence! 20

In the trance, I saw a fully bearded lion standing in front of a river bank. I hadn a clue of the plight it has been not until I looked closely then I saw a big wound it has suffered in the heart but there was no blood. The wound was too deep that the pressure from the wind was pushing the helpless lion into the river. I was terrified. But in the fascinating scene, I saw yet another mystery. As the horrific happening kept on, a vulture in flight perched on the lion and started feeding on it. But while it fed on, pure honey was pouring out from each part it fed from. This continued for just a few moments then the vulture flew away. After it has taken off, the honey started to spread all over the lions body. It was all over it that I was unable to see its face and body anymore. In amazement, shortly though, its whole body and face were seen again and this time the lion shone bright and was full of life. Then it roared so that it could be heard thousand times over. Then I awoke, perplexed. Profuse sweat was all over me that my clothes were soaked on me. It was past six oclock and I made my way into my room.

After wed all had dinner, her dad called us both together for a discussion. It was short anyway. He appreciated all my efforts and console all my losses too. Above all, he blessed our union as an approval. I felt delighted. We were both delighted indeed and thanked him for being supportive. We bade him goodnight leaving for my room. Although she wasn supposed to sleep the night in mine leaving hers that was what happened anyways.

For two to three days, I was determined after seeing that nothing much happened amongst the Fantastic Five. All our discussions about any possible solution to the mess on the ground weren interesting and worthwhile at all. I guess we were getting tired of everything and needed time to make up for ourselves. Everyone deserves a life more imperial and harmonious, unlike the present occasion. Everyone was tired. Adesuwas father even obliged on getting every one of us out of the country pending Ijaya Iberus arrest but we all declined the request remarking that such action will be cowardice. A lot has happened within the short period he came to be. Several lives were lost. Properties were condemned and damaged. We can just back down or relent after so much damage had been done. Something must be done. There possibly has to be a way to solve this, I thought.

Adesuwa and I had slept in my room for the third time in a row before I left everyone behind unnoticed. I was made and that was the fact. I left the estate on the Island as early as possible for the Ikotun police station on the Mainland where the whole scenario started. I caught all officers on duty unnoticed when I arrived too. Not until when I lowered my camouflage was my identity known. Firstly, I requested some moments with Adebare and my request was granted. We both sat together on the floor of his cell while we discussed. I knew there must be a reason for his action. He is a literate who studied in one of the finest schools on the Island. And has he not seen the world too? I questioned him dearly and he gave an unbiased response, a polite reply.

First of all, he referred to his mothers advice, and he said convincingly that all he intended was to bring an end to his fathers tyranny. He knew too well that his action could cost him his life but he was determined to die anyway for everyone to live in peace. That moment was emotional and I couldn bear the brunt of his reason and action I wept along with him. I saw him as my brother regardless of all the ill-related scenes. He noted further that if only the policemen could grant his request, that is to release him as his father had requested, he would have helped put out the unquenchable fire. We were two young guys with the same ambition. However, I said nothing about my plan neither to him nor any other except the D.P.O. because I was trying to avoid any form of sympathy and discouragement.

Following the D.P.O, Mr. Peter Chukwuezes arrival, I met and discussed with him behind closed doors. We had a father and son conversation and I persuaded him to use both Adebare and me as bait to lure their prime target in but he refused blatantly stating it would be unwise of me and unprofessional of him. The more I pressed on, the less he buys my idea. He made me believe that sooner rather than later the supreme hand of the law would get hold of Ijaya Iberu. Nonetheless, I never had a change of decision still. That night, he took me to a place, his cell- that was what he called it- where I saw the unbelievable. I was wowed!

No doubt, Ijaya Iberu has got an endless love for violence. And too sorry to say that our police force is words beyond too weak and cowardice, as quoted by a Twitter user.

For hours, the Fantastic Five kept calling although I responded, shared my location, and also tendered an apology. The call was getting too much, Adesuwa in particular, that I had to switch off my device. I needed to stay focused. I wasn happy because the D.P.O never buys into my idea. Still, that never stopped me from rehearsing and picturing what the moment would be like. I couldn possibly figure out much of it but all I did knew was that I was going to save the day for posterity to live in peace. Once again, I was determined.

It was a motivating moment when a part of the day was aired comprising a statement by the police force read by the Commissioner of police at the FCT and it went thus, verbatim:

From the Nigerian Police Department Headquarters, FCT, I say good day to all Nigerian citizens. In respect to the many unrest and insecurities going on across the Federation, we the amiable armed corps thereby give our word that we shall condone no form of terrorism be it from an individual or group(s), and sooner rather than later all criminals will be apprehended and brought to book. We are also aware of the dire terrorist activity going on in Lagos State. As weve joined our faith and prayers to those affected by the brunt of the inhumane criminal activities, we give you our word that the prime terrorist known as Ijaya Iberu and his cohorts will be brought to book soon. We are tirelessly working on it.

Read by Aliyu Maitama,

The Commissioner of Police to the FRN

Several Twitter users responded as usual. Many commended the forces effort supporting them with prayers while others languished over the statement and that was where the above-tweeted response came from.

That night was unbelievable as stated before. We left the police station at 3:10 pm heading towards Atan, Ogun state. We needed to leave that early to make it to the location earlier. We got there at around 5:53 pm or thereabouts. It was in the middle of a thick forest, and the only erection in there was just a well-spacious one-room apartment with a mini compartment set aside in one corner of the room. The whole space was lighted up by a mega solar power supply. We were received by a Yoruba man in his 40s, Kabiru Alimi, a dismissed officer in the Nigerian Army who served for close to 10years. He was in the company of a Hausa man much older than him, Mallam Ismael Yaradua, a retired ex-serviceman who was once a butcher in his prime. Together, following the D.P.Os edict and kindness they did justice to Iru akeke. The three men greeted one another respectively as we headed inside.

The other men were both top-level smokers anyway, and It surprised me to know that they don drink either. There were packets of cigarettes in the refuse sack. However, to avoid causing discomfort they provoked the atmosphere with a mixture of cigarettes and sweet-smelling fragrances upon our arrival. That was obvious. After we were seated, the D.P.O introduced me to them, and he politely asked Kabiru Alimi to present the surprise. I was so uneasy in complete skepticism of what it could be. Though I was sure it wouldn be Ijaya Iberu if it were to be a man. As the present was being brought forward the D.P.O said to me, If not for the love and faith I had in you, I wouldn have brought you here nor decided to let you have any knowledge about this. I nodded in response setting my eyes still on the spot. The former then opened the iron door as it creaked. He must have unfettered the prisoner from chains as clangings of it could be heard too. He then dragged out a tall-skinned-looking figure with his legs right to where I was seated. The subject who was gored and sore all over was writing in pain, shivering, and coughing at go. His appearance was scary that I was all over in fear. I couldn stand his sight and I was wholly paralyzed.

Kabiru came to me once more where I stood after being unseated, he then said to me silently that I should be a man and summon up my courage to look at my enemy. One of my enemies to be precise. His soft words restored my wit. Gently and cautiously, I bent over to the subject, lowering my left hand, I shifted his head as he shivers hard and I got a nice glimpse. This is Iru Akeke , I shouted in a shocking surprise, limping backward, and falling to the ground. The three men gave knockout laughter that ended my career in the ring. I never knew when I joined them and the whole place rocked with laughter. I couldn get my bright twins off him as they rocked his spot, as the moment last. I just kept wondering how they got hold of him. Iru Akeke of all people , I pondered. Before any further activities, I asked the D.P.O how they got hold of him.

Well, his story goes thus; when Ijaya Iberu was still in detention with five others of his cohorts, the D.P.O formed a spy party that features just two members, viz, Kabiru Alimi and Mallam Ismael Yaradua. They had been working together for donkeys of years. The two spies monitored the remnants of his group, most importantly, Iru Akeke, and Ko Sejo. They gave them what he called an eagles glimpse. He testified that Iru Akeke and Ko Sejo with the remnants efforts and doings executed those three workers at Ijaya Iberus palace. Cruel, he termed them, and evil. As the day approaches to transport Ijaya Iberu to the States court, in unity, all three of them gave those evil guys some closer markings. Just like the truck which did the deliberate collision, the two spies also gave the States transport vehicle a safer approach at a distance of 35-40 meters behind them. They somehow guessed something like that would happen after realizing that the truck with his bumper-to-bumper approach was up to something.

Moments after the damage was done to the States transport vehicle they arrived at the scene. On getting there, they saw the 2010 Honda Pilot closely parked by the canal while some men were doing injustice to the States bus escaping some specific passengers in it. Those badasses had successfully transported Ijaya Iberu and Deji before they got there. They were trying to get one guy transported as done with the other two when they opened fire on them. The badasses retaliated, however, they surrendered after they got to discover that they might lose the battle to them, so they rode off. They ought to have given them a chase but they let them leave after seeing Iru Akeke writhing in pain as he had gotten shot in the leg and stomach. Before the police or the States emergency unit would arrive, they got away with him. And right there in their court, he was at their mercy. He said further that the subject was as stubborn as a mule, nonetheless, he started talking since they started skinning him alive.

I looked at him closely once more and felt pity. Part of his flesh was gone. I could see his veins and muscles all gored. He looked more like a roasted chicken with big eyes. The D.P.O rescued me from the mood with a tap on the shoulder when he said, Do you care to know how this judgment was passed on him? Over there! , as he raised his head a bit looking towards a long length of a black wooden box. I walked down to the spot, getting approval from him as he nodded, I opened one of its doors. I was taken aback at the sight of its contents. There were varieties of blades, some hooks, goring chains, heavy rods and pipes, and fetters amongst other things. It was then it came to my thought that those anchored rods above the decked ceiling weren meant for fashion. The second door was filled with guns and bullets of different types. I turned to water on the spot. I lowered my hand to feel an Ak- 47 and it wowed me. The third box, however, contained some dishes, aprons, gloves, and towels. Behind the box was a long folded metal table of the same size as the box. I was in shock, fear, and excitement when I walked back to my sit.

Some moments later l after Iru Akeke had been fed a little portion of food with water and was taken back to his cell, we all had a share of the fast food meals we had bought along. I helped myself with a new mattress of the two that was saved for such a day. I slept in a corner with my eyes fixed on his cell. I was so excited before I fell deeply into sleep. The next morning, it was a huge surprise for everyone when he presented Iru Akeke to the entire public. Ikotun rocked. The news spread all over. Many wonder how the police had managed to get hold of him.

” This is a step to victory. The police should make a great deal of this to capture Ijaya Iberu , someone tweeted. Kudos to the entire Nigerian Police Force. The Commissioners word is coming to be true , another tweeted. ”

Before nightfall, Iru Akeke was admitted to the States Teaching Hospital, Luth where he was meant to receive treatment under the strict surveillance of the police.

Knowing fully well that the D.P.O was a man of great integrity, I left Ikotun for home on the Island. I tried enough to convince myself to trust his judgment. Everyone was happy to see me back after a double day out. However, I kept all that the D.P.O had revealed to me. It was worth keeping from the public , I boosted.

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