Nero summons itself as the vine comes towards Vista. Nero deflects the vine with its tail.

Several trees start walking towards Vista. Vista lies there entangled by the web crafted by the sounds. Several vines come towards Vista. Before the vines could touch Vista they get cut into several pieces.

Axel stands there grabbing one of the vines and gazes at nero. Nero hides inside Vistas clothes as he witnesses Axel.

Leon comes running toward Vista. Leon sits beside Vista screaming ”Wake up ”

Although Vistas eyes were open he was lost in the darkness that could be seen in his eyes.

Leon picks Vista on his shoulder.

[Its not your fault] Nero to vista

[Not your fault] Leons allies to him.

Everyone moves to the base after losing some companions and gaining some regret.

Vista sits along with Sam and Leon. With broken sentences and incomplete words, Sam explains to him what happened inside the tower.

Vista stares at the table as he scratches the table with the fork. As soon as the story ends, Vista leaves the table without uttering a word.

That day food was just a catalyst on the tables for the conversations.

Leon goes to Sophia to heal his leg. Leons leg was damaged severely and it kept worsening as he helped everyone escape the tower. The upgrade was too much for his legs to bear.

”My healing is not at the level of Lara ”

”How much time will it take to heal this? ”

”It will be better if you don use your ability than I might do something about it ”

Vista on the other hand with no physical injury had his wounds scratched. Vista kicked the walls of the cave. The blood or cracks coming from his legs do not stop him this time. He attacks again and again Until Nero grapples his arm.

”So now you can assemble yourself without my help ”

[ Its because of your training, it is helping]

”You only want to protect me, you don care about any other allies or anyone. Do you? ”

Vista picks up bandages that he already had for his arms. Vista goes to the base to sleep.

Vista sees the place where Lara sat. He notices several empty beds. The guys there switched sides but couldn sleep. Some cried trying to hide their fear and sorrow.

Vista goes to the roof Vista lays down and closes his eyes.

He remembers the time when she called him. ”Calm down, Calm down ” Vista grabs his head and tries to sleep.

Vista closes his eyes but a tear escapes. The tear from escaping the barrier crawls onto his forehead. The tear on his forehead was like a bug that caused a slight but irritating headache as it crawled.

Leon the next morning goes for a run. He falls as he loses balance while running. He starts running again and falls again. Every time he stands up he feels more pain, more cramps.

He encounters a Hedgehog rolling towards him. He stumbles but runs and kicks the hedgehog.

The particles from the hedgehog enter his boots.

”I have to get stronger. Another upgrade is all I need ”

”Aaah. ”Leon screams in pain as Sophia pulls his ears. ”I told you not to use them ”

Leon takes a step back and escapes her grip.

”Okay, okay lets go back. ”

They both walk to the base. They notice Vista standing beside Axel. This was the first time Leon saw Vista talking to Axel. They didn have to walk up to them to hear their conversation.

Vista said something that got everyones attention. ”I think we should go back inside the tower. ”

The guys stood beside me and had their conversation going on. As they heard his words they couldn stop themselves from arguing ”Are you insane, do you want more of us to die there ”

”Why do you think so? ”Axel asks him.

”The stairs lead to something. I think it will be helpful ”

Many believed that Axel would never make such a decision. Some noticed the interest that Axel showed in his words.

Sam questions Vista ”What if another bird lies there or maybe something even more dangerous, ”

”You sure you aren risking others life just for revenge ” Axel questions Vista

No, What revenge? ” As he smiles and scratches the back of his neck. Vista clenches his fist, blood drops from his blood-soaked Bandages.

Nash looks at the blood. Nash pats the back of vista.

”I also want to explore the tower ”

Oliver stands up. ”Although this is a decision made by the dumbest guys here, still I support them this time. ”

Leon starts to raise his hand supporting Vista. He tries to pull his hand. His hand is constricted by the vines created by Sophia.

Although everyone who had faced the Tower was afraid, revenge is the dish best served hot.

”We will create a new group this time, we can do it in haste. We know we are weak now.

I want at least 10 guys including 3 healers who can summon their allies. If we can achieve that we will depart for the tower. Is that good enough, Vista? ”

A week was the time decided to be given to everyone to train.

Leon jumps on trees hunting different allies as he discovers them. Leon witnesses a group of horses sprinting. Leon springs beside them with all of his strength.

[Still slower than me]

A vine unnoticed by Leon grapples Leons leg and hangs him upside down. Leons shirt starts slipping, and Leon grabs it by his hands.

Sophia sat on the tree controlling her vines. ”Are any of you guys sane here? What will you get by going back to the tower? ”

”You can convince your sister, Nash was the first one to support Vista ”

”Do you think she would listen to me? Tell me where your buddy is. Lets knock some sense into him. ”

”Vista, he is more stubborn than you think. By the way, Can you let me down? ”

The vine unfolds and Leon falls to the ground. Vista wipes the dust off his shirt and stands up. ”Could have been smoother ”

Sophia heals Leons leg.

”Who healed you? ”

”I think its because of the upgrade. They heal too now ”

”Is that your ally? ” Sophia points toward the white wolf.

The wolf jumps on Leons shoulder and howls.

Vista goes to visit Sam.

”What kind of weapons would you like? These rifles, machine guns ”

”Swords ”

”Do you want to be a samurai? or something its not that good without abilities ”

”An armour too and some grenades. ”

Nash teases several giant apes on the opposite side of the barrier. The apes start slamming their chest and enter the barrier.

Nash smiles and swings her sword. Several fire slashes fly toward the apes. Apes try to avoid the slashes and move towards the barrier. Nash stands at the barrier and starts slashing them one by one as a lizard sits on her shoulder.

[Is this training or are you taking your anger out]

”Moon is out ” Nash looks at the humongous moon with no patches just a sphere of purity.

Vista flies in the night on a shadow that roars.

”Didn fall this time ”

The night ends and everyone stands in front of the tower. Oliver moves toward Axel

”I can lead this time if you feel pressured ”

”This group doesn need a leader ”

”Shouldn we wait for Vista? ”

”He will arrive soon ”

They enter the tower.

Leons rush toward one of the horses and slam it to the ground. ”No hedgehogs this time, but horses. ”

Nash follows Leon and summons her sword. ”I am quite bored. With these, I wanna hunt some plants ” Nash creates a flame wave in front of the trees.

Nash flies through the waves toward the trees and starts slicing them.

”This lawn needs some mowing ”

Cats with their arched backs start to ignite flame waves. Sam creates a barrier in front of them. ”So you evolved too ”

A grenade falls beside the barrier.

”Late as always. ”

Sam starts closing the barrier. Vista enters the barrier before it could completely close.

The grenades explode.

Vista whirls more grenades. Smoke starts coming out of the nades.

The cats run away from other nades. It was a new weapon for them. They were afraid of the other nades because of the impact they felt from the previous one.

Cats are still scared of the nades and forget a hunter has entered the barrier with them. Vista slashes a cat in two halves.

Other cats notice Vista and attack him with flames. A cloak materialises on him.

Cats arch their back as they see the smoke increasing. Smoke fills inside of the barrier.

Blood starts to spatter on the ground. Vista comes out of the barrier. Vista sees particles assembling near his hand bracelet.

”What upgrade will I? ”Vista sees flames in his thoughts.

The petrification gets undone. The bird starts flying on the ground and the gate opens.

Leon grabs Vistas shoulder.

”We gotta move. ”

The gate opens. The surviving trees run towards the gate and Nash follows them.

A barrier appears and trees turn to dust.

Sam notices the scene ”They choose the gate rather than her. ”

Sam creates several missiles and launches them toward the bird.

The bird escapes the missiles. Olivers shots, one of his arrows and several arrows that were already stuck in the wall, get connected to create a web.

The birds wing gets stuck in the web.

”Let me free you ” Nash slashes both of its wings and the bird starts falling. Axel uses his spear to take its head.

Vista looks at its bracelet as images of weapons come into his mind. Sam pushes Vista into the gate. ”What are you waiting for? ”

Vista saw The flock flying into the next area.

Axel teleports in front of a group of birds. A unicorn rests on his shoulder.

Others start summoning their allies too.

A wolf for Leon.

A mermaid for Oliver.

Sam with his robot.

The birds start air and start getting roasted by Nashs flames.

Oliver launches arrows; a single arrow destroys a Birds existence.

Ava creates hundreds of sharp stones made of ice to attack the birds. And launches them towards the birds. The birds screamed in pain. Death by a hundred nails is far more painful than a single bullet.

The number of birds starts decreasing. Vista hunts the birds that fall to the ground. Vista, still confused about the images, gets distracted.

[This is your ability]

The birds start flying close to each other. They start forming a tornado around them as they combine into a single one.

As the tornado disappears Flames roam around the phoenix. The Phoenix stands in front of the stairs and screams.

Axel uses his ability, and the bird halts in its place. Nash launches her flames toward the bird as Oliver and Ava launch their attacks too.

The bird snaps out of Axels time barrier. Sam tries to catch it with chains but the bird dodges them and starts flying.

Nash launches flames toward the phoenix. It launches flame arrows toward Nash. The arrows penetrate Nashs flames. The group of arrows that passed through her flames are about to hit her. Sophia pulls Nash by her vines. Nash gets hurt by some of the arrows peeling her skin. Sophias plant on her shoulder pokes her ears.

Axel tries to stop it again with a barrier but the bird lags and escapes the barriers, launching a group of humongous rocks. The rocks fall on the ground carving huge holes in the ground.

Vista gets saved by a barrier created by sam.

”What are you dreaming about? ”

”I Want to try something ”

Vista moves past the barrier. Vista Creates a board covered with flames and stands on it.

He tries to balance on the board and drops the sword created by Sam. Vista Crafts a staff as Nero appears on his shoulders.

Sophia sees vista flying towards the bird as she heals.

”A blue snake, cool ” Leon compliments as he glares at him.

Vista creates rocks around his staff and launches them toward the bird.

Vista disconnects all the pathways of the Nesk from the phoenix.

The Phoenix falls as the rock hits it.

”Glad it worked ”

The Phoenix weakened and hardly able to stand, tries to connect the pathways again and glares at Nero.

Vista moulds the ground and the claws of the Phoenix get immersed in the ground.

Ava materialises a spear of ice, throwing it toward Leon.

Leon kicks the Spears, sending them around the phoenix, constructing a cage around it.

Ava about to fall gets support from Leon.

Nash takes in Nesk and summons the second form of the Lizard. The lizards legs grow into wings and stand on the other two. The Lizard transforms into a dragon and breathes fire out.

”These aren normal flames, ” Leon starts carrying people away from the flames.

The birds stand up by forcing his body above the ground. Vistas staff breaks.

”So these aren permanent. ”

Vista imagines two swords and combines them with flame and rock elementals. Two swords start shaping in his hand. One covered with flames and the other with a rocky edge.

”Flames too, really ”Nash utters as she bits her lips. Vista flies toward the bird and cuts the wing as he spins holding his swords.

Vista points toward the top of the bird with his other sword. A giant lance starts forming on the head of the bird. It lances the phoenix.

A water element appears in Vistas head as his swords disappear.

”Finally, your hard work worked ”Nash pats his shoulder. ”Still, I am the better flame user ”

Leon starts climbing the stairs.

Leon utters ”Don complain after I take the reward for myself ”

The stair ends and everyones huffing increases along with the pressure. To further increase their stress, a golem lies in front of them.

Suddenly the huge golem stands and red colour laser beams emerge from its eyes.

Everyone can dodge light.

Sam creates a barrier but the beam destroys them. The beam deflects destroying the barrier.

Vista launches a group of rocks on it. The rocks get crushed as they make contact with the Golems coating.

”Can you use your time barrier on him? ” Oliver asks Axel.

”Its too enormous I don think I can ”

”Its my time to shine then I guess. ”

Oliver launches several arrows simultaneously.

The arrows flood the room with water.

Vista summons its board and flies on his board. Sam creates a barrier above the water. People with no flying abilities land on Sams barrier.

”What are you doing Oliver? we are an easy target for it ” Sophia screams.

”Do you think I will let it launch an attack? Oliver replied as he concentrated on the nesk and passed it towards his mermaid. The mermaid inside the water attacks the golem.

Water below Oliver starts rising, creating a pillar. Oliver launches arrows as he stands on his pillar.

Another bracelet starts to appear on Vistas left wrist. Vista takes a step forward towards the water. The water acts as a footing for Vista.

”Not water too ” Sam slaps his head.

Vista runs into the water and goes near the golem. With his swords, he launches rocks and flames toward the golem. The Golem, unscathed by the attacks, points a laser beam toward Sams barrier.

People start jumping from barriers.

The size of the laser beam engulfing the barrier.

Sophia uses her ability and a giant lily pad that starts rising beneath the water. Nash summons her lizard on the lily pad, the lizard creates several flame arrows that hit the golem.

”You aren the only one with arrows. ”

”You are just evaporating the water the golem isn taking damage, dumb**** ”

Golem, unaffected by the attacks, glares at Nero. Vista tries to disconnect the pathways connected to the golem. Vista disconnects one, the golem combines with the other two.

The mermaid comes back to Oliver in its first form.

Golem starts creating a barrier around it.

”A barrier, for a barrier ”

Sam creates several bazookas aiming toward the barrier. All the bazooka fire simultaneously. The noise from the explosions forces everyone to close their ears but the barrier remains unscathed.

Sam creates robots that start flying around the room. The robot use lasers trying to sever the barrier

Sam notices more lasers in the room. More tiny robots appear in the room.

”These are not mine ”

The barrier covering the golem disappears and the golem disassembles to combine with the robots.

Every ally to their partners.

[This place is his nest]

”What does it mean, Nero ”

[It has traps here, end the fight as soon as possible.]

Barriers start appearing in the room, and the room widens. The structure of the room changes. Some fall into the holes the group divides as the golem disappears.

Nash and Oliver end up together.

Sam and Axel.

Leon and ava.

Sophia and Vista.

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