st me and my family ”.

Gu Ji bright eyes grew dim, ”Alright, don forget to give me a call whenever you need something ”he said.

An Nuan nodded and chose some clothes for her mom,then her siblings.

Both her and Gu Ji really look like a couple, people couldn help but whispher among themselves.

”Wow,see how cute they are ”

”They look like a lovely couple,they are clearly feeding us singles dog food ”

”Oh come on, maybe shes just a toy. Look at the girl ”

”Yes, you
e right. Maybe shes his maid. The man is so well dressed,he looks like Ceo Gu from that tech company ”

”OMG,he is the one. Why is he with that lady? ”

”She isn even up to his league. Shell be the one clinging herself unto him. What a slut ”

An Nuan looked at the girl who had just insulted her. She had been quietly enduring all the insults all because she didn want Gu Ji to become a laughing stock of the mess shell cause.

But to hell with respect, An Nuan thinks. Who does that girl think she is. Cursing her is not acceptable.

Stomping her way toward the girl who insulted her,the girl raised her chin in pride.

An Nuan could detect that shes one of those rich spoilt imps who get everything they want, they would never understand what shes going through but gets to live off their parents.

An Nuan raised her chin also and sneered looking at her from head to toe ”You call me a slut when you
e one already ”.

”Do you think because you
e with Ceo Gu, you
e important. You
e no where near him ”

An Nuan walked back to Gu Ji who looked at her with adoration. She stood closer to him reaching his neck,he could smell the sweet shampoo she had applied on her hair.

The girl features was contorted with confusion.

”I hope you
e ain blind to see how near i am to him. Im closer to him than youll ever be ”The crowd surrounding the girl all dissipated seeing the anger brewing from the girl. She looked like a lion ready to attack.

She dropped her GUCCI bag on the floor and surged towards An Nuan in an alerty manner. An Nuan has been in this kind of situation and had known of whats going to happen next.

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