An Nuan was such in a bad state, she had avoided going home because her mom would surely bombard her with so much questions.

She was devastated and aggrieved, she was the one fending for both her mom and siblings after their father had died. This is her fourth job she had lost now due to her temper but she didn care, she hates been pushed around and harassed.

She couldn probably get another job now,in the whole of City F,they all know her as the girl who had a temper.

She sighed walking around the streets when a car passed by her and spilled mud on her dress.

Her eyes turned red in anger,this was her favorite dress and it had cost at least a few hundred.

She had worked hard just to be able to buy this dress but this car had spilled mud on it. It has been soiled.

The car slowed down,An Nuan stomped toward the car,the window was tinted but she knew that someone was in there.

She knocked on the window,the window still didn whine down so she knocked harder ”hey open this window and see what youve caused ”she yelled then the window whined down slowly.

She was slowly loosing patience,then she saw an handsome man staring at her with a smirk, she side glanced inside the car and saw a woman beside him. The woman dressed was slightly loosed showing half of her boobs and her dress was raised up to her thighs.

An Nuan stomach churned thinking of what must had happened in there,so thats why he couldn whine the window earlier, she thinks. What a slut!.

”What am i looking at?,a dirty woman covered in mud standing at the end of a street. ”The man said with a smirk hanging loosely on his lips.

This enraged An Nuan ”Your car did this ”she pointed at herself.

”I don think my car is alive ”he said with a taunting smile.

”Of course, your car didn do it but the driver made your car do this ”the man showed a confused look.

”Are you lying to me?,you did say my car didn do it,now you
e saying my driver did. Are you insane? ”

An Nuan felt she might explode from being too angry,she clenched her fists beside her sides and tried her best to remain calm but it wasn working.

”What do you want,as you can see, Im in the middle of something. You know what, take this ”he threw a card at her face ”Give me a call when you want a compensation ”He rolled the window back up and the driver drove off leaving the stunned An Nuan rooted in where she was.

She carried the card in anger,one could see the smoke coming out of her ears,mouth and nostrils.

She read the card Lu Jingze.

Isn he the famous and number one playboy, she thinks. It was said that girls throws themselves at him mostly for promotions in their works,he was extremely rude and proud,he had even dare to slap the president.

Although with this his evil character,he was still loved by many.

No wonder he was rude to her, she thinks and kept the card in her bag.

She would need this,if she couldn find any job, she would definitely give him a call and make a dent in his account.

She went to her home and was welcome hy her siblings ”Big sister Nuan, what happened to your clothes? ”one of her sibling asked.

Her mother who heard An Nuan name came outside ”Why are you home early today and what happened to your clothes? ”she asked in a worried tone.

An Nuan wanted to hug her Mom and cry her eyes out,to the outside world, she was this brave and proud girl who fears nothing but once shes in her home with her family.

She doesn for once hide her feelings and emotions from them.

”Mom,i got fired ”she said plainly ”Ill go and shower ”she pecked her Mom and went upstairs.

Her Mother didn ask any questions and watched her go upstairs, she head back to the kitchen and continued cooking.

An Nuan went to her room and locked herself inside, she took off her dress and entered the bathroom hanging her dress by the side and showering.

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