I stayed indoors till the seventh day. And with time, much good news surfaced. With the aid of the twins Trado-medical care, I was back on my feet like nothing had happened. And except for the cuts and bruises which were visible still, there were fewer complications.

My family had become the churchs responsibility. Over there at the prayer city, my father received unparalleled health care and support. Who would have thought that a lawsuit would be brought against Ijaya Iberu? Because ever since the fourth day, with the churchs support, the Ikotun police division had taken action as concerned the relative thunderstorms that had struck my family greatly. Owing to several investigations, there came to be the detention of some of his cohorts, Deji inclusive. Following several questioning and eye-witness statements, the case was getting large by and by, hence, he was getting served tough and hot. Following multiple testimonies, my presence was required to charge the alleged case to court. But before I could make a decision, I confided in both Tade and O.M. And as the moment countdown, I did the opposite.

Because bringing down the devil requires more witnesses testimonies and charges as he isn any easy prey, and over time, no such supreme actions and cases had been leveled against him, therefore, we needed to play our cards right if we were to bring him down for good. With a pen and book, I jotted a list of names that would do the wreck. After much consideration, Adesuwa came first. But how would I get through to her , I thought. Truly, everything is connected; every emotion is connected from somewhere. And love is a great force with the most intense pulse. I had continued, searching for the best and safest way to get through to her when she happened.

For as many hours passed, the same callers number I know not kept calling. It was so disturbing that it made me almost run mad. In annoyance, although cautious too, I picked up the call. I waited and wasted several seconds to be sure who the caller was before entertaining a conversation. I used that frustrating and annoying strategy twice before getting fully engaged. It was on the third attempt after her mother had passed the phone to her, and on hearing her tendered voice, I got engaged, broken. There wasn enough time for us to discuss because her mother, the main character, whose moment it was rocked on. She was interested and determined to bring the devil grounded to the earth. A place outside Lagos was scheduled for us to meet as soon as possible. Furthermore, all expenses and accommodation weren ours to bother with. To risk being a victim of the same circumstances, I pressed on Adesuwa so dearly to be convinced enough that the risk was worth taking. Additionally, I made the dream I had on the first night come alive, and early the next morning, we moved.

I, Tade, and O.M got to the place before nine oclock that rainy morning. The ride was a tough time don last but tough people do allusion. Eleyele community is one of those remote areas in Arepo, a town in Ogun State in the suburb of Lagos. Both women helped us settle in. They had survived the past two days in the 2-bedroom apartment rented for the purpose. Away from the devils eyes, as he was in detention because all bail options were denied so without any pressure and heated frustration both women escaped the house.

My joy was over a thousand times percent as my eyes grazed on my love. And if anyone comes riding a horse in me, sure he/she won stumble. Right in front of everyone, we embraced, laughed, and cried at the same time. And I couldn contain the excitements that I kissed her face over and over again. I ran a check all through her body to see maybe there might be some scars suffered resulting from our last meeting with her dad, but surprisingly, she was fresh from head to toe like a days old baby. As explained, no hand was raised on her and neither did she suffer any punishments after I was violently thrown out. She was only ordered into her room. Happiness filled the apartment for the next possible minutes and we all looked sharp ready for the mission. A round table was set, but firstly, an introduction was required.

First of all, I started the discussion by asking her mother some strange questions just to be sure there ain no complications. However, she was cool with everything and passed all the tests eventually. And judging by all her answers, she was made sans strings or sensations attached. It gladens my heart to know that we were a level up of the Fantastic Four. As both stories of ours, Adesuwa and I, are no news, all the section was her mothers. Just like everyone else, I believe, the host shouldn take much of the section but the reverse was the case. Factually, her tale was worth every single drop of tears. So fascinating and full of deep secrets. So it happened that as her narration keeps on, secrets were revealed, mysteries unraveled, and tears never cease to flood everyones mash bank. Who would have thought such confidence breathe in her!

All she could say, as told by her aged brother, was that she was given birth in the winter of the year 1971. Growing into her third year, their parents died. She had no idea what they looked like and she wasn even sure if she bears right the familys name too. Born into a family that demands productivity in whatsoever stage, they had no access to any form of formal education as they were field laborers made to work day in, and day out. Following their parents demise, they followed in Cains footsteps wandering from place to place. Together, they survived many kinds of weather, fought against countless predators, and crossed many bridges. Without a home, they passed the test of the night wheresoever they see deemed fit. Her brother, strong and fearless, is cruel a man with a killer instinct. She attested to the fact that if they had lived centuries before, those ancient times that had hosted many legends of myth and mysteries, no doubt, they would have both been epically etched in historys book.

Owing to his exploits though, he would have been noted as one of the vilest and most brutal swordsmen. Besides, he would have ruled kingdoms with dragons in place of men while she, on the other hand, would have been reckoned as the most cowardly among men for she couldn fight for her rights and freedom against his decorated vile purposes. She believed her molestations by him had commenced in the early stages rather than when it all occurred to her. He is a devil angel , she admitted. She suffered not just such molestations to date but neglect as well. Despite still, the most amazing of him was that he would shield her whenever she falls into trouble.

Silence filled the air as the moment grew tense. Everyone except her adjusted from their seats. Starting with Tade who left for a chilled bottle of water to O.M who had a mixed reaction while leaning against the wall behind him. I couldn say precisely what was on my mind as I kept seated. Adesuwa being her reached for some bright rays of light standing in the middle of a window where she cried silently. After several moments had passed, she continued. Convincingly though, I believed everyone would have had the same question in mind. Was she not married to a fierce man too, and what was his response to retaliate such a disgraceful and disheartening behavior of her evil brother of a devil?

Many years passed. One day, they made their journey to Lagos. Its so sad that she couldn boast of her hometown. It was too disappointing indeed. Before her 23rd year, 1994, her brother got stinky rich. How he had derived such stunning riches surprised everyone. Although he had worked for some years at Oyingbo, Ijora, and Isale Eko garages as an agbero before disappearing out of site. No one knew where he had left for but what was factual was that he left her behind for much fewer months before reappearing on a certain day. He was like an August visitor. Various assumptions as to how he became made surfaced amongst men. But overall, she was glad to tell us all present that he was a man who worked dirty for politicians selfish interests. On hearing this, other theories rocked. All eyes were bright and fixed upon her. In her tears, she forced a smile still. And I think it did us all good that we all cleared our dirty minds.

In her 23rd year, she got pregnant and delivered. Unsurprisingly to her, it was her brothers doing. And that wasn the first of many. Although, he gave her his word that they were keeping the innocent soul unlike the ones before. She wasn sure what her reactions were like. Months passed, and finally, she gave birth to a baby boy. Baby boy? all mouths spewed in shock. Adesuwa moved from beside the window where she had stood to get back seated. With the look in her eyes, a lot pondered in her mind, but she said no words of it until the end plot. Her mother gave yet another diluted smile. At that junction, everyone was getting nervous. All tears had subsided. Bright faces had surfaced. However, she helped relieved her pain and stress by changing positions. And as she walked across the table with an uncompromising eye set upon Adesuwa, she said, You, my dear, are the boy child I gave birth to.

My uncontrollable laughter rocked the space, and it was contagious too as we all changed the tense mood. What a Trinculo I was!

Not until that moment, she continued, did it all appear to her that Adesuwa was not their child. The tense mood began to sprout roots again and curiosity followed. What an epic confusionist she was! It took several years before it became clear to her but she was convinced her brother knew all about the plot. At this, Adesuwa broke her silence.

Do you mean to say that both you and my father are siblings? Or that… Who is my father exactly, and where is he? Please, make me understand this mystery because I am running mad and I don know what to believe anymore , she demanded, confused, brushing her forehead with her palms.

With a mothers respect, she helped those palms of hers down. Collecting both in hers, she held unto them tightly like the vilest witch aiming to cast the monstrous spell. With the expression on Adesuwas face, she could feel the pain. She ordered her to listen closely and dearly as she called light down on the forthcoming darkness.

Tẹtisi, ki o tẹtisi dara dara. This is my 46th year, so I would only cause more agony if l keep lying to you. Adelaja ti o jẹri kii ṣe orukọ baba rẹ, ati pe emi kii ṣe iya rẹ. Adelaja ni orukọ ti Mo dagba pẹlu, ọkan eyiti arakunrin arakunrin mi, Ijaya Iberu fun mi. Orukọ ti ko le rii daju , she clarified.

What confusion! Who are my parents then, and where are they? Tell me! , most difficultly she pressed, demanding clarity. Most disappointingly, she got her reply, I don know. And I can say, dear.

You don know what? demanded she, harshly. But yet, with a shaking of her head, the woman responded disappointedly. Oh, what a big blow that was!

Everyone looked at one another like we were some kind of alien to ourselves before that moment. I salivated more than others, and as precautions as to not fall short of the moment, I helped myself with the bottle of water in front of Tade. Indeed, that period meant everything to her mother as she pave way for light in such a difficult time. Unexpectedly, O.M asked curiously, ” Where is your male child too, ma? But the same answer as served the former goes for him too in such a disappointing manner, I don know. And I can say, dear. Everyone remained still in total quietness ill further notice.

Now you might wonder how Mrs. Aladelaja, a renowned stark illiterate who was equally under-exposed to the four walls of the school, could stand up among others by communicating with the English Language brilliantly. Well, it was all owing to her self-esteem. She gave herself an adult education at the same time Adesuwa was tutored at home. I must admit that weve all gotten lost, too deep in our dispositions, fascinated by the deep wonders and mystery when she found us out with hope. It was super interesting. I think I can guarantee a solution to the problem on the ground. We can both find our missing parts , said she, hopeably. Excitement filled the air one more time as well as curiosity.

Well, It all happened that, at some point, when she couldn hold her suspicious feeling, she wreaks havoc on her health. Because that was the possible way to get to spend enough time away from home, excessive usage of drugs provoked damage leaving her at deaths mercy. Her heart condition deteriorated to an extent that her brother couldn help matters by keeping her on self-medication and lower-class admissions anymore, instead, she was admitted to the RightHeart hospital on Lagos Island. The hospital was the particular place where both Adesuwa and her missing child were being mislaid. It wasn an easy task to accomplish but after all, she was glad she made it to the center. Who would have thought she had such a plan? After numerous days, her body was subsisting. She made herself available to all the nurses and matrons of the hospital. One by one, she knew them all by their names. Like the doctor who had passed on several years before, those staffs who had attended to her years back when she was travailing were no longer working at the hospital too. Anyway, on a certain night, she did the unbelievable.

It was in the deepest and darkest hour of the night. And like a thief in the night, she carried out her good purpose. Before then, she had stolen a pass card from one of the staff who had fallen deep into sleep. With the boldness of her heart, she made her way to the hospital record room. Sloting the card in, it passed. Without stress, the door opened. In, she was more than glad. Knowing too well that she had but just a limited time, she wasted no seconds but got herself to work instantly. Browsing through the labeled shelves, she searched for the right year, 1995. Reaching the huge stacked 1995 document desk, she skipped other months for October. A vast number of cases were treated in that month. Without further ado, she reached October 15, and there lie all the cases of that day too.

Various cases stared at her wishing she could save some seconds for them as well but she was predefined. Trying to get her name from the A list category was stress-free. Mrs. Aladelaja Abebi from the list came begging at her mercy. She grabbed the file, fling its light-blue cover wide open, surfing through all the contents etched in a spot of black ink, there was the truth comfortably seated on a line, A boy weighing 13.5kg was born to her. She admitted that she stood at the spot fascinated. After when her suspicious theory was proven to be true, she shivers back to her hospital bed worried and in tears. I knew it all along that Ive got a missing child , she boasted. Tears rolled from her eyes as she reached for her seat.

Nodding my head, I shared a look with everyone within seconds. I can say for what reason though, maybe, I was trying to impress them with my lizard skills. And it appears to be that my magic did wonders because except for the incessant cry from the aggrieved parties not a single word was heard for an hour. However, I helped myself by staying away from the tense setting by getting some fresh air outside on the balcony. I thought everything through. I wondered about how it was so comfortable for Ijaya Iberu to have lived such despicable life. That day was beyond just ordinary. Moreover, who would have thought such mysteries would be unraveled? What a dilemma!

My going back inside was worrisome. Who knows what yet another secret lies deep inside Mrs. Aladelaja Abebi? On getting inside, to counter my thought, every one of them had completely dispersed, except for Mrs. Aladelaja who was present at the round table. Ignoring her presence, I searched for others. In the womens room was Adesuwa sitting on the bed, and Tade was trying to get her comforted. Between both aggrieved parties though, Adesuwa needed a comforter the more considering her youthful age and how she had been traumatized from her innocent days. I left them to relieve the time together going after O.M who I bumped into in the kitchen when I couldn find him anywhere else. And together, we helped ourselves to some cassava flakes and milk plus sugar and groundnut. Something must sha kill a man. And besides, the stomach is dire hungry too , we joked.

Leaving there, we both went to aid Mrs. Aladelaja out of her grave mood in whichever way possible we can. No one blamed her for everything that has happened, we were all grateful for her courage and humanity. More so, that moment marks the first day of her freedom too. To think and make decisions without being held under any shackles of intimidation from whosoever regardless of their status or notoriety. As stated by her, and I quote, Education is divine. And a little of it taught into the right sense is golden.

When the night has befallen us, everyone came to be finer. Weve all left behind what our ears made us suffer. I grabbed Adesuwa by the hand, led her into the garden, and right under the fair-lit night, I recited the beautiful romance I had with specialty composed for her. And it went thus;

To what shall I compare my loves hair?

As the melodious strings of Davids harps;

As profess I ere

With fine-tuning notes stressed above her clouds

Blessed with a vessel of wisdom 5

And a frontier of visions;

And a nose like that of the mother to Solomon

War simmers on her sides I hear

Her mouth, the best stage for a chess game;

As two kings battle mightily to get her 10

Her breath has the spicy smell of cinnamon

Of sweet perfume and myrrh so finest;

Of stacte, onycha, and galbanum-

The fragrant incense of the sacred tent

Compared to a Red Frangipani her pillar be 15

Which holds her fruity beauty mold

To what comparison her shoulders be?

They are as the pillars which upholdeth the earth;

Of breath and life as the Kerang spring,

The Plateau hills on her chest draw warmth 20

Of secrets, so grave lies within and beneath my woman:

Like a grapevine she puts out her lovely shoots;

Her blessed blossoms pave rich and glorious fruits


Blessed be my Lord! 25

For His manyfold greatness

I stand herein in His awe

Blessed be my Lord!

Nicely carvd be her outstretchd picks

Fattened as the cows of Bashan; 30

As she poses in a royal steps

Lest I forgot,

Her heart be the best bed-ding

An abode I will lie so deep;

Blossom bud-ding, 35

Therein shall I forever keep

Sin began with her kind,

And we shall all die because of her!


Truly, no one can take away anothers joy if the bearer doesn lose it. It was the next day and plans were in place for the first wreckage on Ijaya Iberu. Mrs. Aladelaja came calling on everyone after another. She helped us relieve the previous days anxiety by stamping her divine smile on eachs face. Beginning with, she congratulated everyone who despite hearing such monstrous experiences the day before had never dwindled still. I admire her brilliance. How she had planned every moment too was sweet. Undoubtedly, she would make a great host.

As devised, before the day runs out, both Adesuwa and her will be declared missing. We all weren sure what that meant before Adesuwa helped us out anyway. She demanded clarity in the coolest and most admiring manner ever, ” Mother, With all due respect, she said, what do you mean by declared missing, and how do you intend to make that happen? ” she asked lovingly? There were adorable smiles on everyones faces but she caught up on us though. Shyly, she admitted that Mrs. Aladelaja is and will remain her mother. She grew up in her loving and caring arms, and she wouldn forget all her sacrifices. And are there no several instances too? With soaked eyes, she rushed towards her and kissed her lovingly. It was so emotional for a minute. With regards to her lovely question, Mrs. Aladelaja made perfect clarity. And her reasons were spot-on and condemning.

Both women made the headlines the next day. In the newspaper, on all social media platforms, and several posters of both womens pictures were all over town with the sad seven letters description missing. To make things clearer, the plan was that after both women had been declared missing, there will surely be an investigation following this. She fully knows that her brother would deny being related to both missing bodies. And the reason would be because of his mischievous deeds. She was pretty sure that both past and present would catch up on him and he will find it hard to escape the wrath and judgment of the law. Following his denial after just a few days, we all would show up at the police station. There will be several accusations leveled against him following our presence. The truth will be revealed as he will be persuaded to shed light on several cases. The reunion will follow as well as missing identities would be made known. What an excellent plan from a genius!

Fewer days had passed away, and as predicted, the devil denied ever knowing both missing bodies. Several witnesses were called upon as the investigation soared. Just like him, they denied ever knowing either of the missing bodies as either a sister or a daughter to the accused. They stated further that his families were as follows: four wives and eight children who reside far away from him. That is to say, he lived alone with his boys. The truth would have prevailed earlier if not for the fact that his hands alongside other knaves had cleared all shreds of evidence. They were so desperate to save their boss that they killed both the security men and the housemaid too. It was a sad chronology of events. They were forged from the devils furnace indeed as they made the killings look perfectly natural. Despite their subtleties, everyone and the police were never in doubt that it was their doings.

The first of the unwarranted casualties was the bold traitor Bose, the housemaid. It happened that as the case keeps becoming obscure to salvage, he decided to give his workers some time off work. Some people, however, believed that he knew things would eventually get to that stage sooner rather than later that he decided to relieve them of their respected duties. Bose had left for her hometown in Ado-Ekiti where the cold hand of death embraced her dearly. She had gone to the river that morning to give her body a warm bath when she was found naked, dead by the river bank.

Next in line was Baba Seki, the aged man with a kind heart. His generous and humane deeds were heartly spoken of by many, I in particular. He had enjoyed what many called the perfect nights with his extended family. They had enjoyed a family get-together at his poor swampy home on the Lagos Lagoon, at Maroko. He lived amongst other poor men like him. He had survived days with his family until one night he slept, although he was healthy before leaving for bed, unfortunately, he never made it the following morning. As several hypotheses surged, practicals followed. But at the end of it all, an autopsy stated that his cause of death was natural. Still, many never believed. He had lived 71years of what many called a glorious life.

The last man on the list was Abubakar. He was found dead on his farm in his hometown of Zaria, Kaduna. The devils cohorts carried out the deadly act as far as the Northern part of Nigeria.

Several attempts by the police while investigating those cases proved futile as there was no guaranteed evidence. As those deaths couldn be guaranteed as human deeds, the case soon closed up. But as that was about to happen, we happened.

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