A girl on a bed rolled from side to side,her white paled skin made her look like a porcelain doll.

All of a sudden, that figure snapped her eyes opened,her blue bright eyes showed panic, she looked at her side and smacked her head.

She grabbed the alarm by her side and shook it ”Why didn you wake me up ”she yelled at the alarm clock which dinged.

Then she threw it on the floor smashing the poor alarm clock, she widened her eyes like she had just figured out something important ”**,am going to be late again ”she stood up in a rush and had a five minute bath.

An Nuan dressed up for work hurriedly, she was late again to her work.

She rushed downstairs and met her mom and six siblings, they all ran to hug her ”Good morning auntie Nuan ”they all said unanimously like its a normal routine.

Xia Nuan sighed and bent down pecking all six of them and hugging them ”Good morning to you too ”she said running to her moms side and pecking her too.

”Bye mom,am late again. That **ing alarm clock didn wake me up ”her Mom sent her a look of disdain ”Don use the f word again. ”her mom said ”Also didn you break that alarm clock yesterday when i woke you up ”

Pfft An Nuan glared at her siblings and they kept quiet immediately.

”Mom, am going to work. Don stress yourself today. Love you ”she said and ran out of the house and straight to her work.

Reaching there,the restaurant was crowded with customers and waiteress meeting their demands, An Nuan darted her big eyes around the restaurant,when she saw that her boss wasn there at any corner.

She exhaled the breath she didn know she was holding and in a minute, entered the kitchen and wore her waitress attire,carried a notepad and pen for orders.

She went outside the kitchen and someone called out waitress, she went toward the person and said with a smile ”May i take your order sir? ”she gave the man her professional smile and talked with a polite tone.

The man looked at her from head to toe with a disgusting look,An Nuan felt goosebumps on her body and knew that this man was upto no good.

The man looked like he was in his late fifties,his smile lewdly showing his full brown teeth.

”How about i pay you more than the original? ”he said with a smirk and An Nuan had the urge to slap him across the face and wipe that ugly smirk from his disgusting face.

”No need sir but you can pay it through a tip ”she said.

She was no saint,if the man wishes to pay more than the original price,who was she to refuse.

However the man reached for her hand but An Nuan sharp eyes caught him and swiftly moved back,the man seem pleased ”How about 10,000 Yuan for a night? ”.

An Nuan face had turned red like a tomato due to the rising anger brewing inside of her,the man was slowly revealing himself to her, she thinks.

”Sir, your order ”she changed the topic.

No tip would make her sell herself especially not to this ugly bafoon.

”I want to order you ”his hand landed on her thighs.

Thats the last straw, she thinks. This man clearly hasn heard about me.

She held his wrists, twisted it and threw it away making the man land on the floor.

All eyes were now on them but An Nuan was too angry to take notice ”You bitch,see what youve done? ”the man glared at her ”What have i done? ”the man groan in pain but he still moved forward and touched her thighs and this time a little higher.


The two slaps echoed through the silent restaurant, not even a breath was held. It was pin drop silent.

Then a young man rushed forward,on seeing the scene,his face changed from a smile to a frown and from friendly to anger.

He cast a deadly look toward An Nuan who looks less bothered ”You
e fired An Nuan ”he yelled,then turned to the man on the floor.

The man on the floor was still in daze,his hand was on his left cheeks ”Mr Gu,am really sorry for what happened. Shes really uncultured,shall we head to the hospital? ”Mr Gu glared at An Nuan who was standing causally at a side.

He stood up and saw that a lot of people had started taking videos,he walked out of the restaurant with two big red handprints on his left cheeks.

An Nuan was suprised at how partial and bias her boss was towards her.

She was clearly not at fault, everybody had seen how that perverted man had tried to touch her but he still took his side.

Her boss looked at her with a cold face ”What are you still doing here?,the only way to maintain your job here is to apologise to Mt Gu in public ”.

An Nuan sneered,he wants me to apologise, she thinks. Does he think that am that cheap,me apologizing to him is like indirectly selling myself to him.

”Just be rest assured that i will never come near your restaurant again. All you do is to treat others differently all because of their status. I would never work in a place like this ”she strutted towards the french doors and walked out without looking.

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