The journey of love calls for great determination, sacrifice, and vision. The two bodies involved must ensure therein is found the quality and all-around quantity of what makes lovers perfect, lasting and evergreen; they must show much commitment as move the mountain. There are many perfect references though, and my time was all about romantic plays and films, novels, as well as blessing my soul by listening to classic soul music.

I love my life. All around, I am surrounded by love, endless love. I love the way I managed ugly situations while under surmounted pressure. My determination was much greater than the obstacles I faced. I am nothing different from my father. We are both a class. What a perfect mentor I had.

My interest has grown as my wit that I did my findings from Baba Seki, the chief gateman. Just because the old man loved me like his own dear son, I had much courage and flow asking him. At first, he was reluctant, however, in the end, I managed to let him win over my trust. The old man who had worked at Ijaya Iberus Palace for over twenty years narrated a whole lot of Adesuwas ordeal. According to him, a lot of mysteries surround her existence. Its a complicated story. From the start hitherto, she had suffered ill-treatment. She had lived all her life around the house. Even, it was made known that she had all her formal education in that same house. Moreso, both Adesuwa and her mother had suffered greatly at his mercy. Unlike the other wives, they were used to living with him.

He stressed further that if he hadn witnessed her mother`s travail then would he have concluded that she wasn his daughter. Yet, he wasn sure still. Did her peek not say it all? She looked completely different from both of her parents. I asked the old man whether this mystery could be possible. His response was yes, and that a child might take after a relatives peek over the parents. I further asked him if he had met with any of his relatives but his answer was no. I felt defeated.

Intently, I searched deeply into the old mans eyes hoping to force more information. While I did concentrate my eyes on his old wrinkled aged face, he looked me right back most intently than I had expected then burst out in tears. No doubt, the old man had lived in anguish, deep sorrow, and tears of her ordeal far too long.

I took it upon myself to investigate the matter deeply into the root spending several days and nights at their residential area hoping to get new information that hadn been made known to others. But the more time saved for the purpose, the more interrogations I put forward, and the less vital information I get. It all fell on hard ground. Nonetheless, before leaving the residential area for home each day, I made sure I stood, right there in the fair night staring at the whole mansion as if I were a spy. All I intended was to rescue her as I scanned through.

Not long, after some time, it took us both by surprise when on a certain day her restrictions were lifted. This lift came with a condition that she shouldn exceed 300-400meters from the house. At first, I thought it was the start of a new life, and the genesis of an adorable story for Adesuwa, her father, and me. In the long run, we were granted freedom. We were allowed lots of time and closeness together until one ill-fated day, July 15, 2017, the cruel sense of doom landed on us. It was at the perfect time. It was shocking and fascinating too.

The sun was shining bright and blaring hot. Before long, I had presented a very precious necklace to her. It was in crafted gold color although fabricated still presentable and soothing to the eye. The word Love in two inches size was carefully forged as its pendant. As precious as Adesuwa is to me so is the necklace. It lives still! So it happened that as we were in that same Inn as usual- we worried less because no one knows who we were – appreciating our freedom and time together, caught in our truthful lies and lost in suspense yet got found back into the very light of love, the unimaginable and unexpected Iru Akeke fished us out.

As happy as a skilled fisherman, dancing and rejoicing, he led us to the patient butcher and the finest of bidders. At first, we thought all was well not until he wore the strangest and deadliest face. I wasn afraid though but worried, not for me but her. On the other hand, she too felt the same. And as we were approaching the gate, in a scornful and sardonic manner, he whispered a word to me, ife .

Standing right beside Ijaya Iberu was Agbeke, the housemaid smiling. On his left was Ko Sejo while five others of his touts formed a cut-angle where we were both made to kneel and suffered greatly. We had been betrayed and played all along by the housemaid. Thought Adesuwa once told me how much faith she had in her. I can say precisely what I should think, say, or do to her because at that moment, only by grace and miracle can we escape hell.

The devil mocked us while smoking a pipe of tobacco and he made me count each column of smoke design. Who is going to break the silence? I glared confidently into her eyes with an affirmation that we shall victory through. Had she known, she shouldn have broken the coordinated silence. As soon as her mouth spilled the word daddy , a hard slap landed on her face. With every strength in me, I rushed at the bloke not minding his physicality and ruggedness, caught off-balanced, I landed some uncoordinated punches on him as he fell flat to the ground. As I tried to deal with him further, some hands as tough as fetters constrained me. I was blaring hot and ranting madly right under my shackles when my eyes caught the unexpected. Surprised, it was Deji I had dealt with. My anger boils more and more at his sight.

Clapping his hands silently, and with a coordinated slow motion, the devil arose from his seat and walked right to where I was held. Staring at me, he grinned, nodding his head oftentimes, he then burst out a peal of devilish laughter. As he passed me by, I heard one of them say, this Bobo na good actor. Multiple scornful laughter filled the air. Moving away from me, he went directly to where the mountain goat fell. He helped him up to his feet by lending a hand and then whispered into his ear. The latter smiled, brushing his budding mustache, he then threw away his kangaroo cap. A big circle was formed and both Deji and I were made to fight each other. At first, I felt reluctant after knowing fully well that that moment had been afore-planned and staged. On the other hand, Deji was madly delighted, so I fought against my past. We both fought hard, sustaining sprains and cramps, and suffered several bruises as Adesuwa looked on, crying intently. Exhausted, I fell flat on the ground resting my head on her lap. After seeing the level at which her eyes had suffered, I know not when I burst into tears too. She washed my swollen bloody face with her tears and I pitied her state more than mine.

Hate, deceit, betrayal, and sting had all moved to the devils side this time, and both endless lovers were left to tend to each other, as those evil forces looked on scornfully.

” O dabi pe ẹyin eniyan ni o ni akoko yii. Ni iwaju mi!

Forcing an angelic smile, the devil finally spoke out. Hey, ẹyin eniyan, iwọ ko rii Yemi, olufẹ mi? all-around laughter busted out as he pranks the joke. Kini oruko re lẹẹkansi? ”, he enquired. As I felt reluctant to answer, Deji helped in my stead. Emerging from his seat suddenly, he moved towards him and landed a heavy punch on his wounded face. In a jiffy, he was down on his feet once again writing in pain. Everyone was shocked at this. Yet another time, I felt sorry for Deji more than myself as I saw him crying inwardly. And yet another time too, he asked the same question to which I responded in full. Ọmọkunrin ti o dara , he said, and he puffed a cloud of smoke on my face. While he kept his silly stare on me, he convented with his cohort. And right after that moment, every one of them dispersed except for his hands. I wondered what that moment was all about. Scanning through Dejis face as he kept yet a sardonic stare at me while leaving, I became worried. After theyve all gone outside, shutting the gate behind us, the devil said this last and unimaginative word, Omo, wa gbele gbọ. After several minutes of silence from everyone, both loyal of his dragged me out like the most wanted thief.

It was a couple of minutes to six as I walked out of the estate cold-blooded with a swollen face, bruised body, and a shattered cloth. I couldn raise my head as I had become a comfortable subject for all bystanders. Various thoughts flooded my mind but first, I needed to get myself sorted. I reached out for my handset but only to find its screen broken as I had fought with it in my pocket. Had it been I, like most people who, use an ATM card, I wouldn have had many troubles keeping myself neat to some extent before heading home. I asked myself several questions without an answer. I thought of what my parents reaction would be after seeing me in a such confounding state. What genuine story would I relate to saving myself? Would I say, Im so sorry, I got into a fight with Deji , or that we were both made to? Will I have the courage to say who made us and for what? I got so disappointed and fed up with myself that moment that I beat myself into tears in a corner. I cried loudly not minding the onlookers. After thinking everything through, I then made up my mind to head straight home.

At a space where I got seated in a tricycle going towards Ikotun from Governors road, I was pondering over everything that has happened when my handset rang. Because it has gotten a broken screen and I couldn get the callers I.D, I worried less about who the caller might be, thereon, I answered. To my utter surprise, it was Deji. Except for the reciprocal of his greeting, I uttered no words. And just like his devil, he said the unimaginative too, Iku nèrè ẹṣẹ , then hung up the call on me. At first, I pinched myself gravely to be sure that I wasn daydreaming. Nevertheless, I moved on and worried less. Hardly had we arrived at the bus station when my handset rang again. I felt reluctant at first as I thought the caller might be Deji still. Well then, I answered. With much fright and uneasiness, the female voice rocked, Where are you, Wale? Please, stay put where you are and don come home. Hope you are safe! Ill call you back when I am safe too. And the call section was up in seconds too as the first. It was Tade. Fear glued me to my seat and I had a mixed reaction. I possibly don know whether to cry or laugh. I was just disturbed right in my seat.

What have I done? I bemoaned. And like a madman,

I was all over the place. Confused about the safest place to go. What possibly could have happened too? No doubt, I ran mad instantly. Shortly after I had passed my madness then I got the devils message straight, Omo, wa gbele gbọ. Why hadn I been bothered by his message? Who knows, I might have saved the day! Regardless, I am still in the bottomless abyss. As I pondered through, I prayed to God to forgive my sins and save my family. As I prayed thus, Adesuwa stroked my thought. ” Yes, I said, and save her too. ” Even I knew I had been selfish as I had only reserved the shortest period of thought for her. Tough though, with a repentant heart, I prayed for Deji too. I prayed still.

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