Fated Love Destiny

Arranged Marriage

He walked down the road full of thoughts. He was walking towards his uncles home where he was asked to be. He didn like the idea of being forced to do the things he didn like. Being the last born son of the house and the only one who was not yet engaged to any girl, his father had intended to make a relationship between him and his friends daughter. In real sense she was beautiful according to rumors but he believed that love cannot be organized, but nature takes its course and brings together the pair. Patrick had no idea what was going on. This was all that he had guessed as he had happened to hear something of the sort.

Every time he asked what was happening, he was told that it was his surprise. Patrick wondered what he had done to earn himself a surprise visit. Not wanting to burst his head with the heap of questions he had no answers and no one was willing to give him answers, he sat down and patiently waited for the guests. His uncle was the host thus the Farleys family were the visitors.

The clock ticked and the awaited moment came. There was a knock at the door, when it opened, Mr Peter entered followed by his wife Mrs Peter and their two daughters and their two sons. The atmosphere in the room changed to a jovial one as the guests were warmly welcomed. After about ten minutes of introduction, the mood was changed into a carnival one as the aroma of fried beef leaked to the living room. Patrick s female cousins swang into action and served those present with beautiful smiles dominating their faces.After the great but short feast, the main agenda of the day began.

” Thank you all for your presence here today, we are greatly honoured to be your hosts, ” Patrick s uncle kicked off the conversation.

All eyes were now focused on his tiny body frame. He was wearing a black suit, a white shirt and a blue tie. He was standing in the middle of the living room that had no table. Having everyones attention, he relentlessly pressed on

” Our families have been allies for ages now and so we would like to take the relationship to a whole new level, ” he said looking at everyone present to see the impact of his words. As expected, everyones face shone with excitement as they applauded the words spoken more than the speaker himself.

”…unfortunately for me, Ive got no honour to spill more words thus I hand over the responsibility to Patrick s dad, ” he finally said as he gave the old man a hug before he took his seat.

Patrick s dad wore a maroon suit, a black tie, a white shirt and black shoes. He moved hastily towards the center of the room so as everyone can see him and hear him well. He looked around and threw a big smile to all those present and he turned and looked at his son. He nodded to him indicating that all happenings were for him.

”Just as my young brother has said, these two families have been allies ever since our ancestors till today. Well today we would wish to take this to a whole new level. ” He paused and looked around while the multitude in the house clapped until their hands hurt. ”When I say a new level I mean we are going to be one family. Of course, we are going to do that by marrying off our children thus creating a bond of in-laws. ” The room began being full of happy laughter. Everyone was smiling except for one, Patrick . He didn know what this related to the surprise his cousins were talking about.

”We the Crystal family would like to ask the hand of the daughter of Farleys family for marriage to our son Patrick , ” the old man said looking at Patrick to see if he was happily surprised but Patrick s emotions of the moment never showed to the surface.

The moment Patrick s dad mentioned that the one to marry was him, every sound around him faded. How could this be? How could they just decide for him when and who to marry? How could they ignore his own feelings and choice? All these questions, he had no answers.

He was brought back to reality by hit on his back, his cousin was trying to nudge him to smile. Patrick looked around him and everyone was full of smiles, and so he forced himself to smile with them. His twin cousins came and sat side by side with him and began teasing him.

”Hey, soon youll be a married man, cheer up, ” Jack started.

”Yeah, you should be happy because you are going to start a life soon you know, ” Jason teased further.

Patrick just sat there like a log without responding to his cousins words. He was once again lost in his thoughts. Within him, there was a war going on. A war that threatened to tear him apart into tiny pieces. He kept thinking about the pros and cons of the marriage. The advantages were heavier than the disadvantages. The advantages were to his family who were many and the disadvantage was on him, only one person.

The meeting then continued until evening. All this time, Patrick was absent minded so he heard nothing said in the meeting. He was again bro

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