Zhou kingdom , Capital city

” General Li miss , miss successfully gave birth to a child ” a middle aged womans voice echoed in a big mansion. The general Li the woman was talking about asked , ” Is it a boy or a girl ? ” The woman replied in a respectful tone , ” Its a healthy boy general ” ,

General Li was a middle aged handsome man with deep black hair, a muscular physique and was a 8th stage spirit core realm cultivator who was respected in the Zhou kingdom due to him being the second strongest person only behind the king and an accomplished general of Zhou kingdom . General Li said , ” Haha , the heavens have blessed the Li family. Take me to Liner and my son ” .

At a big room a woman was present in the bed who appeared to be very weak and strained as sweat was all over all body and she has a pale face but it couldn hide the beauty of the woman . The woman was the wife of General Li and the mother of our newborn protagonist. At the time the door of the room opened and General Li came with the middle aged woman . The maids in the room bowed to General Li and General Li hurriedly came to the bed and said , ”Liner are you fine. ” The woman whose name was Zhou lin said ” I am fine . Look at our son ,isn he cute ? ” General Lin looked over to the newborn baby. The baby had a fair skin without any impurities , cute baby face and enchanting lavender eyes. Although different eye colour than black were rare in Zhou kingdom but the enchanting lavender eyes were never seen in Zhou kingdom according to General Li. Nevertheless the boy would steal the hearts of many maidens with his appearance when he would grow up . General Li said , ” He is very cute indeed. From now on his name is Lin Xiu and he is the heir of Lin family . ” After that General Li chased everyone away only he and he wife were there. General Li said with a serious face , ” This child is special. I can feel a unique qi from him . ” Zhou Lin also said , ” His unique qi and different eyes are connected. Moreover newborn child can have qi . I have read some forbidden records of royal family and the condition our child has are similar to a divine body ( for those who haven figured out yet Zhou Lin is a member of royal family) . ” As soon as those words were spoken the room was filled with silence for some time. General Li then said , ” Liner but from what I have listened aren divine bodies blessed by heavens and are only found in 1 out of million people and also when a divine body is born a heavenly phenomenon will take place . But nothing has happened . ” Zhao Lin then said , ” Even if its not divine body our child is special . No newborn can have a unique qi thats not even the residual qi of their mother . ” General Li seemed to have an enlightened expression and Zhao Lin spoke as she knew what her husband was thinking , ” Don even think about telling this about anything . I know our child is special and he will be a great cultivator in future . I don want to destroy our child future but please let him be with us for 5 years .

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