Blood truly Is thicker than water but there are some times that one wouldn mind going against the theory, most especially when the Almighty hand of the law is involved. The game we played against Ijaya Iberu is one for bold men. It was a game of throne. The plans, the efforts and time, the teamwork, and lastly, the unity is all the key factors that contributed to the best of many results. We dealt with his threat incredibly too.

But as that was about to happen, we happened. In the early hours of the morning, it had just stopped raining, and we arrived at the Ikotun police station, Lagos Mainland. Courageously, we walked to the counter. In amazement, everyone was taken aback. Gladly though, we were received- both missing and the victimized- two cases in a sitting. Before any proceedings, we demanded his presence. In a short while, he was brought over to the Fantastic Five panel. Truly indeed, once a soldier, always a soldier. The allusion worked perfectly in his case as his reaction and character were the opposite of godliness. He acted presumptuously,

pontificating of how he had foreseen our coming anytime soon. He appeared so unreal and was never remorseful for his actions. Before anything at all, on sighting us, he busted out into a burst of wild laughter which got us all confused. Nonetheless, his sister encouraged us to be unflappable. His action at that early stage was one of his many devices to cause terrific panic in his victims. Majestically, she went forward and presented two witted slaps on his face as the days souvenir. She claimed that each of them was for her indecisive life and mislaid child.

The section started with me. I penned my statement narrating everything that had happened. And I also shared some pictures of myself in such an unencouraging tortured state. I too requested Dejis presence before narrating his disastrous actions and inhumane phone calls and framed stories. I felt sorry for him in the end but he was still the same person as ever. Following in the devils footsteps, he has got an endless love for violence just like his Lord, savior, and mirror. The first case passed away and we were on to the next.

Mrs. Aladelaja Abebi was next in line. Speaking of, it was a long section. Beginning with the genesis of her life up to the present state, she penned her unbiased emotional statement. It was an unbelievable moment for law enforcement personnel. What an unbelievable and fascinating happening under the sky , a female constable remarked. But above all, same as everyone, she demanded clarity on the mislaid babies.

The devil, a dearness merchant of mishaps won bend to anyones will despite several persuasion and torture. For several minutes, he was wildly in shock and surprise at his sisters accusation and wit. She, in the testifiers state whilst he, a Babylon. After his masters show of shocking surprise, he requested to be led back into his cell. We were all dumped in a shocking estate. I believe diverse thoughts would have stirred in everyones mind and neither could we have escaped multiple questions as to why he was so hardened and unwilling to provide an answer. The Constable, however, put a call through to the D.P.O, Mr. Peter Chukwueze who instructed her to respect his decision. In the end, his wishes were granted and the section was suspended ill the D.P.Os arrival.

Following his arrival, the same delicacy he served us goes well for him too as Ijaya Iberu served him right. The D.P.O wasted not much time on him rather he instructed the constable and two other police officers to accompany us to the RightHeart hospital with an authorization letter. On getting there, we were received instantly into doctor Francis office as the D.P.O had put a call through informing him of our coming. We have waited some minutes when Mr. Dare Williams joined the party. Lawyer Faleti Timeyin and the D.P.O also joined via a video call section and together, we scrutinized the matter for several minutes.

What evil-doers failed to understand is that their evil deeds may thrive but nemesis would catch up on them one day. It might take time but it certainly will be fulfilled by posterity. As backed up by the testified, Mr. Wale Williams, the son of the late doctor Kayode Williams, and Lawyer Faleti Timeyin after we watched a pre-recorded video section provided by the deceased son which featured the deceased doctor, the horror was forcefully made to happen on that terrible afternoon.

On that unfortunate day, two patients, Mrs. Aladelaja Abebi and Mrs. Grace Williams, a wife of a prominent billionaire businessman and politician, Hon. Funsho Williams was soon to be put to bed. Some men, two in number, had come during the visiting hours to check up on their friend, Mr. Karimu Oloje who happened to be a patient in Ward 12. Their presence in the hospital wasn coincidental on that day, he believed, as the whole happening was a staged act. And it all appeared to him later that all patients names and their concerned visiting families which were recorded were all fake too. Mr. Aladelaja Kadri, the husband of Mrs. Abebi Aladelaja came to him in his office to demand an exchange of babies. He was surprised. As the moment rocked, and after he was not bent to make his wish happen as he made it clear to him that it was inhumane, and damage to his profession and reputation, the former held out a gun placing it on the table before him. At first, he thought the man sitting in front of him was crazy but not until when he presented the unimaginable, he finally admitted that his supposition was true. He is completely crazy beyond words could express.

Following an order after a phone call, the two men entered, and with them in captivity was Wale Williams, his ten-year-old son. Complete paralysis befell him on his seat. He admitted that he pleaded severally but the devil seated in front of him ignored all his pleas. He thought over many things in seconds; his life, family, reputation, and profession all followed after coming to reason that all possible means to salvage the day were far out of reach. Without overthinking, he was all-body in the misdeed. His conscience troubled him for days. However, following his wifes advice, he took the first step to make all wrongs right. He got in contact with his lawyer, Mr. Faleti Timeyin, and scheduled an appointment which resulted in the video creation. He urged his lawyer to make sure that when the truth eventually arrives the video should not be found wanting.

The room was filled with terror as anxiety kindled. Everyone wondered what October 15, 1995, was all about. The policemen thanked all parties involved and we all moved back to the mainland. Both women, Adesuwa and Mrs. Aladelaja were in total silence all through the journey. Of course, we couldn have asked for more than the information we were served. All that was left was to make further moves with the evidence at hand to give back to each Ceasers family what is rightfully theirs regardless. Ijaya Iberu was in it a serious mess.

October 15, 1995, made the next day headlines on all social networks and publications. Many onliners discussed the topic heavily. People began expressing their interest in the case. Many believed that a game of politics was what played out on that day against Hon. Funsho Williams. But was that not just one of the many assumptions?

Hope was growing larger. Ijaya Iberu days were starting to get numbered. Each of the days for almost two weeks was hot. A day, different commotion. Other than the next day after the visit to the hospital, all others weren soft days at all.

Two days later, Williams family was summoned over to the police station. Hon. Funsho Williams, a sixty-nine years old man, although paralyzed in a wheelchair, was present alongside Mrs. Olufunmilayo Badmus who represented her junior sister, the late Mrs. Grace Williams who passed away several years ago due to some major health complications. Two out of the five Williams children were on sit with Adebare, the mislaid child of both Ijaya Iberu and Mrs. Aladelaja Abebi. Two elderly nurses of that unfortunate day came in the company of Mr. Wale Williams, doctor Francis, and Lawyer Faleti Timeyin. It was a full in-house sitting.

Several hours were spent on the discussion. Another playback of the video was witnessed. The nurses narrated their experiences of how late doctor Kayode Willams was in tears on that afternoon during and after both successful labors. They expatiated their proof further that for several days the doctor was in agony over the incident. They appreciated his effort by confiding in them and his wife. Although he had presented both families with eachs birth certificate, however, they weren genuine. And before his resignation, he made sure that both genuine certificates which were provided in that sitting were ready and recorded in the hospitals archive. Both genuine patient files were provided and presented as a shred of evidence to back the truth.

Mr. Wale Williams was in tears while expressing his familys ordeal after his fathers resignation. Things fell apart. A happy home was ruined. His father was always in deep thought which resulted in him developing high blood pressure, and he couldn survive it after just fewer months. Above all, he appreciated Hon. Funsho Williams, a God-sent revival to his family because the amazing man deserved all the justice. The whole room went cold.

After such a long successful moment, the police made the right decision and each Caeser was giving back what was legally theirs. It was a tough moment. It was emotional too. Everyone knew it wasn going to be such an easy decisive moment. Particularly, it was a moment that births another monster.

A breath of fresh air was all over Adesuwa as she gradually settled into her rightful family and new home. Mrs. Aladelaja Abebi, the heroine became the face and news of the town. Congratulations flowed in her world and she was a deserving wonder. She was lifted. Despite being richly blessed by Mr. Dotun Williams, several human rights organizations made her an ambassador. Top-class writers and authors, filmmakers, and directors were interested In her story. As many expressed their heartfelt sympathy for the monstrous experience she passed through, others were filled with joy and happiness over her victory.

Adebare, the boy who fell from grace, became bitter. As he clearly stated, it wasn for the fact that he was no longer a Williams family but that he just couldn bear being poked at as the boy born of the same siblings. His mother, however, tried her best to keep him off the thought. Wonders happen in life, and you
e one. So be glad and make the most of every day by being better than what you once were , she advised.

My father was getting better, although he wasn expected to be back on his feet sooner because the injuries he suffered were numerous. A fractured bone marrow and an injury to the brain which caused him severe memory loss were the only remaining complications. And he couldn help himself talkless of his family on the hospital bed before he finally passed away. Sadly though, another Ijaya Iberu happened to him. Following the incident, my mother was completely traumatized. Nevertheless, the best physician, time, helped her out of her misery. Sadly, before those incidents, I stayed completely away from my family as all my best resources were heavily spent and focused on Ijaya Iberus downfall, therefore, I never got to see my dad before he passed away and was buried.

Ijaya Iberu was getting served from an all-rounder hot plate. As other allegations were brought up, he was charged with several charges which included violation of human rights, ****, kidnapping, attempted murder, involvement in coercive and controlling behavior, occasional bodily harm assault, and human torture. His case was charged to court without delay and he was soon to face the wrath of the law when the unbelievable Ijaya Iberu happened. Many believed it was a show of power and superiority. Above all other things, he has got connections and that has always helped him out. Nonetheless, he too like others soon passed away like a passing shadow.

Many commended the tireless and incorruptible efforts of the Nigerian Police Force, most especially, the Ikotun police D.P.O, Mr. Peter Chukwueze. He was a man of unrivaled principles and discipline. On the 9th of August, 2017, Ijaya Iberu and ten other prisoners, five of his boys inclusive, were being transported to the state supreme court when the unimaginable happened.

As asserted by Abubakar Adamu Adamu, one of the state police officers who survived the ugly incident, they left the Ikotun police station at 07:14 am and were on their way. As they moved on getting towards the Airport road bridge after the State Fire and Emergency Service Unit, they soon realized that an empty caterpillar truck started moving behind them bumper to bumper. They never worried much about it because it was a one-man vehicle. Both vehicles had plied together for close to twenty-five minutes when another vehicle, a 2010 Honda Pilot overtake them from a turning point on the road. As a precaution to avoid hitting the intersecting car, the driver attempted to join the other lane. As this process was ongoing, the empty truck collided with them. It pushed against them until their vehicle was sent off the road into the downhill where it tumbled and crashed into a canal. As recorded by the State Emergency Services, out of the 14 passengers on board, two prisoners died while others were injured. The police officers suffered brutal injuries and gunshots. However, two out of the eleven prisoners, Deji Popoola and Ijaya Iberu were reported missing.

The bulletin was all over various cities and towns nationwide. Just a few hours after the incident, both prisoners were declared wanted. Several procedures were taken to ambush them and directives were established for all hospitals and pharmacies to report any cases related to accidents and emergencies. Also, the nation was encouraged and endear to report and deliver the missing duo with a ransom of fifteen million nairas. Who is going to get them first? For days, the police made a thorough search of the related area. A 3-day curfew was organized in the area and houses were searched but all efforts made towards the mission proved futile. Days turned weeks. Weeks became months. Months soon to be a year yet no traces or news of Ijaya Iberu and Deji could be recorded.

People began to wonder, some panicked, and many gave their undiluted thoughts and frank feelings concerning the matter. And ultimately, as the national election was just around the corner many began to point fingers at some politicians influence in the escape. Many terrorist acts and attacks without proof of his doing and influence were accorded to him but neither did he bluff nor coughed a word. All this went on until one day another Ijaya Iberu happened. It was a scene that recorded no deaths whatsoever, however, an attempted bank robbery and property damages were the crime of the day.

On the 14th of April, 2018, the nation experienced a Micheal Scofield bank robbery in the Prison Break. Many wondered what Adebares action was all about. Neither did he have a family nor a friend he needed to rescue from prison. It was a ridiculous act that was discussed all over the nation and trust many onliners made much fun of him.

A Twitter user stated and I quote, The whole nation behold the devils creation as he wreaks havoc following the creators absence. His action began to taunt his mother as she was beginning to lose all respect. However though, many defended her saying it wasn her action and her reunion with the boy in question was short-lived too so she had no fault. And they further urged the hands of the law to deal matters with the one who has committed the crime. Soon after, Adebare was to be charged in court. Many feared a replication of the same action taken towards the escape of Ijaya Iberu, his father, therefore, tighter security was implemented on the day.

The day was just around the corner when fifteen passenger luxurious bus was hijacked along the Shagamu-Ore expressway and all passengers on board were kidnapped. Another commotion for the police to bother with. Another headache for the nation. Has the country not been in a state of unrest and heavy insecurities that many are tired of the government of the day, why now this? Everyone had stressed over this for quite a while when a video surfaced featuring Ijaya Iberu and all sixteen passengers. Another day, another shock. Many soon predicted how each day was going to be. As professed by many, we then lived in an Ijaya Iberus world of chaos and madness. Nothing much was said in the 60seconds video other than a request followed by a death threat if the government chooses to defy. All he demanded was the release of his son and his three boys In custody, and the handing over of the Fantastic Five. Failure to do so, each day for sixteen days, all kidnapped passengers are going to die.

Many took his threat so seriously, the police in particular. As promised, all sixteen passengers except for one were killed each day by the police and the public. It was an unintentional act by those perpetrators. Many officers were affected by the action and some got demoted, while others were killed at cross-junctions by the bereaved families. What he did was that he would stage each victim in a robbery site and shortly after he was gone with his boys, the panicked victim with a gun in hand would start shooting before the police would eventually bring him or her down to the spot thinking it was a true dynamic robber. In other situations though, before the arrival of the police, the angry mob present at the robbery site would exercise jungle justice on the victim not minding its consequences. Through those subtle devices and plots, he achieved his goals.

The passenger who escaped such an indecisive death experience was charged with accomplice murder. The victim, a female, 28years old Ngozi Abuchi happened to be one of the nurses on her internship at the RightHeart hospital on the Island where my father was receiving treatment. Per her statement, she planned on trading her freedom for my fathers life. She earned her freedom, no doubt, but ended up in prison afterward as her act of cruelty was later discovered after a series of investigations. Now, the devil, that serpent, and the dragon knowing fully well he has but a limited time to live wreak havoc everywhere.

Nowhere feels safe anymore as just one man, Ijaya Iberu, a political assassin turned wanted hardened criminal kept terrorizing every public sector and domain. In just fifteen days, he carried out a series of robbery acts on four public banks, POS stores, supermarkets, and roadsides robbery, mostly targetting travelers on the expressways. People began to worry. Much pressure was weighed on the government to save the moment. It got to an extent, all focus and pressure were aimed at the Fantastic Five, and we were no longer safe too as our heads were at risk of landing on Ijaya Iberus platter of doom.

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