”Young master,here is this file you asked of ”A butler handed the file to Lu Jingze who took it,he looked at the model by his side ”Leave ”the model pouted but didn dare to challenge him.

She obediently took her shoes and walked out. Lu Jingze opened the files and read it with a smile ”So, shes need of money ”.

He didn know why he was intrigued by the young woman he had met today,her fierce nature was amusing and the way her face turned red and her cheek puff up was amazing.

He had met her before, she was working in a restaurant as a waitress, she had gotten into an argument with a lot of male customers.

He smirked sure that she would call him but just in case she doesn , hed give her three days and if she doesn call,he would.

He read her file and read her dislikes and likes, she was sure a different girl.

She actually hates flowers and loves swords, she was even a black belter.

He would enjoy taming this girl.

He dropped the file and called the model back.

The room was soon filled with meat slapping and lewd sounds.

Lu Jingze has finally satisfied his desires and told the model to get ready and they
e going for shopping.

The model happily nodded and dressed looking all sweaty,she followed behind him until they reached the hall.

They shopped for hours,more like the model mostly bought clothes for herself, she added jewelries,shoes and lingeries.

She was so happy that Lu Jingze had finally taken her out,he had never done that to anyone he had flings with.

With this thought,the model felt special and held his arm,he didn resist ”Are you done? ”he asked feeling bored. He hates accompanying girls to shop,they always take time. He was happy that she didn even ask to wear them and see if they fit.

Then his eyes went to the opening where a lady and a man walked in together holding hands. He recognized that woman, she was that fierce tigress but what was she doing with that man,he thinks.

He was about to go and meet her ”Mr Lu, lets go and see more clothes ”Lu Jingze darkened eyes lit up when he heard her,he nodded and placed his hands in his pockets and followed the maid to the direction of that woman and that man that had come with her.

The model could notice his absentmindedness and stared at his direction ”Mr Lu,why are you staring at her?, you
e with me ”she said peevishly and held his arm coyly.

Suddenly An Nuan jammed eyes with Lu Jingze,her eyes became fire then she turned around and behaved like they don know each other.

Lu Jingze smirked and licked his lips. I will conquer her,he thinks determined.

He turned to the model who put the strap of her clothes slightly loose revealing her sexy boobs underneath,he got hard and when she noticed that he was reacting.

She licked her lips bringing out her tongue,then stared at his chest down to his trousers,Lu Jingze coughed ”Are you done, Ill give you an hour to complete your business ”he said and walked around the mall.

He sights An Nuan again and she was still with that man and they were going to the kids section,Lu Jingze smiled at her,he then turned front and continued walking.

Could they be married,he thinks. Or do they even have a child together. Definitely not,i didn see it in that in her file.

He could see how the man dragged An Nuan down and whisphered in her ears.

She looks so uncomfortable but the man didn seem to notice it,he held her hands tightly and dragged her to the clothes section.

Meanwhile after An Nuan had bathed finished, she went downstairs and sat down for lunch.

Then someone knocked,her Mom stood and answered it ”Nuannuan, its Gu Ji ”.

Gu Ji was An Nuan best friend, she wasn really a fan of girls and mostly hung out with boys but that doesn mean that shes a tomboy.

An Nuan went to the door and was welcomed with Gu Ji worried look ”I went to your work and was told you were fired. What happened,i promise to defeat any scumbag that tried to hurt you or did this to you ”he swore. An Nuan mouth twitched at his exaggeration but she knew that she was doing this for her sake.

”Its alright Jian,it wasn a big deal. It wasn like this is the first job i had been fired from ”she joked. Jian was his nickname from her and he always seem pleased to hear her say that.

”Ill leave you too lovebirds alone ”Mom said and i glared at her ”Come on Mom,i told you that we
e just friends ”.

An Nuan was tired of always telling her mom this over and over again. Just because shes close to him doesn mean they have something romantic between them.

Her Mother winked, turned and walked away ”Lets go shopping just to cheer you up ”.

An Nuan definitely won refuse that, she would even buy clothes for her younger ones. She nodded, went to her mom to tell her that she was going out and followed Gu Ji into his car.

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