Fake It ’til You Make It

New Class, Unfamiliar Faces (1)

My mind was blank as I made my way up the stage. I stood next to the other student representatives. My eyes slowly shifted toward the student body. Crap. What do I do now? Thankfully, the Headmaster soon solved the problem. He continued speaking.

”These students will be your representatives for the student council president campaign. There will be an upcoming assembly to introduce them. Please look forward to it. Now, lets give our candidates a round of applause. ”

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Along with the claps, I could hear loud murmurs amongst the audience. I could feel judging looks from all around me. Im just as confused as you all are, okay? Please give me a break. The Headmaster wrapped it all up before the gazes got to me.

”I will now dismiss everybody. Remember to go to your homeroom teacher. Also, can the representatives please stay behind? I hope every student will enjoy the rest of their days this upcoming year. I look forward to knowing you all. ”

With that, the auditorium soon emptied, leaving behind the Headmaster, student representatives, and me. He meaningfully gazed at each of us before speaking.

”I wanted to remind you that the assembly will be held on Friday next week. Before that, every one of you needs to have a running mate. Weve already sent out a form for every student to fill out. They can decide to be a candidate for a running mate or not. You all will get to decide on a running mate among your grade that picked yes. I will give the rest of the information after school. Aside from Amelia Knight, you all may go to your homerooms. ”

Now Im the only one left from the student body to the representatives. Work seems to have been piling up to a mound. Now, what does the Headmaster want to do with me?

”Ha ha ha, ” the Headmaster suddenly burst out laughing.


”You should look at your face, Miss Knight. You very disgruntled, ” he commented, trying to control his laughter.

Really? This is no laughing matter. Getting to the heart of the case, I said.

”Headmaster, Ive never consented to any of this. I never KNEW about any of this. Please explain. ”

”Now, now, Miss Knight, I will give you a proper explanation. I came up with this plan. The old first-year students representative voting system was flawed and unfair, but we also didn want to take this opportunity away from the first-year students. So, we decided to pick the most qualified student from their grades to merits. Ive also sent a mail to every household asking for consent for their students participation. If youve never known about this, I advise you to talk with your parents or guardian. If you
e sure you don want to be a representative, you can give me an answer tomorrow morning. But, do show up to the meeting this afternoon. Itll be essential, ” he explained calmly.

”Alright, I understand, Headmaster. Also, whats the reason you had me stay behind? ” I questioned.

”Right, I just wanted to make sure you
e doing okay. Usually, first-year students have the toughest time in these types of things since they
e trying to adjust to a new environment. You probably have a vague idea of what to do now. Now hurry to your homeroom before you miss anything important, ” he added.

”Okay, thank you, Headmaster. I will get going, ” I said before hurriedly walking to my class.

The Headmasters a fascinating person, but his explanation made everything more apparent. When everythings over, I will have a good talk with Mother.

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